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A nation made up of about 6,852 islands, Japan is one of the most exciting places on earth for all good reasons. An island country that is a part of the Ring of Fire, Japan is the eleventh most populous country in the world with amazing contrasting landforms that include both mountains and coastal plains. It is also a country that has been found to be inhabited since the Upper Paleolithic period which dates back to at least 30,000 BC. Known for its art, architecture, and the most popular pop culture, Japan and its people are amazing. Japanese people are known as one of the most polite people around the globe. Are not you excited to know at least something about this glorious ‘Land of Rising Sun’? From its unique landform to its people and their deep-rooted customs and culture, below are some of the most outstanding facts about Japan and Japanese people that you would love to know.

Outstanding Facts About Japan And Japanese People:

#1. Facts About Japan And Japanese People:

One of the most astonishing facts to know about Japanese people is that over 70,000 Japanese are over 100 years old. 


And the reason for that is the country’s high life expectancy rate. The life expectancy in Japan is 84 which is only second to Hong Kong’s life expectancy. 

#3. Suicide Forest:

This unique nation has some of the most unique spots too. And Suicide Forest is one of them. There is a forest in the country named Aokigahara which is sometimes referred to as Suicide Forest. According to Japanese mythology, the forest is said to be a home of ghosts. Moreover, it is also quoted as the most popular site for suicide in Japan. 


We all have seen chopsticks. Probably, we have also tried to lift food with them and eat. But did you know this, one of the most astonishing facts about the Japanese way of using chopsticks that is a part of polite dining? According to Japanese culture, pointing at something with chopsticks is considered rude. 


Japanese trains are among the world’s most reliable trains. The average delay of the trains there is less than one minute per year. OMG, that’s crazy! 


In Japan, you can see cube watermelons getting sold. There might be two reasons behind the growing of square watermelons. First of all, they are easier to stack. Secondly, cube watermelons can nicely be fitted inside smaller Japanese refrigerators. 

#7. Facts About Japan And Japanese People:

Want to know crazy facts about Japanese people and their eating habits? Then you must be getting awestruck after knowing this. Basashi is a Japanese cuisine where they serve ‘raw horse meat’. Quite bizarre but true. Horse meat is served raw as sashimi and is accompanied by soy sauce, ginger, and slices of onions. It is specially served in Kumamoto, a city on the island pf Kyushu.


Geisha are female Japanese performing artists who are known for their near-white makeup and detailed hairstyle. They are also considered symbols of Japanese culture and grace. And it is fun to know that, it can take up to 2 hours or even more to get ready for a Geisha. 


The world’s largest seafood market is Tsukiji Market which is located in Tokyo, Japan. On an average weekday morning, one can explore stalls of over 450 different seafood species in this market. 


Eating alone is quite common in Japan. Known as the solo dining capital of the world, people requesting a table for one is quite a common sight here. 


The country is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire. And that causes about 1500 earthquakes to strike the country every year.


This is one of the craziest facts about Japan and Japanese people that you will ever get to read. It is quite curious to know that once a Japanese citizen crosses 40 years of age, he or she has to go for regular waistline measurement annually. 


Taking nap in between work is quite normal in Japan. According to Japanese people, nap helps improve workflow and speed. 


It is bizarre to know that in Japan, the sale of adult diapers is more than baby diapers! Such low is the birth rate in the country. 

#15. Facts About Japan And Japanese People:

Japanese people love to have their daily dose of coffee. Their coffee consumption is so high that they import about 80% of Jamaica’s yearly coffee production. 


Japanese people are very particular about cleanliness. They have to change slippers as soon as they enter a house. They have separate slippers for the bathroom too. Never enter any other room of the house with the bathroom slippers on when in a Japanese house. 


If you are thinking of taking a bath in an onsen, know that visitors to onsens or hot spring baths are required to bathe naked. 


Comics is known as manga in Japan. 


Japan is the world’s largest consumer of Amazon rain forest timber. 

#20. Facts About Japan And Japanese People:

Do not blow your nose in public whilst in Japan as according to Japanese people, it is inappropriate. 

So these were some of the most amazing facts to know about Japan and Japanese people. Hope it was a good read for you. 

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