Cornwall In England

A year-round pristine destination on the rugged southwestern tip of the country, Cornwall in England is a place with picturesque harbor villages, towering cliffs, and coastal walks. In spite of getting so many tourists nowadays, this pretty ceremonial county bordered by the Celtic Sea on the north and on the west, has maintained its traditional and isolated nature to the core. The vast wild moorland, soft pale sand beaches, sandy beach fringed Isles of Sicily give immense character to Cornwall in England. Couple that with hearty seafood restaurants and this farthest west part of England is the place to be at if you want to spend a relaxing vacation amidst nature and simple lifestyle.

Cornwall in England can be considered as the Kentucky or Tennessee in the U.S. It is quaint, it is slo-mo, and it is also a place where every nook and corner is so picture-perfect. Recognized as one of the Celtic nations, Cornwall also cherishes a distinct cultural identity and rich history. Whether you are planning a summer trip here or are just coming here at any time of the year, this article will give you an idea about some of the most rewarding things to do in Cornwall. Give a quick read to know about all those unique attractions.

Most Beautiful Things To Do In Cornwall In England:

Visit St. Michael’s Mount in Marazion:

This tidal island in Mount’s Bay is beautiful and oozes divine charm. In low tide, the manmade causeway between Marazion and the island is walkable. If you talk historically, this Mount was a Cornish equivalent of the Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. Though this one is much smaller, you will get the same vibe of the tidal island and conical shape.

This island is 500 meters away from the mainland and from Marazion, you can either choose to walk across the cobbled causeway or you can board a boat to reach this island which is home to a beautiful garden, chapel, castle, and obviously legends.

You need a ticket to access the garden terrace and can take a guided tour of the island. The island offers so many things to do and see. Stop by the Chapel Rock, admire the beauty, and then ascent to the mount. Apart from the castle, chapel, and the harbor, one of the most intriguing things that the island possesses is the underground railway. This line is still in use and transports goods from the harbor to the castle.

Watch Live Theatre In Minack Theatre:

Minack Theatre is Cornwall’s world-famous open-air theatre. It is carved into a granite hill near the Land’s End and gives you an outstanding view over the Porthcurno Bay. This amazing piece of architecture was built by Rowena Cadenear about 90 years ago with the help of her faithful gardener Billy Rawlings. You will automatically do a comparison of this mesmerizing construction with the Roman amphitheater.

Throughout the summer months, many live theatre programs, music events, storytelling events for children are organized here. You can also be a part of the crowd and enjoy the amazing shows sitting in this one-of-a-kind theatre.

Also, make it a point to visit the beautiful Minack’s gardens which are called a ‘Subtropical Paradise on a Cornish Cliff’.    

Go To The Land’s End:

Land’s End is a beautiful headland surrounded by water on three of its sides. This is one of the most visited places in Cornwall in England and is the most westerly point of mainland Cornwall. There is a hotel and tourist complex at Carn Kez which is 200 m south of the actual Land’s End.

Based on the Penwith peninsula this land is an amazing place if you want to catch a surreal sunset over the horizon. Also if you are lucky enough, you can spot sharks and dolphins in the sea. Land’s Head is also a favorite venue among rock climbers.

Do A Steam Travel On The Bodmin & Wenford Railway:

Bodmin & Wenford Railway is the only full-size railway in Cornwall that is still regularly operated by steam locomotives. Board on one steam train and feel the excitement of a journey that takes you back to the nostalgia of the past. This is a heritage railway and you can feel the heritage everywhere in the Bodmin General Railway Station. The carriages and the engines are old and you can feel the antique aroma in the booking hall, and in the carriages as well.

Board on this slow-paced train and admire the sprawling beauty of the outside through the large carriage windows. A single ride takes up to 25 minutes and unravels the rustic beauty of farmland, meadows, and Cornwall’s tremendous countryside. Inhale the crisp air and get lost in the antiquity.


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Meet The Marine Animals At The Cornish Seal Sanctuary:

This is the only Seal Sanctuary and rescue center in Cornwall in England. This sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates mainly grey seal pups from around the Cornish coastline. Malnourished and orphan baby seal pups get home and grow in a suitable environment here. Meet the funloving common seals, the character-filled colony of Humboldt penguins, the otter pair – Apricot and harris, and southern sea lions.

This sanctuary also gives shelter to paddock animals such as ponies, goats, and sheep. Visit the sanctuary that is set against the mesmerizing backdrop of Helford River and it is a great day out during your vacation to Cornwall in England. The sanctuary also has lovely woodland walks and nature trails.

Spend A Perfect Beach Holiday At Watergate Bay Beach:

Your perfect beach lure, the coast of Cornwall has some amazing beaches in its bag. Watergate Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful among them and the beach here is so vast and absolutely idyllic. Do surfing, sunbathing, rock pooling, and the views from here are also so special. A perfect spot to unwind and relax and to go for some coastal walks to the north and south of Watergate Bay.

At Watergate Bay, there are few more activities to take part in. Scroll down below to have a look:

Set a trip to Eden Project.

Visit the fishing port of Padstow. It is situated at the head of the Camel River Estuary and is surrounded by lovely beaches too. Try some good food here.

Visit the hidden beach of Bedruthan Steps that is 4 miles north of Watergate Bay.

Get outdoors and do cycling and visit the Cornish Gardens.

Visit The Lost Gardens Of Heligan:

Cornwall in England has some beautiful gardens but this Lost Garden of Heligan is the most unique among them. Even thirty years ago, this garden was unknown and unseen and it only came under the light when the restoration work occurred in the 1990s’.

Heligan’s garden is one of the most loved and romantic gardens in the UK and is a part of the Heligan’s estate. The garden is massive with 200-acres of land area and houses ancient and rare breeds, wildlife, and woodlands.

Inside you get to see colorful gardens of rhododendrons and camellias, different flower gardens, an Italian garden, a separate wild area that has subtropical tree ferns, and it is also home to Europe’s only remaining pineapple pit.

Hike The Camel Trail:

If you want to enjoy an easy trek that makes you familiar with the beautiful terrain and countryside of the Cornwall area, you have to hike the Camel Trail. This 18-mile of the tranquil trail starts from Padstow, runs through exuberant nature, and ends at Wenford Bridge via Wadebridge and Bodmin. You hike across the wineries, small towns, discover breathtaking wildlife, and walk alongside the disused railway line. Also, you get to visit the Camel Estuary and you will admire the beauty of every inch of your walk.

One fun fact: The name Camel Trail does not have anything to do with camels. Actually, the camel means ‘elbow’ in the Cornish language. And the shape of the trail that runs from Wadebridge to Padstow just resembles the shape of an elbow. Thus it got its name ‘Camel Trail’.

Visit The Sicily Isles:

A group of islands bestowed with the finest charm of tropical location, enjoying warm Gulf Stream and filled with lush tropical plants, the Sicily Isles region is the unspoiled paradise you would love to head to. Though it is located just off the coast of Cornwall, this archipelago is so very different in every sense.

You get clear water, uncrowded beaches, long white stretch of sand, and abundant wildlife here. Even the Isles of Sicily has also got the designation of an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ in 1975. There are a total of 5 inhabited islands in this group of islands and you can obviously go for island hopping on the tripper boats where you will explore the other inhabited islands.

Sicily Isles, A Year-round Destination:

St. Mary’s Island is the largest inhabited island where the boat dock and airport are also located. You can take a flight from New Quay and reach the airport. These paradise islands can be visited at any time of the year. During the springtime, get to spot cute puffins. Summer means a load of water activity and snorkeling with the seals. Autumn will fill your senses with the uncanny beauty of nature and will offer you great food. What winter has to offer? Well apart from strolling on the beach and soaking in the soft rays of the sun, do stargazing and admire the beautiful clear sky and long night.

Cornwall in England is a rich tapestry of nature, wildlife, culture, and everything that is quintessentially UK countryside. It is way different than the beauty of Cotswold. It is all about crisp clean air, fresh seafood, scintillating wooded valleys, meadows, and is all about those things that you won’t get in any city in the UK. Visit the castle ruins, old tin mines, and live a simple lifestyle as the locals live. It will be a quiet, cozy, and dreamlike holiday that you will treasure in your heart forever.

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