Nairobi National Park

A rich national park located in south-central Kenya, Nairobi National Park is a unique national park that will offer you an excellent wildlife viewing experience. A must visit during your travel to Nairobi city and Kenya as well, this spectacular national park covers an area of about 117 sq kilometers and poses varied diversity in the landform too. It was established in the year 1946 and its very close proximity to the city of Nairobi allows it to be a great day trip destination. It conjures up a feeling of adventure and is a place where you will encounter mighty animals like Lino, cheetah, buffalo, and Masai giraffe. Kenya’s pride and a spectacular game viewing haven, you will love to know these below-mentioned incredible facts about Nairobi National Park and its animals.

Astonishing Facts About Nairobi National Park That Are Worth Knowing:

#1. The Closest National Park To A City In The World:

It is wonderful to note that, Nairobi National Park is a place that offers you the amazing opportunity to spot a rhino against the backdrop of the city’s towering skyscrapers. It locates just 7 kilometers away from the heart of Nairobi City and can be visited on a day tour. Another intriguing thing to know is that the park and its wildlife are separated from the metropolis by only a fence and nothing else. 


This national park is the oldest one in Kenya and was established in 1946. 


Another very astonishing fact about Nairobi National Park is that, it has electrical fences on three sides of it But the southern boundary of the park is left open so that the migrating wild animals can easily move between the park and the close by Kitengela plains.


In this park, one can see the very special Acacia bushes.


The national park has a special elephant orphanage too that was established in the year 1977. This center rescues the orphaned baby elephants and gives them shelter. When they are mature enough to be sent back to the forest they are rehabilitated back into the wilderness. 


One of the most amazing facts about Nairobi National Park is that it is given the title of ‘The World’s only Wildlife Capital’ and it is so unique in every aspect. 


Home to a large and wide array of wildlife populations, this national park with a diverse ecosystem is home to amazing mammals like black rhinoceros, elephants, gazelles, giraffes, lions, zebras, and various species of antelope. The park boasts 80 species of mammals and there are also 450 species of birds and 40 different species of amphibians and reptiles. 

#8. It Is Home To Four Of The Big Five:

Yes, you can take the advantage of spotting four out of big fives in this national park. As black rhino, leopards, lions, and cape buffalos – all of these 4’s can be found in this national park.


Though there is an elephant orphanage inside the national park, it is astonishing to know that there is no elephant in Nairobi National Park. And that makes it one of the only two national parks in Kenya with no elephant. 


This national park is the locus of the historic ivory burning episode that took place in the year 1989 where 12 tonnes of ivory were burnt by former Kenyan president, Daniel Arap Moi. This burning episode of 12 tons of illegal ivory was done as a means of ending the ivory trade that would save the elephants and rhinos from the nasty poachers. 


Nairobi National Park is home to the highest number of black Rhinos. 


It is amazing to know that, though one of the richest, Nairobi NP is one of the smallest of all the African national parks.


Nairobi National Park is sometimes called Kifaru Ark which means “Rhinoceros Sanctuary”.


In this national park, you will experiece Africa’s most surprising safari. 


It is also important to note that, all the wildlife you get to see in Nairobi National Park is native to the land. 

So these were some of the best and must-know facts about Nairobi National Park that we are sure that you must have found to be interesting. The national park is incredible with exhilarating safari activities and amazing landscape and is a must-visit in Africa if you are willing to see the big five. 

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