Things To Do In Jamaica

The unprecedented beauty of Jamaica can only be described with a scenic place that you only nurture in your dreams. Often named as the most precious jewel in the Caribbean, this piece of the island in the Caribbean Sea must be your next travel destination if you want to visit a widespread nation with the best tropical vibe going on. Head to its lovely beaches or hike up the mountains. And from visiting the one of its kind Bob Marley Museum to having the best of the Jamaican rum, the list of things to do in Jamaica is never-ending. It is also the birthplace of reggae and you have to taste the special Blue Mountain coffee when on this island. What else are there to do on this third-largest island in the Caribbean Sea? Here we’ve made a list of all the happening things to explore on this island dipped in full Caribbean flavor.

There are mainly two international airports in Jamaica. One is in the capital city of Kingston and the other one is in Montego Bay. If you are in Jamaica to spend your vacation in destinations like Ocho Rios, Negril, and Port Antonio, you have to fly down to the Donald Sangster International Airport (MBJ) that is in Montego Bay. The capital city as well as the Norman Manley International Airport (KIN) airport locates in the southeastern part of the country and is nearer to the Blue Mountains. Montego Bay, on the north coast, is the main tourist center in the country and also the second-largest city.

Getting around the country can be expensive. From the azure blue of the sea that flows over the coral reefs to the soft sand beaches and then moving inward to the lush mountains – engage in all these happening things to do in Jamaica to discover a world away from the world.

Most Exciting Things To Do In Jamaica, The Jewel Of The Caribbean:

Head To The Waterfalls:

Nature in Jamaica is bountiful and the gushing waterfalls of this island nation are the charming elements of that bounty nature. With Dunn’s River Falls being the most famous waterfall near Ocho Rios, Jamaica boasts of a bunch of amazing waterfalls that include Cane River Falls in Nine Miles, Bull Bay, Fish Dunn Falls in Silver Hill, Cascade Falls in Cascade, Somerset Falls in Hope Bay, Tacky Falls, Nanny Falls, and much more actually. There is also the Reggae Falls in St. Thomas’ parish that locates at an off-route location making it less crowded and more scenic. The best part about the waterfalls in Jamaica is that, depending on whichever location you are staying in, there are always a couple of waterfalls nearer to you.

Dunn’s River Falls:

Among all of these falls, Dunn’s River Falls is the best due to its spectacular backdrop, amazing height and length, and one can actually climb the waterfalls. Dunn Falls empties into the Caribbean Sea and that makes it a travertine waterfall which is one of its kinds in the Caribbean. The terraced waterfalls are also natural wonders as these are continuously rebuilding and reshaping. The falls are the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica and the lush, green vegetation surrounding the waterfalls makes the total experience a rejoicing one.

Seek The Sun At Seven Miles beach, Negril:

The best beach in Jamaica with the clearest water, perfect sunbathing ambiance, and also a few adult-only resorts, setting a trip to the Seven Mile Beach is one of the most fun things to do in Jamaica. The water here is so clean that you can even spot a few marine animals in the water, especially starfish. Try out snorkeling and scuba diving as the water is shallow. Or go banana boat riding or catamaran cruising according to your will. You can simply travel along the length of the beach on horseback or enjoy good food at the many restaurants that line the beach.

There are entertainment centers to get lost in the groove of reggae music or just chill out, have some good beer or rum, and enjoy the clean sand and gorge on delicious and spicy Jamaican food. The best bars, restaurants, and resorts can be found at the portion of the beach that overlooks the Long Bay.

Also, the drive from Montego Bay to Negril is so scenic. If you want to stay in a laid back location in Jamaica, Negril is the town for you.

Ocho Rios:

Once a fishing village and now a resort town with a cruise ship harbor, Ocho Rios, or simply Ochi is the place for you in Jamaica if you are looking out for a place full of amazing sightseeing spots, shopping, dining, and great nightlife scenes. Ocho Rios Bay Beach is a popular family-friendly white sand beach that is famous for watersports and small picnics. If you compare Negril to Ocho Rios, the beaches in Negril are cleaner and calmer and Ocho Rios has more adventure. So decide on what you want.

Ocho Rios is known as the ‘garden parish’ due to its rich vegetation, spellbinding waterfalls, and meandering rivers. You get Dunn’s River Falls in this town only. Leave behind all the adventure options, rivers, waterfalls – Ocho Rios has more than these to offer you. Among the beaches, there are Turtle Beach, James Bond Beach, Reggae Vibes Beach, and Mahogony Beach. The reggae is all around. There are quirky places like Margaritaville as well. If you want to know more about the exciting things to do in Ocho Rios, we suggest you to have a trip to Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon where the water glows in the night. And going for a scenic drive along Fern Gully is one of the most magical things to do in Jamaica.

Experience The Best Of The Reggae:

An art form can be experienced at its best and in the original format where it was born. Like you will get to witness the best Flamenco in Spain and the Samba in Brazil, if you want to listen to the true form of reggae Music, you have and have to do it in Jamaica. The land of reggae, the land of Bob Marley, Jamaica has some amazing hot spots where you can listen to the best of reggae music. Head to beaches of Montego Bay or Negril where beachfront bars and clubs play live reggae. There are several festivals organized in the island nation too that feature locals artists and international musicians alike. Some of the very famous festivals are Reggae Sumfest, Bob Marley Birthday Bash, Rebel Salute Music Festival, etc. Match your steps to the groove of “ONE LOVE “ and relive music.

Visit Bob Marley Museum:

For this, you have to travel to Kingston. Solely dedicated to the king of reggae music, this museum was actually the former residence of the famous person. You have to visit this museum where you can see Marley’s used things, his bedroom, and also his personal recording studio. Different tours to this famous legend’s home get organized and the guides are so good in their jobs to describe you everything that you could even feel the life and music of the legend around you. Also, the exterior of the house, the land surrounding the house, and colorful fences are so beautiful to look at. The museum is also a Jamaican Heritage Site.

Blue Mountains:

Photo credit: eric laudonien/

The most prominent geographical feature of the nation and also the longest mountain range, visiting or hiking up to this majestic mountain is one of the best things to do in Jamaica. The mountain range also includes Blue Mountain Peak which is the highest point of the island. Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most special attractions here and you can sip some good coffee for sure. There are hiking, cycling trails in this gorgeous lush green mountain range and some travelers truly embrace the adventure of hiking up to the summit.

The mist that forms due to the low temperature at the summit of the mountain gives the mountain its dreamy blue hue. And that is why the mountains are called the Blue Mountains. The sunrise view from the top of the mountain is just surreal. So if you are taking up a hiking challenge up to the summit, go for a predawn hike.

Blue Mountain Coffee:

The Blue Mountains are best known for the excellent coffee beans. Do not miss a chance to drink some authentic Blue Mountain coffee. Some restaurants sell fake stuff in the name of the real. So be sure that you are not getting the fake one.

Taste The Best Rum In Jamaica:

If you know about rum and if you love rum, you must already know that the best rum comes from Jamaica. So when you are here, one of the best things to do in Jamaica is to taste the best rum of your life. Well, rum is a part of the Jamaican people’s lifestyle. Jamaican rum is naturally sweet with no added sugar and it is also illegal to add sugar to the rum there. Experts describe the taste to be ‘funky’ – a nutty, gamey, overripe banana/fruit flavor’. You can taste authentic rum in Kingston, Montego Bay or Ocho Rios. The Deck in New Kingston is one of the best bars to taste some authentic rum along with great food. Escape 24/7 Bar & Grill is another open-air bar to taste white rum and party all night.

Appleton Estate Rum Tour:

Appleton Estate Rum Tour which is the best rum tour in Jamaica is a private tour that will make you explore Jamaica’s oldest sugar estate. You will get to taste Jamaica’s signature Appleton rum and many other drinks. Located on the south coast of Jamaica, the distillery is making authentic rum since 1749. Sample different rums and enjoy the pristine location. Also, get a complimentary rum bottle when you take part in the rum tour.

Board A Bamboo Raft:

Boarding an authentic bamboo boat is one of the must-experience things to do in Jamaica. Whether you are a nature lover or just want one thrilling Jamaican experience, you have to try bamboo rafting in Martha Brae River. The bamboo rafts are of 30 feet length and you are supposed to sit on your private raft while a skilled raft’s man will float you through the pearl-green water lazily. On both the side along your way, you will get dense forest, colorful birds chirping along your way, and the experience is surely worthwhile.

Also, visit Miss Martha’s Herb Garden where various herbs with medicinal properties are planted. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed with a glass of welcome drink and then you get a blissful time ahead free to romance with nature, the tranquility of the river, and the dreamy ambiance.

Jamaica is truly the Jewel of the Caribbean and a trip to this sunkissed island will truly satisfy your traveler’s soul. The scenery is stunning, the people are warm and one of the best things to do in Jamaica is also digging in some jerk chicken. From learning about the history of the nation to enjoying every moment of your hiking, climbing experiences, Jamaica is a book that will compel you to go through its every page. So just fly down and explore this wonderland on your own.

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