Turkey, the very cosmopolitan country bestrides Europe and Asia and thus it becomes a heavily diverse melting pot of different cultures and people. Being one of the leading tourism destinations of the world, Turkey has always remained on the bucket list of every globetrotter. Its rich scenic diversity, ever beautiful beaches, attractive rock formations, and mountains- there are loads of surprises for its visitors. We have tried to sum up some of the best places to visit in Turkey in our today’s article.

Whether you are an avid lover of historical destinations or are always up for some extraordinary natural wonders- Turkey will never fail to astonish you with its alluring beauty and dazzling charm. Turkey has an amazing Mediterranean coastline and you can enjoy cruising on a yacht while you soak in the sprightly sun. Already excited about this country? We won’t keep you awaited more. Let’s just dig into the best places to visit in Turkey and let’s make our own travel bucket list. Shall we?

Best Places To Visit In Turkey In your Lifetime:




The country’s capital city, situated in the heart of the country, Ankara is the place that links visitors to all the other tourist destinations of the country. Being situated in the Anatolia region, Ankara is the famous center for performing arts. It houses the ‘State Opera and Ballet’, the ‘Presidential Symphony Orchestra’ and many theatrical companies and some of the exciting museums. There are some specific breed of animals that are indigenous to this area like Ankara cat, goat, and rabbit. So head to this happening city and enjoy this cosmopolitan city with exciting nightlife.




Just to the south of Ankara lies this alluring historical city of Konya which is famous for Seljuk architecture and whirling dervishes. You need to visit the tomb of the founder of the Mevlana order, Jelaleddin Rumi and among the top visited places in this city, there are many museums and wonderful monuments. Sehitler Abidesi is a must visit monument that portrays the Canakkale war through its amazing murals and figurines. Konya is just a perfect example of those cities where history and modernity just stand hand in hand.




Pamukkale will make you experience something very striking and fascinating. Pamakkule or ‘cotton casthe’ (meaning in Turkish) is a white terraced basin which has been created by the carbonate minerals deposited by the streams and hot springs.  From Ankara, it is only about 475 km to Pamakkule, Denizli and you really need to visit this World Heritage Site at least once in your lifetime.

The Black Sea Region:



Turkey has a ravishing coastline along the Black Sea which has remained underrated for many of the years. But the underdeveloped beaches, terraced tea plantation fields are worth a visit. There is a national park named ‘Altindere National Park’ where you can find a beautiful Greek Orthodox monastery named ‘The Sumela Monastery’.  Enjoy your stay at the coastal cities of this region and discover a very different facet of Turkey while you visit places like Trabzon, Sinop, and Rize.




What can be more blissful than a hot air balloon ride over this beautiful city? Fly down to this one of the best places to visit in Turkey and enjoy one or two nights here. If you are an adventure freak, hike through the Rose Valley, visit fairy chimney and rock houses and many more. You can never miss the excitement of the balloon ride which is often offered with a complimentary glass of Champagne. Enjoy the stunning landscape and thank us later.




Turkey’s third largest city, Izmir is a proud blend of Greek, Armenian, Jews and Roman cultures. Situated encircling the emerald blue Bay of Izmir, this city houses some of the best monuments of Turkey. While the Izmir Clock Tower will offer you with a perfect background to click your best picture, Kemeralti, a historical market will offer you with many of the fascinating stuff you can bring back to your home. Being known as Turkey’s ‘Pearl of the Aegean’, Izmir is home to some fresh and mouthwatering seafood and desserts which you can never afford to miss. you really need to visit this one of the best places to visit in Turkey.




If you have ever wished to go to an Arabian style village with sandstone buildings gushing down the hill slope, you need to visit this culturally diverse, stunning city. In the old city of Mardin, you will get spectacular meandering alleys and streets everywhere. Old buildings, scintillating landscapes, mouthwatering traditional food – everything makes Mardin, the city of fortresses, one of the finest places to visit in Turkey.

Turkey is beautiful in every aspect. You need to spend your holiday here to get mesmerized by the amazing sights and thrilling adventure options present here. Explore the beaches, the national parks, and the historical sites and when you are done enjoying all the exotic places, indulge in some really tasty Turkish delicacies. These were some very beautiful and best places to visit in Turkey according to us. Fly down there and experience the gorgeous country all by yourself.

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