Casablanca In Morocco

The beauty of Casablanca in Morocco is often overlooked by tourists. They choose to visit Marrakech, Fes, or the port city of Essaouira but miss out on the architecture and culture of Casablanca. This port city fronting the Atlantic Ocean also happens to be the largest city in Morocco. Having a rich French Colonial legacy and a whole bunch of seaside promenades, beaches, and parks, Casablanca is certainly a destination where you should spend a day or two. Food in Casablanca is also worth trying. It is the commercial hub of the country as well. A city where the past has wonderfully been blended with modernity, stop at Casablanca in Morocco before you set out for Marrakech or Fez. We have listed below some of the best things to do in this vibrant port city so that you can have an idea about how you can shape your detailed travel plan.

Top-rated & Best Things To Do In Casablanca In Morocco:

Visit The Largest Mosque In Morocco:

Hassan II Mosque is the most popular tourist destination in Casablanca and also is the largest mosque in Morocco and the seventh-largest one in the entire world. The minaret of the mosque is the second-tallest minaret in the world. It’s striking architectural beauty of the exterior as well as the interior makes it the most-visited attraction in Morocco.

The mosque was constructed in the year 1990 and completed in 1993 by the best artisans in the business and was commissioned by King Hassan II. Greatest quality marble, granite, wood, and plaster have gone into the making of this ravishing mosque. It stands at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and that is so spectacular about the backdrop of a mosque.

What is more striking about this mosque is that a part of the mosque is on the land and the other part is on the ocean. It has a vast courtyard that can accommodate up to 80,000 people. And inside the mosque, there is space for further 25,000 people. The Prayer Hall is so made that it offers you divine underwater views of the Atlantic Ocean and is so large that it can accommodate the house of Notre Dame of Paris. The mosque also is nicknamed as the ‘Casablanca Hajj’.

How to get to the mosque?

It is only a 20-minutes walk from the Casa Port station.

Marvel At The Moorish Buildings And At The Art-Deco Buildings:

The downtown area has some of the most marvelous Moorish buildings. These are the finest blends of French-colonial design and traditional Moroccan style. The city boasts of the best Art Deco buildings that range from the French-Colonial times to now.

Visit Place Mohammed V and the buildings that surround the place. There are beautiful buildings like Grand Poste and the courthouse. The Mers Sultan area also has some of the most amazing buildings.

Cast your gaze on the Scala, King’s Palace, and Wilaya that are the impressive parts of the city’s architectural scene.

Relax At The Lively Corniche:

Pic by Karol Kozlowski | Dreamstime

The lively Corniche of Casablanca runs along the coast and it is perhaps the most glamorous neighborhood in Casablanca. Buzzing Atlantic beach clubs dot the area and it is the place where locals and tourists come to get the loveliest view of the seaside. You will spot a crowd of sunbathers and surfers here. The place has a bunch of malls, restaurants, cafes, and hotels and you can enjoy the serene sunrise and sunset from this promenade area.

After the sun sets, the place transforms into a nightlife den. The place is awash with sophisticated night clubs, sea-facing bars, and a wide array of fine-dine restaurants.

Visit The Old Medina:

The Old Medina which now has turned into mostly a market area was the last remnant of pre-20th century Casablanca. It is located in the north part of the city in between the port and the lucrative Hassan II Mosque.

In the older days, the part was very small and was bounded by defense walls. You can still see some vestiges of the old wall and forts. Now it has grown in the area and has a bunch of shops selling beautiful artifacts to jewelry, clothing items, home décor object, leather goods, oils to foods. Bargain your heart out while buying something. The old labyrinth of alleyways has been intact there as it was in the past. Take a break in between shopping and sit at the small outdoor cafes to sip some coffee whilst watching the world go by.

In the modern city of Casablanca in Morocco, the Old Medina is that patch of a place that has paused itself in the past.

La Villa des Arts:

Art in Casablanca is thriving so rapidly and Villa des Arts housed in a 1931 Art Deco Villa is a major part of that thriving art scene of Casablanca. It is one of the largest museums in Morocco that hosts many contemporary art exhibitions and events that are mainly from the Cherifian Kingdom.

The museum belongs to the ONA Foundation and is located near the Parc de la Ligue Arabe. In the beautiful Art Deco villa, brilliant works of artists like Ahmed Cherkaoui, Mohamed Chebaa, Mohamed Serghini are on exhibit and it features around 800 permanent artworks. Many temporary exhibitions based on Moroccan art and culture are also organized from time to time.

The museum also has an auditorium, a documentation center, and also has a cafeteria.

Shop Local Delicacies At The Central Market, Casablanca:

Historically and culturally very significant, the Central Market of Casablanca in Morocco is a place where you will get the authentic flair of the city. Located on Muhammad V Boulevard, the market was constructed on the site of the 1915 Casablanca Fair. It sports a very beautiful Neo-Mauresque architectural style and it has a large gateway that is inspired by gates of Marrakesh, Fes, Rabat, and Meknes.

This market is a great place to shop for some great fish, seafood, fruits, spices as well as some fresh vegetables. The place also sells decorative flower bouquets, woven reed baskets, curios, ornaments and you can also enjoy a hearty lunch here as there are some great restaurants that locate within the market place.

Visit The Museum Of Moroccan Judaism:

This is the only museum devoted to Judaism in the entire Arab world. Situating in the Oasis Neighborhood of Casablanca in Morocco, this is the place where you will get an idea of the lifestyle of Jews, their history, religion, tradition, and culture.

For your information, a huge chunk of the Jewish population today lives in Casablanca. And there are numbers of Jewish buildings, kosher restaurants, synagogues, and cemeteries that you will find in this city. This museum is surely one of the most prominent buildings among them.

In the historical past, the building served as an orphanage that protected the orphaned Jewish youth of Casablanca. The orphanage served till the mid-1990s and after that, it was massively renovated and transformed into a Jewish museum.

Today inside the museum there are many paintings, sculptures, and photographs that provide you deep insight into the Jewish community of morocco.

Casablanca in Morocco has many hidden gems. Its stylish crowd, diverse architecture, dozens of museums, and art galleries do not need any introduction. To top that, Casablanca is a city of restaurants. Enjoying your food while your eyes are all set on the lovely view of the ocean – you will really love your lunch at the outdoor terrace restaurants. Do not miss out on visiting Rick’s Café. Also, Casablanca is the city where Morocco’s only Bikram studio is located. You can also make this city your base and set out for many day trips. Rabat, Morocco’s capital is only 87 kilometers away from Casablanca. So book your tickets and make a trip to this handsome city of Morocco that is dynamic and so much contemporary.

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