Things To Do In London

Who does not love London? The capital of England and the United Kingdom, London holds a special position in every traveler’s heart. On every travel aspirer’s bucket list, London sits at a higher position no matter which country does the traveler belongs to. History, art & culture, architecture, museums, the iconic city is a year-round destination with so many attractions in and around. With so many things to do in London you will be completely spoilt for choices here whether you are here for the first time or making a second trip. The beautiful Thames River and its unbiased beauty, the iconic London Eye, London-Bridge, the Buckingham Palace to the city’s remarkable beauty during the night time – London is truly gorgeous. Planning a trip to this city with unparalleled beauty and aura? Check out this handy list on the best things to do in London before you set your travel itinerary.

A week in this city is enough of a timeframe to get done with all of the best things to do in London. If you want to explore deeper, you can extend your trip anyway. Hop-on-hop-off bus tours are really amazing when it comes to exploring the main highlights and top attractions of the city. And a boat trip down the Thames River is a must in this golden city. There are different travel passes that you can buy like the Visitor Oyster Card or the Travelcard. These cards will make your travel easier between all parts of London and you can avail of different mediums of transportation like Trams [DLR], Underground, Overground, iconic red London buses, and many more.

Best Time To Visit London:

Spring through the summer is the best time to visit the city to do all sorts of touristy things. But autumn is so provocative with its beautiful fall foliages and so many festivals. Fall through winter is the best time to get all the budget deals and winter is so crazily beautiful here. Oh, no matter which time of the year do you visit London, do not forget to keep an umbrella with you as it may downpour anytime making you feel all romantic and misty.

Top-rated Things To Do In London For A Lifetime Experience:

Buckingham Palace:

If you are in London, your trip is never complete without a visit to the Queen’s residence, Buckingham Palace. The residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom, this royal palace is home to the British Royals since the year 1837. With a total of 775 rooms and a lavish private garden, the palace exudes anything but true beauty. The garden is also the largest private garden in London. So among these 775 rooms, there are a total of 19 staterooms and these remain open to the public each year for a scheduled period of time. The staterooms are exquisitely adorned and have a great collection of paintings and luxe furniture. If you are visiting London please make sure that your time coincides with that time.

Hyde Park:

One of the top-rated things to do in London, visiting Hyde Park must be on your itinerary while in this city. Being one of the greatest and largest city parks in the world, this park contains a lot of memorials, fountains, statues, and is a place to indulge in a range of leisurely activities. Go boating on the Serpentine or do horseback riding, the park will offer you enough recess and a lot of fresh oxygen to breathe in.

The park also boasts of historical significance and it has remained the place where a number of historical protests took place. The park’s Speaker’s Corner has hosted several public speeches and debates for ages and it still sees many of these speeches. A spectacular rose garden, an eco-friendly area, and also a variety of flora and fauna make this park beautiful and one of the best attractions in Central London.

Big Ben:

This clock tower with its massive bell has become synonymous to the name of London. Officially its name is the Elizabeth Tower’s bell which we call it the Great Bell or Big Ben. The tower stands tall at a height of 315 ft at the north end of the Palace of Westminster and shows off a striking architecture of neo-Gothic style.

The tower has a total of five bells and Big Ben is the largest among them. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a British cultural icon, you must not miss the opportunity to witness the bell tower’s majesty whilst in London.

London Eye:

Perhaps the most iconic construction of London, the London Eye, or the Millennium Wheel is a gorgeous installation of the large Ferris wheel on the South Bank of River Thames. Being Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel, it gives an outstanding view of the city as it is the highest public viewing point in London. There are a total of 32 capsules that are attached to the external rim of the wheel and you can see everything from Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, The Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, and obviously the most beautiful Thames River. It is a 30 minutes ride of joy and merriment. In the night time, the Eye gets all lit up with fetching shades of color and looks breathtaking.

From Westminster neighborhood, you can reach the Eye just by crossing the bridge on the opposite side of the Thames.

Westminster Palace Or The Houses Of Parliament:

In the city of Westminster, on the north bank of Thames River, locates this beautiful palace with its spellbinding golden architecture and over 1,100 rooms with over 100 staircases and 4.8 kilometers of passageways! On the north side of the Palace, you get the Big Ben Tower. On Saturdays or during July and August, one can visit the Palace. There are Westminster Hall, Central Lobby, the Lords Chamber, the Commons chamber, St. Stephen’s Hall, and some galleries in the building.

The palace was considerably damaged during the World War II and again regained its glory with time. A UNESCO World Heritage Site with lavish architecture and many more thing to admire, setting a visit to this most beautiful building is one of the best things to do in London.

Westminster Abbey:

Just to the west of the Westminster Palace is this large Gothic Abbey church which seeks a visit. Apart from being an active church, it is the place where all the royal weddings of the royal family of London have taken place. It is considered as the finest of all the Early English Gothic architecture and is a splendid place of worship. All the coronations, royal weddings, and funerals take place at the beautifully tiled sanctuary. You can visit this beautiful Abbey on any day of the week.

Baker Street:

One of the most popular and vibrant streets in the Marylebone district of London and is most famous as the residential address of Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective character made by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum which carries the exact address of 221b where according to the novel, Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson lived. The house has beautiful Georgian architecture and inside you will get to see different featuring rooms that depict different scenes from the detective TV series of the novel. The house is of great importance because of its architectural and historic features.

Head to the world-famous wax museum of Madame Tussauds that is nearby and explore the Wallace Collection. You can shop something at Portman Marylebone or just give your legs a bit of rest while you sip on some coffee. The street has some lovely parks and gardens too that include famous Regent’s Park and Paddington Street Gardens.

Regent’s Park:
The Lion Vase (1863) in Avenue Gardens

This sprawling park designed by John Nash needs a special mention on the list. Spending some time in this park is one of the best things to do in London. The park covers an area of about 395 acres and has a collection of over 12,000 roses in the Queen Mary’s rose gardens. This is one of the Royal Parks in London and offers so many recreational activities to the visitors. There is an artificial lake inside as well as tennis courts and cricket ground. There are also children’s playgrounds where kids will have a lovely time. The park has some lovely fountains – Ready Money Drinking Fountain, Triton Fountain. And also some sculptural statues that are so admirable. The Regent’s Canal flows through the northern edge of the park.

Also within the park campus, there are the London Zoo and Regent’s University. Come to the park, take a stroll, and it is a wonderful experience amidst greenery and other activities sitting in the heart of a city.


If you want to witness a whole new side of the city that is so vibrant, cheerful, and in real meaning ‘a cultural hub’ – visit Camden, London’s most unique neighborhood. There are a whole lot of things to shop from here as there are many famous shops.

Camden Lock is an entire shopping and entertainment area with live music, an endless number of cafes, and bars. Shop anything from clothes to jewelry to home décor stuff from here.

Camden Market by the Regent’s Canal has evolved as one of the main shopping hubs in London and is a lucrative destination to buy some art and crafts. Also get handmade and custom alternative clothes, bohemian clothes, vintage books, jewelry, copper utensil, and every other trinket here. The market and its shops are so picturesque and colorful that you won’t even feel like leaving. Note that, Camden Market also sells some yummy-licious food. From sandwiches to Goulash – the list is long.

Apart from these, there are Cyber Dog and Stables Market too.

Shopping in Camden is even better than shopping at Oxford Street, YES!

Camden is a foodie’s paradise too. Venture out all the cafes and bars to discover what’s there to suit your taste. Street foods are also provoking and tasty. Taste international cuisine or go to a brand of Poppies to gorge on some tasty fish and chips.

There are also open venues in Camden where you will catch live music and excellent gigs. Not only local musicians but internationally famous musicians also perform there. Missing out on the pubs? Please do not do so. Head to The Lock Tavern or Spread Eagle, or even to The Elephant’s Head and just chill and have some good time.

Camden is so boho famous for its alternative culture. Its eclectic vibe, openness, punk, coolness make it all the way different and so much cherishable. Visiting this warm neighborhood is certainly one of the best things to do in London.    

Go For A Thames Cruise:

Last but not the least, your London trip never comes to an end without an iconic Thames River cruise. This is an excellent way to observe the royal city and all its famous buildings. There are different piers along the river wherefrom the boat trips start every 30 to 40 minutes. Along your way, admire the beauty of Tower Bridge, the Tower, the London Eye, London Bridge, Westminster Palace, and many more. Want to see the city in its all lit up fairy tale appearance? Go for a cruise in the nighttime.

London is impeccable. It will never bore you and will keep you engrossed in so many activities and attractions. This list of the best things to do in London must come handy while you are planning your trip, we believe. For your convenience, download the city mapper app which will guide you with transportation as well as walking routes. Eat like a local and have a travel vacation in the capital of England that is full of excitement and a happy vibe.

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