Small Towns In Norway

Norway is surreal, it is breathtaking, and it is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And the true essence of its engaging charm can be experienced by visiting its unmatched towns that are the epitome of beauty. From great villages to explore the fjords to coastal escapes, the small towns in Norway with their beckoning charm entice visitors from all around the globe.

The towns of this Scandinavian nation are dynamic with marine landscapes or mountainous canvas and some of them are quaint fishing villages that beautify the archipelagos of the country. In short, Norwegian towns are a pleasure to visit. Full of jaw-dropping scenery and unique culture on offer, below are some of the best small towns in Norway that are a must-visit. 

Most Beautiful And Picturesque Small Towns In Norway:


It is a tiny town surrounded by steep mountains and is one of the most alluring fjord destinations in Norway. It might be tiny and compact in size but it is enough to give you a glimpse of the whole country’s beauty in a nutshell. Enjoy the most adventurous train journey of the world here as Flåm is home to the 20-kilometer long Flåm Line which is the steepest rail route in the world and reaches up to a height of 867 meters. When in town, visit the Flåm Railway Museum and also the town harbor where 160 cruises are welcomed every day on an average basis. Visit the ethereal fiords, the waterfalls, and go hiking and bicycling whenever you feel like. 

Go visit Nærøyfjord which is one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway and check out the authentic Viking village at Viking Valley in Gudvangen and enjoy the best views of the fjords from the Stegastein viewpoint, Flåm is one of the prettiest small towns in Norway to visit.


Locating in the Karmøy municipality in Rogaland county, Norway, Skudeneshavn or Skudenes is considered one of the most well-preserved small towns in Norway. Breathtakingly beautiful white wooden houses are characteristic features of this town that were built in the 1800s. These houses are the reason that helped the city earn its nickname ‘White Lady’. These houses line the streets of the ‘Old Town’ and there are several beautiful year-round cafes to check out too. Rich in history and having a past of fishing industry, the city is a delight to visit. 


A beautiful town located southeast of Oslo, Fredrikstad is so cozy being surrounded by the Oslofjird. Considered as the best-preserved fortress town in Northern Europe, Fredrikstad is a town to enjoy both culture and history. Come here to spend a weekend or a week, the town will offer you with gorgeous views of piers, arts, and divine culinary experience. Get to the Bastion 5 arts and crafts center where local potters, goldsmiths, and painters can be seen working. In the Cicignon part of the city, there is Østfold art center where in addition to the dose of art, one can enjoy delicious food at the cafes and dreamy view of the Glomma river. To top everything, the friendly people and the calming atmosphere make Fredrikstadone of the most beautiful small towns in Norway to visit. 


If you want to soak in breathtaking views overlooking River Lågen and Lake Mjøsa, you have to travel to nowhere other than Lillehammer. It is one of the loveliest small towns in Norway and is surrounded by mountains. The heart of the city is a late nineteenth-century concentration of wooden houses which are wonderfully preserved. Some of the must-visit attractions of the town are Maihaugen Open-Air Museum, Lillehammer Olympic Park and Museum, and Lillehammer Church.

Manage some time to visit Hunderfossen Familiepark where one can learn about authentic Norwegian folk and fairy tales. A great spot for recreation and fun, this place will entertain your kids as well. Lillehammer is also noted for its pretty neighborhoods and wide arrays of foods to try.


Consider it as a village or a small town, Balestrand is all about authentic Norwegian charm. Majestic mountains, wooden villas, and apparently unending fjord views, Balestrand is both naturally and culturally beautiful. Embark on a hiking expedition or a scenic road trip, the beauty of Balestrand can also be enjoyed from a kayak! Balestrand is not like the usual fjord destinations of Norway. It takes you deeper into the Sognefjord and here one can experience the sweeping view of Bøya Glacier up close and personal.

Visit the Norwegian Museum, cruise into the narrower arms of Sognefjorden for sublime vistas, and enjoy the dramatic nature and landscape of the surrounding. Balestrand is truly one of the most serene small towns in Norway. 


A small and dainty magical little fjord village in Norway, Undredal by the Nærøyfjordn is a gem in western Norway. It has a population of only 100 and has about 500 goats and they live in vibrantly colorful houses that collectively look gorgeous. Undredal is situated along Aurlandsfjord which starts at Flåm. Go for a Heritage Taste Fjord Safari on the fjord, taste the very famous Undredal Goat Cheese, explore the tiny town, soothe your eyes with its natural beauty, and visit all the traditional and modern attractions that are on offer.

One can not miss out on the Steve Church which is the oldest church in Norway and also is the smallest one in the Nordics and also explore its divine food scene that include the very famous Goat sausage.

So these were some of the truly wonderful small towns in Norway that beg you to explore them at least once in your lifetime. Come, get lost in the Norwegian charm, and enjoy every moment of your vacation to the fullest. 

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