By land area, Switzerland is a pretty small country with only an area of 41,285 km2 but this landlocked country is surely a traveler’s paradise in a nutshell. Beautiful Swiss countryside, the crowning Alps, the calm lakes and the ancient historic castles – this country has so much to offer you. And with the affordable and excellent Swiss transport system, visiting the country’s loveliest places is not a tough job at all. Today in this article, we will be presenting before you some of the topmost spectacular and amazingly best places to visit in Switzerland.

This country also has some amazing festivals and delicious food to offer to its visitors. The land is full of extensive cultural activities and living traditions and with time it has gained extensive popularity as one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Mouthwatering traditional foods like fondue, Rosti, and many more will just satisfy your taste buds in no time, so you need to check out this happening place at least once in your whole life. Let’s check out the internationally famous, best places to visit in Switzerland and start packing your bags accordingly.

Amazingly Best Places to Visit in Switzerland:


Being the largest ski resort in Switzerland and the highest city in Europe, Davos is obviously at our center of attraction. With its six distinct skiing areas, it offers you the most magnificent downhill run experience, Parsenn being the largest. Being located on the river Landwasser, this Alpine town has some highly refreshing spas and good hotels for your holiday time retreat. Visit Kirchner Museum, Monstein Brewery, Sertig and Dischmata, and many more places, and the list is really never-ending.


Basel is the third-largest city in Switzerland and it is bisected by the river Rhine. Basel has some diversified culture and historical facets and also is a hub of art and architecture. Boasting of over 40 museums alone, Basel can really quench the extreme thirst of any avid art and architecture lover. It is the home to the Basel Art Museum and has some famous orchestras like Basel’s symphony orchestra, Chamber orchestra, and so on.


When you are in Switzerland, you cannot just miss the country’s largest city at all. An all-time favorite shopping destination, Zurich can literally wake up the shopaholic in you. Flatboat rides of the Limmat-Schifffahrt will offer you a different view of the city altogether and the experience of passing below those 7 bridges is a lifetime one. The nightlife of Zurich is extremely amazing and don’t miss out on the sprawling bars of the city. Undoubtedly, one of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

Matterhorn, Zermatt:

If your ultimate dream is to experience the majestic peak piercing the sky, then you must not miss the mighty peak of Matterhorn. Meaning “peak in the meadows” in German, this spectacular mountain is nearly 15,000 ft tall that stands astride the Swiss-Italian border and is one of the favorites among the climbers. This mystic heaven allows you to witness the most unique view of the Alps once you travel to the Matterhorn glacier paradise, so don’t ever miss that too.

Bernese Oberland :

Nature is kept unspoiled in this beautiful region. Never miss the unique view of the surroundings from the mountains like Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. The pristine emerald lakes, the serene Alpine atmosphere – you cannot just expect more than this in your lifetime. Some of the major highlights are ‘Jungfraujoch’ – the highest railway station in Europe, ‘Adelboden’ – the third largest skiing area, etc. How could we not include this place in the ‘best places to visit in Switzerland’ list?

Saxon National Park:

If hill climbing is your favorite addiction, then Saxon is the ideal location for you. With some 1000 climbing peaks, this area is popular among the international climbers. In entire Germany, this is the only national park. If you want to be pampered king-size, go visit the nearby resorts and spas for a refreshing session. The amazing faunal diversity includes salmon, otter, kingfishers, hawks, black storks.


Surrounded by the Alps and the Jura mountains, Geneva city offers you the most dramatic views of Mont Blanc. Being situated just at the southern edge of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva), the city is the Headquarters of Europe’s United Nations and the Red Cross. The old town that rises on a hill slope just above the Rhone river has its vintage old streets and the cathedral on the hill steps give this town a more ancient feel. Roam about the elegant parks, gardens, and promenades and taste some of the best traditional dishes like fondue, rosti, etc.


Not on every traveler’s bucket list- Wengen is a perfect Alpine village for those who want to spend their vacation amidst the pristine greenery of a car-free resort town. This mountain village attracts a lot of skiing enthusiasts in the winter months and it hosts the classic Lauberhorn ski races of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup in January.

Swiss beauty is enough to bewitch your senses. Pristine lakes like Geneva Lake, Lake Zurich, Lake Brienz, majestic mountains like the Alps, Matterhorn, the beautiful Swiss Skyline, the warm people out there, the extremely delicious Swiss cuisines, the ancient vibe of the country- Switzerland is a country which can quench the thirst of all types of travelers. If adventure is your bae, you can surely go for the climbing and hiking experiences, on the other hand, the charming and romantic cities like Geneva, Zurich will fill your mood with calmness and peace. So, friends, these were some of the fascinatingly beautiful and best places to visit in Switzerland, which you should never miss in your lifetime.

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