Tanzania, the east African country with its enormous wilderness, famous wildlife safaris, ‘big five’ game (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino) reserves, majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, The Serengeti National park, is all about thrill and exploring an even diverse facet of Africa, the land of fascinating wildlife and adventure. During your Tanzania holidays, you need to explore some amazing sites of this country which are very much worthy to be included in your bucket list.

Apart from all the wildlife adventures, how can we forget the serene tropical islands of Zanzibar? Known for some of its best beaches, Zanzibar will welcome you with its exciting scuba diving and snorkeling options and blissful crystal clear waters. So, today’s article is all about some breathtaking destinations of Tanzania, exploring the true wonders of Africa and getting into the wild; up close and personal. Let’s start our journey so that you can precisely plan your Tanzania holidays.

Explore Diverse Africa During Your Tanzania Holidays:

Mount Kilimanjaro:





As expected by all, we would start exploring Tanzania with this massive and most visited tourist destination of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. This snow-capped mountain, a World Heritage Site is the tallest mountain in Africa and also the tallest stand-alone mountain in the entire world. Visit Mount Kilimanjaro National Park for some exciting wildlife such as cape buffaloes, elephants, blue monkeys, and leopards. This mountain is also famous for climbing. The nearest airport is Kilimanjaro International airport from where you need to get to Moshi or Arusha town. From here you can start your climbing.

Ngorongoro Crater & Conservation Area:



Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), a protected area and a World Heritage Site is another popular tourist attraction of Tanzania. This area houses the Ngorongoro crater: world’s largest unbroken caldera. This huge crater has a yearlong supply of water and that is the main reason behind the diverse array of animals flocking here. You will find black rhinoceroses, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles and some dense population of lions over here. If you are a bird lover, Lake Magadi will be a delight for you. The serene view of thousands of pink flamingoes gathering together in the lake will blow your mind for sure.

Serengeti National Park:





Being the largest national park in Tanzania, Serengeti National Park is obviously a must visit site during your Tanzania holidays. It is famous for its great annual ‘Serengeti Wildebeest migration’ which is one of its kind. Every year, over million wildebeest, zebra, antelope, eland and many more animals migrate between the Serengeti National park and Masai Mara, Kenya in a continuous cycle in search of water and fresh grassland and the experience of watching this event live is something enthralling and lifetime. Besides, Serengeti National Park is a treasure trove of lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs and nearly 500 species of birds.




Soft white sand, picture perfect dreamlike clear water, relaxed lounging on the beach and adventure activities like snorkeling and scuba diving – Zanzibar is a totally different destination in the wildlife-infested Tanzania. Famous for its spices and slave trade in the 19th century, this island is a perfect blend of pristine beaches, historical and artistic delights and luxe hotels. Do not forget to visit the Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is famous for its mixed culture having Arab, Indian, Persian and European elements in it. Being situated just off the east coast of Tanzania, this island boasts of some of the best beaches. Consider visiting Nungwi, Kendwa, Kizimkazi beaches during your Tanzania holidays.

Selous Game Reserve:



Located in the South of Tanzania this large game reserve is abode to African bush elephants, black rhinos, hippopotamus, Masai giraffes, and many more such animals. Stretching over 45,000 square kilometers, Selous Game Reserve is actually Africa’s largest protected area and also is home to one of Africa’s biggest elephant populations. You need to explore this amazing game reserve once you are in Tanzania.

Ruaha National Park:



This national park is one of the less visited parks in Tanzania as it is remote and not that easily accessible. But if you can make to this beautiful park, you will explore some really huge animals and the vast landscape with unique baobab trees and wildflowers will make your travel worth it. Ruaha is Tanzania’s largest National park and is situated at the heart of this wildlife infested country.

Mafia Island:



If you are interested in some marine wildlife and want to spend your Tanzania holidays in some different way instead of only hitting the forests, then Mafia island is where you need to go. Tranquil water, coral reefs, secluded beaches like Ras Kisimani will calm down your mind and senses gifting you the most relaxing holiday experience. Being located in the southern circuit of Tanzania, Mafia island is actually lesser known than the Zanzibar island. But its long sandy beaches, the incredible marine life that includes whale sharks and sea turtles will please you in every possible way. Experience the magical spell this island crates around you while you enjoy the colorful sunset sitting on your veranda.

Apart from the vast scenic diversities and rich wildlife, Tanzania is also famous for its huge ethno-cultural diversities. While writing anything on exploring Tanzania, we cannot forget its over 120 ethnic groups, different linguistic people, and exciting local Tanzanian lifestyle. The Meru, Masai, Hadza people, the Bushmen, the Iraqw people all of them have their different way of living and distinctive cultures. You need to visit this country to experience some matchless wonders and unspoiled natural richness. Make your Tanzania holidays full of exciting memories and loads of fun. Happy traveling.

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