Redwood City In California

The Golden State which is full of diversity and beautiful famous places like San Francisco, Yosemite, San Diego, and Napa Valley, California also has some smaller but really promising upcoming tourist destinations that are worth visiting. And locating in the heart of the tech-rich region of Silicon Valley, Redwood City in California is one such city that is filled with unique and vibrant destinations. It is a small city on the San Fran Peninsula in Northern California Bay Area and boasts a rich history and a gorgeous downtown skyline. It is the third-largest city in the County of San Mateo and has a vibrant downtown area. The cozy shops, boutiques, cafes, bars, and restaurants are aplenty here and you are sure to enjoy the city’s bustling ambiance. From checking out the natural wonders to heading to its beaches and amusement park, check out below some of the best things to do in Redwood City in California. 

Top-rated And Best Things To Do In Redwood City In California:

Visit San Mateo County History Museum:

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At first, visit the San Mateo County History Museum to learn about the rich history of San Mateo County. Locating in downtown Redwood City, this History Museum, through interactive exhibits aims at inspiring people to learn more about the cultural and natural history of the region. The exhibits excellently throw light on the history of the Peninsula through the course of time of the Spanish explorers, the pioneer logging, dairy farms, agriculture, whaling, and also the Victorian era of great estates. The museum is hosted inside the former San Mateo County Courthouse built in 1910 and it also features a stained-glass dome which is considered to be the largest stained-glass dome in a public building on the entire west coast. 

Visit Pulgas Water Temple:

One of the most amazing structures in Redwood City in California, Pulgas Waer Temple is an impeccable stone structure that was built to pay homage to the completion of the 1934 Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct and it marks the end of the 167 mile Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct. It is located surrounded by the coastal oak woodland which looks so striking and full of contrast. Lofty and majestic, the Pulgas Water Temple is built in the Greek Revival style and consists of several white columns that are arranged in a circle. There is also a beautiful pool and grounds that are used as a wedding and special events celebration venue.

Fox Theatre:

The premier live entertainment venue in Silicon Valley, the Fox Theater is a must-visit attraction in Redwood City in California. Locating in the heart of Downtown Redwood City, the Fox Theatre is a historic theatre and is also registered on the National List of Historic Places. If you want to catch a lively musical or comedy show, this is the best place in the city to head to. Opened in 1929, this theater hall has remained a witness to performances of stars like BB King and Vanessa Williams. Originally opened in 1929, the theater was forced-closed in 2009 but again it has reopened, and visiting this premier theatre is surely one of the best things to do in Redwood City in California.

Edgewood Park Natural Preserve:

This 467-acre County Park and Natural Preserve is a fascinating wild place to visit if you love being in nature and want to witness the spectacular display of spring flowers in the serpentine grasslands. The park also has ten miles of beautiful trails that let you explore its varied habitats. You can take a self-guided tour of the beautiful woodlands and grasslands of the preserve and can explore plenty of beautiful sights and scenery. Apart from playing host to a number of rare and endemic plant species, Edgewood Park is a place to come across a variety of animals. Twenty-one species of mammals call Edgewood to be their home. Mountain lion, Dusky-footed wood rat, and more – Edgewood Park and Natural preserve also is home to the endangered Bay checkerspot butterfly.

Nazareth Ice Oasis:

A year-round ice rink in Redwood City, lovers of ice-skating will love to visit this special place when in Redwood City in California. Here you get to dig in beginner-friendly ice activities and broomball, ice hockey, and stick are also common. Enthusiast people may also enroll in the skating classes which will help you improve your skating skill. If you feel hungry in between, go to the Ice Grill that offers you good food and drink. 

Bair Island:

A marsh area in Redwood City in California, Bair Island covers an area of about 3,000 acres and consists of three islands: Inner, Middle, and Outer. It is the largest island in the South Bay and is a great place to see features like twisted tidal channels, mudflats, and salt marsh vegetation. The island contains parts of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge and it is a habitat to many flora and fauna. If you want to see the endangered Ridgeway’s rails and salt marsh harvest mice, you have to visit Bair Island in Redwood City in California for sure. Also, the island is resided by cottontail rabbits, pelicans, terns, and peregrine falcons.

Redwood City in Calfornia is filled with so many of other attractions. Other than Fox Theatre, there is the Dragon Theatre managed by the Dragon Productions Theatre Company. There is Unleashed Art Gallery which is the city’s premier art gallery. Open spaces, parks, and preserves are abundant in Redwood City, and getting to the Russian Ridge Open Space Reserve is another best thing to do in Redwood City. Explore the eateries too where everything from tapas to pizzas to steaks to yummy confectionaries and beverages can be savored. So pack your bag and explore all the happening and hidden places that make Redwood City in CA one of the best places to visit in the entire world. 

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