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Dogs are man’s best friends. These affectionate companions do not only provide us with love and care, but they are also found to be enough helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. They help us remain active and are even helpful in keeping our cardiovascular health good. We have a few posts on pet dog recommendations and you must read them as well if you are planning to get a pet furry friend in your life. Bt today’s post is on a bit different note as today we will talk about their crazy sides. You know there is more to know about the dogs than what meets our eyes. They are amazing and there are a whole lot of exciting facts about dogs that will blow your mind. Are you a dog lover and want to know a little bit dipper about your canine friends? Then you must find this to be a very good read as we have rounded up some of the best facts about dogs that will make you more fond of your doggo.

Astonishing Facts About Dogs That Are Fun To Know:

#1. Facts About Dogs:


And that is why, they are used to sniff out drugs, people, dead bodies, explosives, and more. Dogs have way more scent receptors in their noses than what we have. 

#2. Scent Is Their Primary Sense:

Yes, as we are led by our vision, dogs are led by their senses. They sniff around everything to have primary knowledge about it. They are often found sniffing a visitor’s crotch. They do not do it to embarrass you, it is their way of saying hi to you. So next time, you catch your dog sniffing out everything, you know the reason, right? 

#3. Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses?

The third fact is also related to their noses. We are being a little bit nosey, right? But you will be fascinated to know about this one of the most amazing facts about dogs. Have you wondered why dogs always have wet noses? This is due to the presence of a special mucus in the nose that works as the scent chemical absorbing agent. Isn’t it amazing? 


The very famous Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ has a certain frequency that only dogs can hear. 

#5. Facts About Dogs:

…And their sense of smell can even be used as evidence in a court of law. It is estimated that their sense of smell is at least 1,000 times stronger than a human’s. 


Dogs can breathe and sense the smell at the same time. 

#7. The Tallest Dog:

Standing at 7 feet 5.5 inches on his hind legs, Freddy the Great Dane was entitled by the Guinness World Records in 2016 for being the tallest dog in the world. But alas, he is no more. He was 9 and a half years old when he passed away. 


Dogs also have a great hearing ability which is a lot higher than that of human beings. 


Just like our fingerprints, dogs’ noses are also unique from one another. Their noses have unique patterns of creases and not two dog nose prints are the same.

#10. Facts About Dogs:

But their sense of taste just sucks. A dog has only 1,700 taste buds which are way less than a human being’s 9,000. 


One of the cutest facts about dogs is that, according to AKC, 45 percent of U.S dogs sleep in their owner’s bed. 

#12. Greyhounds Are Excellent Runners:

In a long-distance racing marathon, a greyhound would probably beat a cheetah. In a long-distance run, they will keep up with a speed of 35mph, and that too for up to 7 miles.


This is one of the very lesser-known facts about dogs to know and that is, about 30% of dalmatians are deaf in their two ears and at least 5% are deaf in their both ears. This is due to something called the extreme piebald gene.


Blind or deaf dogs are still capable of hunting. As their noses can sense heat and thermal radiation. Isn’t it one of the most amazing facts about dogs to know?

#15. Yawning Is Contagious Even For Dogs:

Have you noticed that when you yawn, your pooch also yawn? This is because yawning is also contagious for dogs. The sound of your yawn will also stimulate your dog’s brain to yawn. And this can be seen more often when the yawn is coming from a person that the dog knows. 

#16. Facts About Dogs:

Basenjis do not bark but they yodel.

#17. Your Doggo Is As Intelligent As your Toddler:

Doggos are intelligent. And one of the most astonishing facts about dogs is that, according to researches, an average dog is as intelligent as a 2 to a 2.5-year-old baby. Moreover, they can learn and understand over 150 words.


Dogs mate only twice a year. For mating, a male dog needs to wait until the female is reaching at least 2 years of her age.


Dogs also have a very good sense of time. It has been found in studies that a dog can understand the difference between an hour or five. They can even predict when his master will go for a walk or when it is his dinner time. Exciting, right?

#20. Facts About Dogs:

Dogs are jealous. They won’t allow you to love any other creature or human being in front of them. 

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