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Spain, this Iberian country is what we call, diverse and delightful. We consider Spain as one of the top 10 countries to visit in the world because of its wide range of taste of destinations. Impressive mountains from the Sierra Nevada to the Pyrenees, exciting adventure opportunities – places in Spain are bestowed with never-ending beauties. It has some of the best beaches in the world and at the same time, it boasts of sparkling cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada. A big-time foodie? Spain has San Sebastian to feed you with some of the most incredible food options.

Which Part Of Spain To Choose:

Spain is a country where you get the happy Mediterranean climate, the warmest people, and some of the most vibrant festivities, and culture – Spain is a ‘fiesta’. Spain is the largest country in southern Europe and is also the fourth largest country in the entire European continent. So, you can not definitely cover all its alluring destinations in one go. If we divide the best places in Spain, region wise, we will get four basic travel zones.

  • The east coast is all about beach resorts, Barcelona, and Valencia (at least most of the travelers consider so).
  • Northern Spain is quite unexplored and we definitely suggest you hit the coastline, the cities here for a lifetime experience. San Sebastian must be on your bucket list as a wonderful food destination.
  • Central Spain offers you vineyard surrounded serene Valladolid and at the same time, the most vibrant Madrid. You get some of the most historically important cities here too.
  • And lastly talking about southern Spain, it is all about Andalusia, an autonomous community that covers most of the southern part of the country.

Here we present before you some of the most stunning places in Spain that you must consider putting on your bucket list.

Exciting Places In Spain That You Must Have On Your Bucket List:


Spain’s capital and an excellent storehouse of European art and culture, Madrid tops the list of the must-visit places in Spain. With its famous architectural splendors like the Royal Palace of Madrid and the Royal Theatre, Madrid is one of the best cities in Spain for a quick weekend trip. Explore some of the best tapas bars here or go on visiting its array of nightclubs, markets, and theaters – Madrid will make sure that you don’t get even a little bit of time to sit idle in your hotel.


What comes next to Madrid is obviously Barcelona. Barcelona carries a total cosmopolitan vibe, at the same time not compromising with the surreal beauty of her mountains and beaches. Soak in the sun or indulge in some exciting session of beach volleyball, visit the markets and join a cooking class. In a cooking class, you are most likely to learn how to cook the most authentic paella! When done with that, go out to explore Barcelona’s amazing iconic architecture and stunning natural beauty. The Mediterranean nature here will stun you to the brim.


The Gold Tower, Seville

Seville is the capital of the Andalusia region and you have to come here at least once in your lifetime to live the rich flamenco culture of this city. Book your tickets and enjoy an evening witnessing this beautiful melancholic, expressive art form at any of the best flamenco bars of the city. Have a trip to the amazing landmarks like Plaza de Espana and Royal Alcazar of Seville and the majestic Gothic structure of the Catedral de Sevilla will woo you with its enticing aura. Moreover, you get to see the famous tomb of Christopher Columbus in this Seville Cathedral.


While Valencia is mostly famous for being the home of paella, a Valencian rice dish, this southeastern Spain’s port city is on our list of must visit places in Spain for other good reasons too. The most prominent structure, you get to see here is the City of Arts and Sciences that looks like a spaceship and this futuristic structure also includes a planetarium, an oceanarium, opera house, and science museum.

Valencia, being the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, is also a place where you get long stretches of beach. It’s exciting food scenes, great shopping destinations, and beautiful streets lined by striking elegant buildings will make you fall in love with the city.

San Sebastian:

This one of the most popular places in Spain must be on your itinerary if you are an avid foodie. Beautiful lit bar with pintxos served on your plate or for its food markets or specialized food parlors – this north coastal Spanish city is excellent in every way. Soak up in some sun on the beautiful golden beaches or immerse into the rich culture of San Sebastian, you are truly gonna enjoy your stay in this vibrant Basque city. It is also a very popular surfing destination so enjoy your time engaging in some fun water sports.

Canary Islands:

We already have a very elaborate article on the best Spanish Islands to visit. You must check that article out.

The Canary Islands, off the coast of northwestern Africa, are most popular for their dramatic black, white, green rocky beaches. Lanzarote is one of the prettiest among them. Enjoy Timanfaya National Park’s rocky landscape here. You can’t miss out on Tenerife island as it is the largest among all the Canary Islands. The highest elevation of Spain, Mount Teide also resides here. You need to visit the Canary Islands to experience something out of the world and unique.


The Vizcaya Bridge

Bilbao, the largest city in the province of Biscay is often missed out by travelers. But if you are a passionate fun-seeking person, Bilbao must be on your card. Guggenheim Museum is one of the prime attractions of this Basque city for its ultra futuristic and modern structure and one cannot afford to miss the famous Bullfighting museum while in Bilbao. You get to munch on plenty of Pintxos here as you could do in San Sebastian and it is also one of those few places in Spain where rugged, green countryside and fascinating architecture walk hand in hand. Lively nightlife, great beaches as well as mountains – there is something or the other for every kind of travelers in Bilbao.


The Old City of Salamanca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And this Western Spain city is very famous as one of the most important university cities in Spain. Salamanca sees some great festivity every year. Holy Week in Salamanca is celebrated just before the Easter celebration. Among the other festivals, ‘Nochevieja Universitaria’ or University New Year holds a special place. Head to Plaza Mayor, Salamanca, and Case de las Conchas and soak in some history.

Visit Spain during the spring that is between March and May; or during the autumn that goes strong from September to November to enjoy wonderful weather, cheap deals on everything, and very few crowds. Summer months are not that great to visit this Iberian country. The inland cities like Madrid, Seville remains very hot during this time. Plus springtime will also give you the opportunity to experience some great festivals. Yeah, so that’s pretty much all we had to tell you about traveling to the best places in Spain. We hope you all have got some useful information as well as inspirations that you were seeking for. Comment down below and share with us which is your most favorite Spanish destination. We would love to hear from you. have a great day ahead!

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