Son Doong Cave

Vietnam is famous for many things and the colossal Son Doong cave is definitely a rave-worthy part of it. Locating near the Laos-Vietnam border in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, this cave is the largest one on the planet when you measure it by its cross-section. Proudly housing many limestone formations like stalactites and stalagmites – this cave attracts adventure freaks from all around the world. Phenomenally magnificent and rarest of the rarests, Son Doong cave associates some of the crazy astonishing facts that are breathtaking to know and will stir up our curious minds. Are you interested to know about these facts? Then you just have to have a look at these well-curated facts about Son Doong cave that makes it stand apart among all the caves in the world. 


Amazing Facts About Son Doong Cave, The Largest Cave In The World:

#1. Location:

Son Doong Cave is nestled in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in the Quang Binh province of Vietnam and locates about 500 km south of Hanoi. 

#2. Its Size:

Its colossal size is not only rare for a cave but is totally astounding. It measures a total of 38.5 million cubic meters and stretches for over five kilometers. In areas, the ceiling of the cave reaches heights of 650 feet which is amazing. 

#3. An Accidental Discovery:

The cave was first discovered by a local farmer named Ho Khanh in the year 1991. He accidentally took shelter in the Son Doong Cave in order to save himself from the rain. So the story about how the cave was first discovered is quite interesting to note. 


The Son Doong cave is about two times bigger than Malaysia’s Deer Cave.

#5. Facts About Son Doong Cave:

The cave can be explored on a four-day, three-night expedition tour that is offered by Oxalis Adventure Tours. And the expedition only gets organized between February and August. Only the Oxalis company has the legal permit to run tours in this cave. 


Son Doong Cave is home to the ‘Great Wall of Vietnam” which is a stalagmite wall of nearly 100 meters in height and locates near the end of Son Doong.


Since even some time back, the cave was not displayed on Google Earth. 


According to estimations, the old cave was formed some 2 to 5 million back. 

#9. Facts About Son Doong Cave:

The cave is home to rich biodiversity and it treasures a splendid collection of flora and fauna. And it is home to ‘the Garden of Eden’. 


The cave also has its own ecosystem and it has its own rainforest. 


One of the most intriguing facts about Son Doong is that here you get the largest stalagmite in the world that was ever found. And that is nicknamed as ‘Hand of God’. 


The rainforest of Song Doong Cave is home to flying foxes and many endangered tigers and langurs.


This enormous cave is higher than the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt. 


The largest cave in the world is so wide that it can even be used as an aircraft parking area. The cave has a length of at least 5 kilometers and that is capable enough of giving space to 68 Boeing 777 airplanes.


Giant cave “pearls” are another great feature of the cave. 

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