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Locating on the southern peninsula on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is the capital and is also the largest city of Finland. One of the most beautiful European capital cities to visit, Helsinki is also considered among the best places in the world to live. Renowned for its world-class museums, architecture, sea-facing landscape, and finger-licking Nordic cuisine, the city also boasts some amazing and unknown facts. One of the best places in the world to witness the gorgeous Aurora Borealis and extraordinary travel experiences, Helsinki, Finland is a city worth knowing about in depth. So grab a cup of coffee, curl up in your bed or couch and explore these lesser-known facts about the capital of Finland that are intriguing and fun to know. 

Fascinating Facts To Know About Helsinki, Finland:

#1. Facts About Helsinki, Finland:

Helsinki is the largest city in Finland and also is the most populated municipality in the country. But, it is fascinating to know that it is also the most thinly populated capital city in Europe. It is also the third-largest municipality in the Nordic countries. 


The archipelago of Helsinki comprises around 300 islands. And it is one of the most unique capitals in the world as apart from the mainland, the city also covers 330 islands that are connected with each other through bridges. 


Helsinki, Finland is the northern-most continental European capital. 

#4. The White City Of The North:

This Finnish city is often referred to as the ‘white city of the north’. And it is because of the white buildings of the city that are constructed with the whitish granites.

#5. Facts About Helsinki, Finland:

When the city was first established in 1550, it was located elsewhere, about 5 km away from its present location. In 1640, it was shifted to its present location so that the proximity to the sea can be enjoyed. 


When the city was founded in 1550 by King Gustav I of Sweden, it was established as a trading town, and then its name was Helsingfors.


If you are Arachnophobic, you might not want to read this fact even! There is a museum in Helsinki, the Museum of Natural History in Helsinki. Boasting a brilliant collection of botanical, zoological, and geological exhibits, this museum is a must-visit place in the city. But that is not the main point we want to share with you. The thrilling and horrifying fact that we want to share with you is that, for more than 50 years, this museum is home to a super dangerous unusual inhabitant – the Chilean recluse spider (Loxosceles laeta). It is one of the most venomous spider species in the world. Is not it horrifying?


Helsinki, Finland is also known as the ‘Daughter of the Baltic’. 


The capital city of Finland was chosen as the World Design Capital for the year 2012. 


Wife Carrying World Championship is one of the most peculiar athletic races organized in Finland, wherein the husbands have to carry their wives and win the race crossing many obstacles that are along the track. This wife carrying championship is also considered as one of the seven most bizarre ‘feats of strength’ events in the world. 

#11. Facts About Helsinki, Finland:

Helsinki has some of the cleanest tap water among all the big cities in the world. 


Helsinki, Finland also happens to be one of the coldest capital cities in the world where the yearly average temperature never exceeds the mark of 0 °C.


The Päijännetunneli or the Päijänne Water Tunnel is the second-longest water tunnel in the world and it provides water to the people of the Greater Helsinki area including cities like Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Kerava, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Sipoo, and Tuusula.


The capital of Finland has opened a pool in 2012, that is especially meant for dogs. If you have a pooch and you want to give him/her training on how to swim, you can really visit this pool.

#15. Facts About Helsinki, Finland:

The red squirrel is the symbol of the city of Helsinki, Finland. 


Helsinki has one of the world’s highest standards of urban living.

#17. The City Is Very Easy To Navigate:

Helsinki is also one of the very easy-to-navigate cities as it has a grid-based design. Also, the city is pedestrian-friendly and public transport in the city is very good.


Among the islands of Helsinki, there is an island named Korkeasaari and it houses the country’s largest zoo.


On a clear day, one can find himself to be lucky enough to see northern lights from the city of Helsinki, Finland.

#20. Facts About Helsinki, Finland:

Helsinki is divided into three areas. And they are North Helsinki, East Helsinki, and Helsinki Downtown.


One of the amazing facts about Helsinki, Finland is related to the role of its government. To keep the boulevards and sidewalks of the city fully snow-free, the local government arranges to heat the granite slabs of the city from underground during the winter months. 


There is an artificial hill named Malminkartanonhuippu locating near Myyrmäki in the district of Malminkartano in Helsinki, Finland. This hill is considered the highest point of the city. 


There is an inhabited sea fortress about 4 km southeast of the Helsinki City Center that is built on eight islands. It is known as Suomenlinna and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also a destination worth visiting in Helsinki.


Public toilets in Helsinki, Finland are really clean and they are installed at various locations around the city. 

#25. Facts About Helsinki, Finland:

You can find canned bear meat at the markets of Helsinki. 


Helsinki, Finland is a city where the population of females outnumbers the male population. In this city, 46.6 percent of the total population is male population and females occupy 53.4 percent of the total population. 


Another fascinating fact to know about this Nordic city is that it has the highest cellphone-to-resident ratios in the world. 


Helsinki is one of the cities with the least unemployment rates in the world. The city has an unemployment rate of only 6.6%.


The city’s plant symbol is maple.

#30. Facts About Helsinki, Finland:

National Museum of Finland is the largest historical museum in Helsinki, Finland. 

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