Things To Do On Rhodes Island

If you love Greece, you will love it a little bit more when you decide to visit Rhodes Island. The largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece and having the nickname ‘The Island of the Knights’, Rhodes Island has a long history and a long list of exquisite travel destinations. From heading to its exotic beaches to visiting its archaeological sites – there are endless numbers of stunning things to do on Rhodes Island. Rhodes is located northeast of Crete and southeast of Athens and the island can easily be reached by ferry from Athens. So whether you are planning a trip to Rhodes for an action-packed holiday or for a relaxing chilled-out vacay, below are the best things to do on Rhodes Island for a wonderful holiday experience. 

During ancient times, the island was famed as a cultural center. The very famous statue of the Greek sun-god Helios, the Colossus of Rhodes is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The island is home to incredible natural beauty, a whole lot of lip-smacking food, and of course an array of golden beaches. You have to come to Greece and have to explore all these magical things to do on Rhodes Island to admit why this island in the South Aegean region is a place with timeless beauty.

Top-rated And Best Things To Do On Rhodes Island:

Explore Rhodes Old Town:

Bustling, diverse, and colorful – Rhodes town has two parts: Old Town and New Town. And the Old Town is all filled with alluring historic landmarks and is surrounded by medieval walls with seven gates. Here time has ceased and the town is carrying a long history of almost 2,400 years. It is intriguing to know that, the Old Town of Rhodes also is a World Heritage Site and is the largest and best-preserved fortified city in Europe. The whole Old Town went under rigorous renovation in the early 20th century by the Italians. Stroll along the pedestrian streets, enjoy the beauty of the historical monuments, and find yourself in awe. 

Visit The Archaeological Museum Of Rhodes:

Located in the Medieval City or the Old Town of Rhodes, the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is a storehouse of various artifact collections that are found from different parts of Rhodes and its neighboring Dodecanese islands. The museum is housed in a building that formerly was the hospital of the Knights of Saint John in the Palace of the Grand Master. Get to see many collections of vases, small objects, and figurines, and also mosaic floors that date back to ancient times.

Explore Other Historical Landmarks Of The Medieval Town:
Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

The Old Town is all about stunning historical buildings. And some of them must be on your itinerary. Visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes which is one of the earliest built castles here. Climbing up to the top of the Roloi Clock Tower is one of the most touristy things to do on Rhodes Islands as it offers you an admirable view of the whole Old City. At the end of Socrates Street, there is the Suleman Mosque that has striking architecture. It is the most important symbol of the Ottoman reign on the island of Rhodes. The Mosque today serves as a rich museum that you must visit. Apart from these, do not miss out on visiting the Byzantine Art Museum and the Churches.

Head Out For Lindos:

Another ancient city that is a renowned archaeological site and a fishing village, Lindos is wonderfully surrounded by the sea and is located at the foot of a steep rock. The Acropolis of Lindos stands on the top and is adorned with ancient temples and towers. It is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Greece and offers you a mesmerizing view of the surrounding harbors and coastline. Strolling around the postcard-like settlement of Lindos is an amazing experience too. The pristine houses, the winding narrow streets, and taking in the beautiful ambiance of the well-preserved settlements – a visit to this ancient city is a must during your trip to Rhodes Island.

Visit Mandraki:

One of the three major harbors in Rhodes, Mandraki is the most famous among all of these harbors as it is believed to have housed the great statue of Colossus. Going for a Mandraki Harbour tour is one of the best things to do on Rhodes Island. When entering the harbor, there are the deer sculptures and the St. Nicholas Fortress that beautify the harbor. Beautiful monuments like the Bank of Greece, the City Hall, and the National Theatre of Rhodes – there are plenty of stunning landmarks to see in Mandraki.

Relax At The Beaches:
Prasonisi Beach

Seeking some sun and wanting to head to some glistening beaches? Rhodes has many of them. The most spectacular beach on the island is the double beach of Prasonisi which locates at the southern tip of the island. This beach is perfect for doing skysurfing and sunbathing.
Anthony Quinn Beach

Anthony Quinn Beach which is just 20 km from Rhodes town is another magnificent beach where you can spend a lazy day on the sunbeds.

Lindos Beach in the town of Lindos is having golden sands and crystal clear shallow water that is ideal for swimming.

The list of beaches is too long and some of the must-mention among the best beaches are Tsambike Beach, Ixia Beach, and Ellie Beach. Elli beach locates just within the city limit so it is a quick check when you have really less time on your hand. Pefkos Beach has sugary-soft sand and if you want to visit a picturesque beach that is just a short bus ride away from the city then heading to Jordan Beach is surely one of the best things to do on Rhodes Island. 

Visit The Most Ancient Park Of The World:

Claimed to be the first landscaped park in the world, visiting Rodini Park is such a pleasurable and blissful experience. A kingdom of peacocks and a park that is so rich in flora and bestowed with natural serenity, visiting this one of its kind parks is one of the most unique things to do on Rhodes Island. Inside the park, you will see the tomb of the Ptolemies which is believed to date back to the Hellenist period featuring 21 Doric half pillars. Located just outside the boundary of Rhodes city, this beautifully landscaped park is an ideal place to visit with your children as inside the park there is a mini zoo and also a playground where your kids can play their heart out.

Also Explore The Castles:
Monolithos Castle

The best-preserved castles are surely one of the major highlights of the island of Rhodes. Home to many castles and fortresses, you must visit at least a few of these famous landmarks whilst in this town. The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights is a sure mention. But there are many more that are worth visiting. The Kritinia Castle, the Monolithos Castle, the Castle of Asklipio, Feraklos Castle – these are some of the most well-built and well-preserved ones.

Get Mesmerized When You Visit The Valley of Butterflies:

When it comes to talking about some of the most unique and best attractions to visit in Rhodes, the Valley of Butterflies comes on the top of the list. This valley locates five kilometers southeast of the village of Tholos and is full of Zitia trees that are homes to millions of colorful butterflies. The valley is all serene with an endless number of trees and running water flowing aesthetically and is a perfect breeding ground for the butterflies that is an amazing thing, right? Visiting this valley and soaking in the unspoiled nature is certainly one of the best things to do on Rhodes Island.

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