Hot Springs In Nevada

Nevada is packed with unlimited adventure experiences where mystery and breathtaking natural phenomena and sights never cease to astonish its visitors. Mostly a desert, this remote state is also home to great mountains, glistening lakes, canyons, lush pine forest, and of course hot springs. Sprinkled amidst the boundless wilderness and remote lands, there are many mapped and unmapped hot springs in Nevada that are among the best-kept secrets of the nation. If you are looking up for relaxing in naturally warm water, there is no better place than Nevada to experience the same. Boasting the highest numbers of hot springs in the U.S, Nevada opens before you unlimited adventure options and you must soak in the hot springs in Nevada if you are seeking ultimate relaxation and solitude. 

So if you are planning for the Silver State soaks, below are some of the best hot springs in Nevada that you just won’t like to miss out on. So, before you get on the road, discover these best hot springs. 

Best And Steamy Hot Springs In Nevada One Must Check Out:

Spencer Hot Springs:

One of the most dependable hot springs in Nevada, Spencer Hot Springs is exotic, wondrous, and is among the comfiest hot springs for your body’s and soul’s rejuvenation. For decades, it has attracted locals and tourists alike and its perfect steamy water and the beautiful panoramic view will allure you no matter which time of the year you are visiting the springs. Sitting in the heart of Nevada, nestled within the mighty Big Smoky Valley, enjoying the otherworldly beauty of the Central Nevada Toiyabe Range and getting the chance to soak in the rustic Spencer Hot Springs – it is totally a surreal experience you will get to have.

Virgin Valley Warm Springs:

These sparkling hot springs located near the border of Oregon – Nevada is truly comforting and cozy. The spring is near the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and the breathtaking clear emerald pond with clean sand and gravel bottom is the characteristic feature of the 5 feet deep and 30 by 35 feet wide man-made pool. Your vehicle can access the place very easily and the parking lot is also close by. A natural hot mineral pond full of nutrient-rich water will surely give you a relaxing soak and the whole region overall has a very rustic charm. The temperature of the water is maintained between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the fishes that can be spotted in the pond will give you natural exfoliation too.

Gold Strike Hot Springs:

Very close to Las Vegas, Gold Strike Hot Springs is located along the Colorado River. You need to set for a good hike in order to reach the site of the hot springs though. The trailhead is between Boulder City and Hoover Dam and this rewarding hike is just worth it. Weave your way through the canyons and once you have made it to the end, the natural hot pool is all there to give you a relaxing dip. It is amazing to know that the water of this pool is coming straight out of the fissures of the canyon walls.

Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs:

If you want to take the pleasure of fire pits and BBQs in addition to soaking in the relaxing water pools, Fish Lake Valley is one of the best hot springs in Nevada that you must visit. Located in the middle of Nevada’s Great Basin, the valley has one concrete hot pol and also two natural warm ponds that are ideal for people seeking a lazy weekend and comfort. Surrounded by mountains and having a serene view of the Boundary Peak Wilderness Area, the springs are one of the most comforting humble abodes that your soul and tired muscles will crave. A bit of extra information – the hot mineral water that emerges from underneath the ground, has a flow rate of 50 + gallons per minute at 105°F.

Dyke Hot Springs:

Locating very isolatedly at the northeastern edge of the Black Rock Desert, Dyke Hot Springs is a collection of a few springs that are naturally coming out of the ground. The water gets flown into a man-made pond and there are also four old bathtubs which you can also fill up with the help of a plastic pipe. A beautiful hot spring oasis in the high desert of Nevada that lies at the foothill of Pine Forest Range, Dyke Hot Spring is also famous for the abundance of wildlife that surrounds the region. Remember that the water that you are filling your tub with is very hot and its temperature ranges between 140°F and 150°F at the source. So you may have to wait for at least 45 to 60 minutes to let it cool down before you can actually take a dip in it. Nonetheless, it is surely one of the best hot springs in Nevada that one must explore.

So these were some of the best and steamy hot springs in Nevada that you must consider checking out if you are planning for a relaxing vacay ahead. 

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