Facts About Gorilla

Gorillas are our closest relatives after chimpanzees and bonobos. And they are the largest of all the primate species. They are intelligent, interactive, and they just can walk upright like us on their two legs. And being one of the most fascinating animals on the planet, there are many astonishing facts about gorilla that you all would love to know about. It gives us goosebumps to know that gorillas, being one of the closest living relatives of ours have high similarity in their DNAs with that of human beings. There is about 95 to 99% of DNA similarities between us and them! Is not it intriguing? There are more such amazing facts about gorilla that are sure to leave you awestruck. Let’s get into the facts and have a great time reading them. 

Most Astonishing Facts About Gorilla That Are Fun To Know:

#1. Their Species And Subspecies:

There are basically two types of gorillas – the Eastern Gorillas and the Western Gorillas. You must have heard about another gorilla type which is the Mountain Gorilla. But they are not any separate species. The Eastern Gorilla species has two subspecies. And the Mountain Gorillas and the Eastern Lowland Gorillas are those two subspecies. The Western Gorilla species also has two subspecies and they are the Cross River Gorilla and the Western Lowland Gorilla.

#2. Where Do Gorillas Live:

Gorillas live in the continent of Africa, especially Central Africa. The Eastern Gorillas live in Eastern African countries like Rwanda and Uganda. And the Western Gorillas can be seen majorly in the Western African countries like Cameroon, the Congo, the Central African Republic, and Gabon.


Gorillas are the largest species of primates. And one of the most astonishing facts about gorilla is that the males are often twice as big as the females. An average male gorilla grows up to 5 and a half feet, whereas females can grow up to 4 and a half feet. 

#4. Gorillas Practice Social Grooming:

Social grooming is very important for them as they can not self groom like us. They comb each other with their fingers and teeth and keep each other groomed. Is not it amazing?

#5. Facts About Gorilla:

Gorillas also have a gestation period of nine months just like us. 


Gorillas have been found to show many human-like behaviors and emotions. They laugh and get sad just like us.


A female gorilla will only give birth to three or four babies in her lifetime. And that is why they are facing slow decline as they are unable to cope up with the population decline they are facing. 


They are herbivorous. They follow a vegetarian diet and feed on fruits, stems, and bamboo shoots. For animal protein, they sometimes have caterpillars, ants, snails, and termites. 


In captivity with proper training, some gorillas also have been found to learn usages of sign languages which help them to communicate with human beings. 

#10. Facts About Gorilla:

One of the most amazing facts about gorilla to know is that they also have feets and hands just like us. They have big toes and also opposable thumbs which help them to walk on two feet.


Did you know that the arms of gorillas are longer than their legs?


They have unique fingerprints and nose patterns. Even if you think that two gorillas look the same, take their nose prints and you will be shocked. No two gorillas can have the same noseprint and fingerprint. 


Another fascinating fact about gorilla, that is amazing to know! Gorillas do have singular eye color and that is dark brown. Unlike human beings who have many eye colors, gorillas only have brown eye color and that is often circled by a dark ring. 

#14. Their Bites Are More Powerful Than Tigers Or Lions:

Believe it or not, gorillas have a very powerful bite force and that is about 1,300 PSI ((Per Square Inch). Whereas, a lion or a tiger has a bite force of only 1,000 PSI. We can bet, you did not know this. 

#15. Facts About Gorilla:

Mountain Gorillas are the most endangered animals. They have a population of only 1000 right now. And that is truly heart-wrenching.


The family of a gorilla is known as troops. And in an average family, there will be around 9 to 10 gorillas. And there will always be one Silverback gorilla who is considered the leader of that family. No matter how big or small a family is, there will only be one Silverback gorilla per family, that is for sure.


An average adult gorilla needs about 40 pounds of food per day. On the other hand, a normal human being can only eat about 4 pounds of food per day. 


Though gorillas have large heads, their brains are quite smaller than that of human beings. 


Gorillas have a larger stomach than their chests. And that large stomach allows them to eat and digest bulky food. 

#20. Facts About Gorilla:

An average gorilla is about six times stronger than an average human being. Having strength that is 10 times higher than their body weight, a Silverback adult gorilla can be as strong as 20 adult human beings combined. Can you just imagine?

So these were some of the most fascinating facts about gorilla which you must have enjoyed reading. Now share these facts with your friends and let them also be aware of these gentle giants. Their numbers are decreasing. And it is our, the human being’s responsibility to help their population grow. 

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