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A beautiful country in Latin America, famous for its astonishing sights like Uyuni Salt Flats and Lake Titicaca, Bolivia is truly amazing. It boasts the highest capital in the world and also has a unique cultural scene that is drenched in history. Once a part of the Inca Empire, the country has amazing travel potential and as you dig deeper into its customs, traditions, and cultures, you get to discover a whole new facet of Bolivia which is incredible. Landlocked and home to unique landmarks, and biodiversity, check out below some of the most intriguing facts about Bolivia that are straight out amazing. 

Most Interesting Facts About Bolivia You Wish You Knew Before:

#1. It Is One Of The Two Landlocked Countries In South America:

Yes, Bolivia, along with Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America that is bordered by Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Paraguay. 

#2. Home To World’s Largest Salt Flat:

The country is home to many natural wonders, Salar de Uyuni being one of them. Among the other wonderful sights, there are the unusually shaped rock formations at Valle de la Luna. And there is also Lake Titicaca which is the highest navigable water body in the world sitting at a height of 3,800 meters above sea level. 

#3. The Country Has More Than One Capital:

Sucre theguardian.com

Did you know this, one of the most amazing facts about Bolivia? It is fun to know that the country has not one but two capitals. The administrative capital of Bolivia is La Paz, whereas the constitutional capital is the historic city of Sucre. 


La Paz which is the highest city above sea level is home to the longest and highest cable car system in the world too. 


According to the Inca people, Lake Titicaca is the ‘cradle of the world’. And this lake is also said to be the birthplace of the Inca people.


From the 15th to the early 16th century, Bolivia was a part of the Inca Empire. 


The country has more than 30 official languages among which some are even extinct today. Is not it one of the most amazing facts about Bolivia to know?


Salar de Uyuni also is the world’s biggest natural mirror!


Bolivia has been named after famous political personality Simon Bolivar who has played a pivotal role in the Wars of Independence across South America. 


The country possesses huge biological diversity too. Almost 40 percent of all the plant and animal life on the earth can be found in Bolivia. 


Also, the country happens to be one of the wettest countries on the planet. 

#12. Cholitas:


A specific group of indigenous women is called cholitas in Bolivia. Most of them come from the Aymara or Quechua cultures and you must see their brilliant choreographed wrestling performances while in Bolivia.



Llama is one of the most favorite animals for the Bolivians.



Bolivia is home to so many superlatives. And the country is also home to the largest butterfly sanctuary in the world. The name of the sanctuary is Guembe Biocenter and it is located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Is not it one of the most intriguing facts about Bolivia to know?

#15. Death Road:

the country also houses one of the most dangerous roads in the world which is known as the Death Road. The official name of the road is North Yungas Road and it is avoided by the locals for its extreme steepness. Besides, this 69-kilometer long switchback is all about deadly allure as it experiences everything from landslides, fog, cascades, and more that are enough to cause fear in your mind. 

#16. The Country Also Has A Salt Hotel:

Bolivia is also home to a salt hotel which is called Palacio de Sal or the Palace of Salt. Locating near Salar de Uyuni, this hotel has everything made up of salt. The building itself is built using about one million blocks of salt. The walls, floors, ceiling, furniture – every single thing is made using salt! And one crazy fact is that there is a rule inside the hotel that prohibits anyone to lick the walls in order to prevent the degradation of the building. OMG, this was one of the most astonishing facts about Bolivia that anyone would love to know about. 



Llama and Andean Condor are the national symbols of the country.


Bolivia is home to the largest indigenous population in Latin America followed by Guatemala and Peru.


It is sad to know that the country has the highest inequality of all the Latin American countries. Almost half of the Bolivians are poor.


Andean Flamingo

Three of the total six species of flamingoes in the world call Bolivia to be their home. They are the Chilean, Andean, and James’ Flamingo. And among these, the Andean and James’ flamingoes are very rare. 


Soybeans are the main agricultural crop in Bolivia. 


Also, after Brazil, Bolivia is the second biggest Brazil nut grower in the world. 

#23. Bolivia Has A Taller Jesus Statue Than Rio:

In central Bolivia, in a valley in the Andes mountain range, there is this city named Cochabamba which is also known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’. And in this city, there is a mammoth statue of Jesus Christ which is even taller than Rio’s very celebrated Christ the Redeemer statue. The height of Christ the Redeemer is 38m. Whereas, the Christ of Peace, located in Bolivia on the top of San Pedro Hill stands tall at a height of 40.44 m. 

#24. A Clock In The Country Runs Backward:

The Clock of the South in Plaza Murillo | © Rogerio Camboim S A/Flickr

This is one of the most astonishing facts about Bolivia that is just incredible to know. Did you know that there is a clock on the Legislative Palace in La Paz’s Plaza Murillo, which has been configured to run backward? Though all the other clocks in the country run in the usual direction, this clock does not.


The country has pink dolphins which are considered to be the most intelligent type of dolphin. 

So these were some of the most interesting facts about Bolivia that make this country unique and iconic. Hope you had a great time reading them. 

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