The coldest, driest, and southernmost continent of the Earth, Antarctica has always been everybody’s point of curiosity. In true senses, it is a massive cold desert with very less precipitation (mainly snow) and the coldest temperature ever recorded on the earth (-89°C). With a vast landmass of 14, 000,000 square kilometers and a very less population density of only 0.00008/ square kilometers, Antarctica has lots of amazing stories to tell you. Eager to know about some of the Antarctica facts? Then let’s just stick to this article as today we have come up with some amazing random facts about this icy content.

With no indigenous population, few faunal biodiversities which include obviously the Emperor penguins along with other varieties of penguins, blue whales, fur seals, some invertebrates and a very little floral diversity – Antarctica is today facing rising threats of global warming. It is melting faster than ever before and if we cannot put a full stop to it, we are surely welcoming a catastrophic flooding event all around the world. Let’s jump to the amazing Antarctica facts and we hope these kinds of articles make you more aware of our loving world, its beauty, and ever amazing nature and you love it a bit more.

Amazing Antarctica Facts You Need To Know:

Antarctica Is A Cold Desert:

Desert does not always mean warm and sandy stretches of land. If a landmass receives very little precipitation like rain, hail, snow etc, that land mass is grouped under the category of a desert. Antarctica receives a very negligible amount of precipitation, mainly in the form of snow and it is essentially a cold desert with vast ice sheets and glaciers.

The Term ‘Antarctic’ was Coined In The 2nd Century AD:

The term ‘Antarctic’, which refers to the opposite of the ‘Arctic’ region, was coined by ‘Marinus of Tyre’, a Phoenician geographer, mathematician and cartographer in the 2nd century AD.

It Is The Coldest Continent Of The Earth:

Antarctica is the coldest continent where the coldest ever temperature was recorded as -89.2 degrees centigrade at the Vostok Station on 21st July 1983. The average annual temperature at the Southpole is about -50 degrees centigrade. To add to that, Antarctica is the windiest continent where the wind speed often reaches up to 320 km/h. Isn’t it one of the most amazing Antarctica facts to know?

The Driest Continent On The Earth:

Antarctica is not only the coldest but it is also the driest continent on the earth. It holds 90% of the world’s fresh water yet it is the driest. Why? Because all the waters are in ice form. The Dry Valleys of Antarctica are the driest place on the earth where there is no humidity, no snow or no ice.

Antarctica Holds World’s 90% Of Fresh Water:

The total ice cover of this continent is about 20 million square kilometers and has an average thickness of 1.6 km. this total ice cover can contribute up to 90% of the world’s total fresh water. These Antarctica facts are sure to give you goosebumps, right?

It Has Buried Mountains:

Hard to believe, but true! Antarctica has a massive hidden mountain underneath its deep shield of ice. The Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains in East Antarctica rises up to near about 10,000 feet above the surface but as it is covered by a dense layer of ice shield that is about 15, 750 feet thick, you can hardly figure it out. The mountain range stretches up to 1,200 kilometers across the continent.

And Even Hidden Lakes:

At first mountains and the lakes. Yes, friends, there are near about 200 lakes around the continent that are hidden under up to 3.5 kilometers of ice cover. Among all these lakes, Lake Vostok is the largest (size is as big as the Lake Ontario) and is buried under about 3.7 kilometers of ice.

You Can Find Active Volcano And Lava Lakes:

Antarctica is a cold desert and is the coldest continent but one of the most fantastic Antarctica facts is that it is also the place where you will find both active and dormant volcanoes and even a lava lake! Mount Sidley, a dormant volcano is the southern-most volcano on the earth and it is the highest volcano in Antarctica. Talking about active volcanoes, Antarctica houses Mount Erebus which is the second highest volcano of the continent, that has been active since the 1970s.

Lava Lake:

You can find out the Earth’s only long-lived lava lakes at Mount Erebus.

Antarctic Penguins:

Who does not love the cute penguins and out of 17 penguin species in the world, 7 beautiful species live in and around the continent and in the Sub-Antarctic Islands. The Adelie penguin, Chinstrap penguin, Emperor penguin, Gentoo penguin, King penguin, Macaroni penguin and Rockhopper penguin – these are those 7 varieties.

Nematode Worm Is The Mostly Found Land animal:

Talking about Antarctica’s most abundant land animal – it is not the penguins but a species of worms. The nematode worms rule the continent. This, one of the most random Antarctica facts, is something you need to know.

This ice-white heavenly continent is one of the most strikingly beautiful places on the earth and the overall health of the continent’s environment is very much important for the whole world.  But due to anthropogenic pollution, increasing CO2 level, ozone degradation and many more reasons the overall environment of this continent are paying a havoc toll. Being the most intelligent species on the earth we must try to reduce the polluting activities that can cause more damage to this serene continent and of course to the overall world climate. We hope you enjoyed reading all these amazing Antarctica facts and if you did so share the story with your friends and we shall be coming up with new stories real soon.


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