Salzburg In Austria

A charming city situating on the border of Germany, Salzburg in Austria is a beautiful Baroque city with very impressive views of the eastern Alps. The birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and also the filming location of the Sound of Music (1965), every good word we say about Salzburg will be pretty much less to fathom its beauty. Come here to soak in the Baroque charm of the Old City, visit the old fortresses or delve into the charm of its serene landscape that is dominated by mountains and lakes, Salzburg is draped in unparalleled beauty throughout the year. Is Salzburg is there on your wish list for quite a long time now? Then here we have come up with our recommendations of some of the most picturesque places and landmarks to visit in Salzburg in Austria that are extreme crowd pullers. 

The city is located on the northern boundary of the Alps on the banks of the Salzach river. It is the fourth largest city in Austria and is a year-round destination. But if a huge crowd turns you off then consider visiting this pristine city from September onwards. Getting to catch a pretty sight of the city in the snow is also an unbelievable experience. Also, there are great Austrian foods that you must try in Salzburg in Austria. We won’t keep you waiting much and now it is time to unveil some of the most beautiful places that you must visit in this Austrian city. 

Top-rated And Best Places To Visit In Salzburg In Austria:


One of the largest UNESCO World Heritage Sights, the Old Town or the Altstadt is the first place that you must visit once in Salzburg. Full of historic buildings that showcase brilliant Medieval and Baroque architecture, the old-school charm of this part of the city can be vest explored and enjoyed on foot. 

Being the historic city center, Altstadt houses some of the most significant monuments that grace the place. The list includes: Salzburg Cathedral, Holy Trinity Church, Mirabell Palace, and the very famous Mozart’s birthplace at Getreidegasse which itself is a famous tourist destination. 

Stroll along the lovely medieval streets that stretch along the banks of the Salzach River, discover yourself in nowhere and soak in the charm of the beautiful squares, Altstadt is an admire-worthy sight to get lost in.


Locating on the eastern bank of the Salzach River in Salzburg in Austria, Kapuzinerberg is a city that dates back to pre-historic times. The Way to the Cross chapels are the main attractions of this hilltop destination and its dense forest-clad landscape and many churches and an abbey make it a place worth visiting. The Capuchin Abbey enthroned high atop the Kapuzinerberg is all glorious for its breathtaking architecture. 

It also proves to be a paradise for outdoor lovers as there are many outdoor recreation areas out there and so are many winding hiking paths. Hike up to the top of the hill to get a picturesque view of the old town, the fortress, and the magnificent surrounding.


The most famous shopping street in Salzburg in Austria, Getreidegasse is the nustling heart of the Old Town. From being the birthplace of Mozart to housing endless numbers of international fashion shops, Getreidegasse is a place to shop, dine, and take in the charm of history. 

Getreidegasse’s narrow alleys are lined by beautiful buildings which are characterized by beautiful doorways and wrought-iron guild signs. From the shopping stores, buy leather goods, perfumes, trendy souvenirs, jewelry, and clothing items. Apart from being the birthplace of Mozart, there are also other notable residents of this area, namely August Bebel, the painter Adrian Ludwig Richter, and Salome Alt.

Toy Museum:

A unique museum to visit in Salzburg in Austria, Toy Museum is famous for its collection of antique toys. It is conveniently located near Mozartplatz and Mirabell Palace and is a fun place to visit for children and adults alike. Housed in a beautiful Baroque building, this museum boasts the largest collection of toys in Austria. Antique dolls, teddy bears, gnomes, model trains – some of the toys are even more than 200 years old. Keep yourself entertained in this treasure trove and the interactive exhibits and workshops will keep you occupied no matter what your age is.

Haus der Natur:

With an area of over 7000 square meters, Haus der Natur is one of the most exciting places to visit in Salzburg in Austria. It is a place to experience a fascinating underwater world as displayed in the aquarium to colossal dinosaurs from the distant past. Again a place that will be delightful for both kids and adults, this is a place to get up close and personal with small and big creatures that range from sharks to manta rays to mambas to bearded dragons. Another big draw of this museum is the hands-on experiments in Austria’s most comprehensive science center.

The Birthplace Of Mozart:

One of the most visited in Austria, the Birthplace of Mozart is a must-visit attraction too. The museum had over three floors and all the floors celebrate each and every aspect of Mozart’s life. The first floor has all the usual things of his life, utensils, paintings, and documents on display. The second floor celebrates his life as an opera composer. It is delightful to get to see all the costumes and sets that he used in his operas. If you want to see where Mozart was born and also if you want to know about his family, you have to visit the third floor. It is the place named “Hagenauer Haus” at No. 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg in Austria, where Mozart was born in 1756.

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