Towns In Switzerland

Journeying through Switzerland is like living a life in the dreams. Its awe-inspiring landscape, its surreal postcard-like sceneries, and bewitching territories make it one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. And while most of the tourists only explore cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Basel, taking a detour and visiting its pristine small towns will make you discover the most unspoiled facets of the country and you will get to live the most authentic Swiss experience for sure. The small towns in Switzerland are not only packed with epic natural beauty but they are also getaways to the divine Swiss Alps and the drool-worthy ski destinations of the country. So if you are up for a relaxing vacation in the lap of the majestic Swiss Alps, these are the prettiest small villages and towns in Switzerland to consider visiting.


Most Beautiful Small Villages And Towns In Switzerland:


A beautiful mountain village located in the canton of Uri in Switzerland, Andermatt is the heart of the Swiss Alps. Travelers seeking relaxation and solace being surrounded by nature and culture must come to this one of the dearest small towns in Switzerland at least once in their lifetime. Locating at the converging point of eight mountain passes in the Alps, it is also the largest of the three villages in the valley. A famous winter ski destination in the Swiss Alps, Andermatt is also a place with phenomenal snow where you will love to roam around the streets half-buried in snow. Summer comes with ample sunshine and you are free to explore the meadows, valleys, mountain lakes, and small glaciers. Embark on a scenic ride aboard the Furka Steam Train and soak in the beauty.


Another beautiful Swiss town nestled in the breathtaking glaciated valley with steep mountains, Lauterbrunnen is home to innumerable waterfalls (no less than 72) that are cascading down the imposing rocky cliffs. The small town is your base in the summer for setting excursions to the nearby towns and villages in the Jungfrau region. And there is also good news for the hikers as there are not less than 75 hiking trails in and around the village to keep one occupied. Getting to stay in the beautiful wooden houses and Swiss chalets that now work as hotels and enjoying the beautiful valley full of flowers, your Swiss vacay was never so enticing. Set off to the nearby Interlaken and get to spot abundant flowers that are up the Flower Trail. 


When you want the flavor of both the Alpine and the Mediterranean, choose Lugano over anything else. A pretty town on Lake Lugano located in southern Switzerland, Lugano barely needs any introduction as a brilliant tourist escape. The unparalleled aura of the San Salvatore and Brè Mountains and its breathtaking Italianate architecture speak for Lugano’s beauty. Manage some time to walk along the waterfront that will take you into the Old Town and soak in the spectacular view. When in the Old Town, explore all the lovely shops and restaurants and be sure to notice distinct Italian essence in everything even when you are in Switzerland. It is one of the best towns in Switzerland when it comes to talking about the weather. Lovely sunshine, clear sky, and warm weather, summer is the best time to explore the town. Visit the Verzasca Dam, one of the highest dams in Europe. And visit its markets that are filled with local specialties. 


Claimed to be the oldest town in Switzerland, Chur cherishes a compact history of not less than 5000 years. Chur is the capital and the largest town of the Swiss canton of the Grisons and it has amazingly retained its old-school charm not compromising with the modern notes. The well-preserved Old Town of Chur is completely car-free and you can explore its nooks and corners on a guided tour. It is a perfect Swiss town to visit historic buildings and its surrounding mountains make sure that you get an abundant scope to indulge in outdoor activities. Ski down the slope, enjoy hiking through the meadows, and do not miss out on the dining and drinking experiences that will surely bewitch you. Martinskirche church is also one of the most remarkable sights of the town you must have on your bucket list. 


A pretty as picture mountain village in the Bernese Highlands of Switzerland, Murren is a car-free village in the west of the Jungfrau region. You can reach Murren by taking cablecars from Lauterbrunnen and the town is perfect for hiking and winter sports. Enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the mountains and there are plenty of amazing places to see here that will leave you spellbound. Visit the Schilthorn Piz Gloriato to have a mesmerizing view of the mountain range and relive your James Bond moments while you are at the revolving restaurant on Schilthorn. Spend the lazy afternoons checking out the restaurants and roaming around the streets but do not expect tons of museums or happening nightlife here as you would expect in any other big city. Murren is by all means one of the prettiest small towns in Switzerland to visit. 

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