Pattaya Thailand

Sitting on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 100 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, Pattaya or Pattaya City is one of the most happening coastal cities in Thailand. Although Pattaya has gained worldwide fame for its ever-growing sex tourism industry, this beautiful coastal city is surely not only about that. This seaside town may not be that perfect beach destination with sun and sands but it has definitely something to offer you that is solely unique and can only be experienced in Pattaya. There are abundant opportunities to enjoy the tropical wilderness, great shopping, food, and sweeping sights in the seaside town of Pattaya, Thailand. There are also cultural shows to keep you occupied for such a long time. Visit the floating market, many ancient temples, and you will realize that Pattaya is just not the city that the media tries to show you.

How To Roam Around:

Most parts of the city can be explored by walking. Baht buses are famous transportation options here to get around downtown Pattaya, Jomtien, and Naklua. There are motor cycle taxis that are a bit costlier than the Baht buses but are obviously more convenient. Grab Taxi app is safe to use or you can anytime travel by a public tuk-tuk. Getting in and around Pattaya, Thailand is convenient and easy as Pattaya’s transportation system is developed and accessible.

Is Pattaya Safe:

Contrary to popular belief, Pattaya is absolutely safe to travel to. Whether you are a solo visitor or a couple planning out your honeymoon to Pattaya, let us tell you, this seaside resort is absolutely safe to travel to. Yes, there are sex industries working in this city. While you are on the famous Walking Street, you might encounter sex workers provoking you to follow them to their establishment or sex show. Just avoid them and ignore them. They won’t intrude into your privacy if you are not interested.

Pattaya is best for singles and couples and obviously not meant for families. If you know the safety tips and can avoid frauds, Pattaya won’t disappoint you ever.

Best Places To Visit In Pattaya, Thailand: Tips To Travel Around & More:

Sanctuary Of Truth (Prasat Sut Ja-Tum):

A true architectural wonder at a scenic location just 7.8 km away from Pattaya City, this unfinished Hindu-Buddhist temple is one of the finest places to visit in Pattaya, Bangkok. The temple is designed in the Ayutthaya style that is the main architectural style of Thailand. And the most astonishing fact about the construction of the temple is that it has totally been constructed out of wood. It only contains idols and sculptures that are wood-carved by hand. The temple wonderfully blends Thai, Hindu, Chinese, Buddhist, and Khmer traditions in its decoration. As different woods have gone into the making of the temple, the sanctuary’s exterior looks ravishing having different textures.

The sanctuary is bound to impress you by its brilliant location of Rachvate Cape against the backdrop of the Gulf of Thailand and stunning intricate wood architecture.

The temple is located in the Naklua area and you can avail Baht buses from Pattaya to reach the temple. It remains open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm daily.

 Jomtien Beach:      

Escaping the hustle of the city, reach this beautiful beach that is just 3 kilometers away from the city and stretches for around six kilometers. The beautiful tree-lined beach is dotted with restaurants, bars, lounges, and you can take part in plenty of water sports activities. Enjoy sunbathing or come early evening to admire the beauty of the sunset.

The beach was formerly a paddy field and is recommended for those who seek a calmer and more chilled out beach retreat. Mostly famous among the windsurfers and other water sports lovers, you have to come to Jomtien or Chomthian beach when in Pattaya, Thailand.

 Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai):

Sitting on the top of Pratumnak Hill, this colossal 18-feet tall Golden Buddha is the highlight of our Pattaya, Thailand travel. Steep staircase flanked by golden dragons lead to the temple platform and at the foot of the stairs, seven-headed mythical snakes pop out of the dragon’s mouth. At the top temple area, apart from the main Big Buddha Statue, there are many mini Buddha figures, some standing, some sitting, and some lying down. A trip to Wat Phra Yai is a must for you whether you have faith in religion or not. From the top of the hill, you will get a spectacular view of the Pattaya City, the ocean, and the island around. You need to climb the steep stairs to reach the top of the mountain.

Pattaya Walking Street:

Walking Street is the biggest party destination in entire Thailand. This street is about 1 km long and no vehicle is allowed here from 7.00 pm to 3.00 am. The street is rimmed with endless numbers of nightclubs, massage parlors, restaurants, bars, and is entirely an entertainment area. The nightlife vibe of the Walking Street is vibrant and you probably need the whole night to enjoy every bit of it. Different shows are held here as Muay Thai shows. The neon lights, the noise, the music – everything is dazzling here along this one-kilometer long street. The street comes alive by midnight and there are actually plenty of things to do here.

Watch the live performance of the bands, dig in some excellent food, visit the Pattaya Pier, and enjoy the warmth of the night. Whether you love partying or not, visiting this wildest party district in the country is one of the must-do things in Pattaya, Thailand.

Note: Don’t attend any sex shows and do not get carried away by the hallucinating vibe of the night. Be in your senses and also do not do drugs. Be careful about yourself and your belongings. Enjoy the night and do not do any act so that you regret the next day.

Coral Island:

A popular family destination with some of the prettiest beaches and good resorts, Coral Island or Koh Larn is a beautiful escape from the citylife of Pattaya. A honeymoon getaway for the couples or a fun family day out option, the Coral Island is located just 7 km away from the main city of Pattaya. A speedboat takes only 15 minutes to reach the island from Pattaya Beach or Bali Hai Pier and a normal ferry takes about 1 hour to reach the same.

If you want to relax amidst plentiful coral reefs, soft stretches of sandy beaches, and abundant water sport options, you have to take a day off to this blissful island. There are shops lined up at the beach from where you can buy souvenirs to take back home and when you are finished with all the snorkeling, parasailing, jet riding, and Banana boat riding, sit for some time, eat some good food, and rejuvenate yourself.

Pattaya Floating Market:

Also known as Four Regions Floating Market, this riverside floating market is one of the main attractions in Pattaya, Thailand. The market is operating since the year 2008 and here you will have a chance to see vendors selling their goods while they are floating on traditional boats or canoes. You can hire your boat to get into the water and enjoy the environment of the surrounding. If you are seeking a bit of adventure, there are ziplining and floating water ball activities there. To discover the Thai culture deeply, watch traditional afternoon shows, and roam around the area to discover the beautiful way of Thai life.

From the southbound side of Sukhumvit Highway, take a white Baht bus to reach Pattaya Floating Market. Earlier the admission into the market was free. But now you have to pay an entrée fee worth 200 Baht to enter the floating market. Shop, eat and explore all the fun activities this vast area has to offer you.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden:

The 500-acre botanical garden is such a vast landscape garden that you need a whole day to properly explore it. The garden has segregated themed gardens like 17th century French Garden, Stonehenge Garden, European Garden, Cactus & Succulent Garden, Flower Valley, Orchid & Bromeliad Display Garden, Ant Tower, Butterfly Garden, Variegated Plants. The garden apart from being an entertainment park is also a scientific center dedicated to Cycads. You can see almost all the species of Cycads here. In this context let us tell you that, Cycads are seed plants that have very long fossil history, and once upon a time they were found abundantly compared to today. The garden has its own Cycad Gene bank.

Apart from the themed gardens, you can also enjoy daily cultural shows that include Muay Thai too, have great food in the restaurants, and there are also accommodation options if you want to enjoy a stay. You can rent a bicycle to roam around the garden because you can’t cover the garden only by walking.

Pattaya is way more than what you think. It has beautiful beaches, good eateries, theme parks, sanctuaries – everything to satisfy your travel souls. Be there with your loved one or just fly down on your own and discover this cosmopolitan city like never before. Pattaya, Thailand is easy to travel around, is fun, and can be done on a budget too. so, plan a trip and enjoy the tropical vibe to the fullest.

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