Facts About Cats

You may love cats or may hate them, but they are some of the most amazing creatures that exist on the planet. Are you a cat parent and love your pet to the moon and back? Even then you may not even have a complete idea of what amazing facts are linked with your little feline friend. It is way more than what meets your eyes. Did you know that they are partially color blind or did you also know that house cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers? If you are looking out for more such crazy facts about cats, then you need to give this post a quick read. We bet you will end up knowing some amazing cat tidbits that are fun to know. So grab a cuppa coffee and now let’s delve into these unusual and fun facts about cats that you would just love. 

Most Astonishing Facts About Cats You Would Love To Know:

#1. Facts About Cats:

Cats can jump as high as six times their own height. Isn’t amazing?


A house cat shares 95.6% of its genetic makeup with a tiger. They also do certain activities just like the tigers – like scent and urine marking, pouncing, and prey stalking. 


Cats have 230 bones, while human beings have only 206.


Cats move in an unusual way. And that resembles the walking style of camel and giraffe. What they do is that they move both of their right feet first and then they move their left feet. Both of them at the same time.

#5. Facts About Cats:

Cats have a total of 18 toes. Five toes on the front paws each and four toes on each of the back paws. But one of the most amazing facts about cats is that some of the cats have more than 18 toes. And these cats are called polydactyl. 


A cat’s whiskers are one of the most functional parts of its body, they serve as a cat’s sensory equipment so that the cat can easily get done with his/her daily activities. 


An indoor cat lives longer than an outdoor cat.


Have you ever seen a dirty cat? You probably won’t. As they love to spend time grooming themselves. A cat can spend up to a third of their total waking time just by grooming themselves. Wasn’t it one of the craziest facts about cats to know? Also, it is fascinating to know that their grooming process actually increases blood flow to their skin and also helps them relax.


In the United Kingdom, 18% of households keep a cat as a pet.

#10. Facts About Cats:

The oldest known cat grave was found in Cyprus and that dates back to 9,500 years. It is the oldest known pet cat in the world. 


Do you know, how is a cat’s life? I mean it is just about sleeping and grooming themselves. A cat spends about 70% of its life only sleeping.


A male cat’s left front paw is dominant whereas the right front paw of a female cat is the most dominant. 


The oldest living cat’s name is Creme Puff. Creme Puff lived for around 38 years and then died in 2005. August. She was a female cat and lived in Austin, Texas. Jake Perry was her owner.


There are stories about cats (which are real) that are incredible but true. There are examples of cats who have fallen from over 32 stories onto concrete bases and still survived. Isn’t it one of the most amazing facts about cats to know?

#15. Facts About Cats:

Do you know what a group of cats is called? It is called a ‘clowder’. 


Cats are the only mammals that can’t get the taste of sweetness. 


The cat door was invented by Sir Isaac Newton. Do you know what a cat door is? It is a small hinged flap on the main door that allows the cat to enter or leave the house without having you keep open the main door.


And now we are going to tell you something crazy and it is surely one of the most amazing facts about cats to know. It is about the richest cat in the world. The name of the richest cat is Blacky who is a male cat. Do you know his net worth? It is freaking 7 million pounds. He had a millionaire owner, and when the owner passed away his whole property was passed on to his cat according to his will? Is not it amazing? 


Felicette who is also known as Astrocat was the first and the only cat to be brave enough to go to space. He made his journey to space on 18th October 1963.

#20. Facts About Cats:

Cats were very favorite among the ancient Egyptians. And according to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, when a pet cat of an Egyptian family died, all the members of that family would shave off their eyebrows in mourning. Now that is surely one of the most astonishing and worth knowing facts about cats. 

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