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The second-largest city in Germany just after Berlin, Hamburg is famous for the Port of Hamburg, its harbor area. A major cultural and commercial hub in Europe, Hamburg is aptly named ‘Germany’s pearl of the north’. A city that is known for having the best nightlife in the world, Hamburg, Germany must top your travel bucket list when traveling to Europe. Its truly cosmopolitan vibe, diversity of attractions, so many beautiful rivers and canals, and rich medieval history, and a bustling city center that is filled with great architecture and shopping corners, Hamburg can surely be called the best city in Germany. Rightly named as the ‘Gateway to Germany’, below are some of the best places to visit in Hamburg, Germany.

If you ask us to choose between Berlin and Hamburg, we will vote for both of them for different reasons. Berlin is magnificent and full of diversities. It has pretty districts, a lot of history, great food, and a top-to-bottom cosmopolitan feel. And on the other hand, Hamburg is often called the cool capital of the country. Closer to the seas, full of romantic buildings and vibe, brimmed with a whole lot of universities and museums, and home to the world’s best nightlife, check out these best places in Hamburg, Germany before you set a trip to the city. 

Top-rated And Best Places To Visit In Hamburg, Germany:

The Port Of Hamburg:

To get the best view of the harbor or the port of Hamburg which is the second-largest port in Europe, you have to take a harbor and canal trip. This is the port for which the city has got the title ‘Gateway to Germany’. Also known as ‘HafenCity’, the Port of Harbor comprises of an area of 74 square kilometers of the tidal harbor and it got its official identity in 2008. A seaport area on the river Elbe, HafenCity is all dazzled with many leisure amenities and local attractions and is a perfect place to spend a summer evening, strolling and relaxing. The waterfront hosts beautiful musicals in the evening which looks great.

When at the Port of Hamburg, you must also visit the Elbphilharmonie which is a concert hall in HafenCity, famous for its pathbreaking architecture, great acoustics, and landmark location. Also, the Köhlbrandbrücke Bridge is another star attraction of the harbor area that you must not miss out on.

The Speicherstadt:

The warehouse district of Hamburg is known as the Speicherstadt and it is amazing to be at the largest warehouse district complex in the world that spans over an area of about 260,000 square meters. Built between 1883 and the late 1920s, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and no trip to Hamburg, Germany is complete without a visit to this landmark destination. The warehouses are constructed on thousands of oak poles and its contrasting neo-gothic architecture is so different than the adjacent HafenCity’s architecture. It is fascinating to visit the tall brick buildings that were once used as storage places for coffee, tobacco, dried fruits, and more. You can indulge in a lot of leisurely activities here and do not miss visiting the Maritimes Museum Hamburg where you will get to see many model ships and maps. Also, visit Kaispeicher B which is the oldest warehouse in the district.

Hamburger Kunsthalle:

Hamburger Kunsthalle translates to “Hamburg Art Hall” and is one of the top-rated art galleries in Germany. Also one of the largest art museums in the country, this museum occupies three connected buildings of which the Kuppelsaal is the oldest. Divided into four sections namely, the Gallery of Old Masters, the Gallery of 19th-century Art, the Gallery of Classical Modernism, and the Gallery of Contemporary Art, the museum boasts of an extensive art collection that covers seven centuries of European Art. Beautiful altarpieces, German paintings of the 14th century, many international modern and contemporary art, French paintings, and more – the museum is a treasure-trove filled with excellent pieces of work. A family-friendly tourist attraction in Hamburg, you just can’t miss out on the medieval altars of Master Bertram and Master Francke.

Planten un Blomen:

A beautiful urban park in the inner city of Hamburg, Germany, Planten un Blomen is a sprawling green space with fountains, ponds, beautiful lawns, gardens, and greenhouse plantations. Very famous for its water-light concerts, and open public events, the major attraction of this park is the Old Botanical Garden which is also known as Schaugewächshaus or the Tropengewächshäuser. It contains plants from Mediterranean regions and you will get to see laurels, olive trees, and many eucalypti here.

St. Michael’s Church:

If you have a day to spend in Hamburg in Germany, make it a point to head to the very famous St. Michael’s Church which is one of the landmark structures done in Baroque style and is also the largest church in Hamburg. Climb up to the viewing deck of the bell tower if you want to see a stunning view of Hamburg city and the harbor. Its copper-covered spire and 132-m-tall-bell tower can be seen from far away distances and they are two of the finest features of the city’s skyline. Above the main entrance of the church, one can also see ‘St. Michael’s Victory over the Devil’ sculpture that is worth admiring. St. Michael’s Church is fondly called ‘Michel’ by the locals and its central location in the city makes it easily accessible and one of the must-visit destinations in Hamburg.

Tierpark Hagenbeck:

This zoo located in Stellingen, Hamburg, Germany is one of the most popular zoos in Germany. With 210 different and exotic animal species from around the world, the zoo is also known for its successful breeding of many endangered species too that include animals like the Asian elephant and the Siberian tiger. The zoo is being owned by the Hagenbeck family for the last six generations and that it is the first-ever zoo to segregate animals as per their species and keep them in open enclosures surrounded by moats – makes it more famous. Other than that, the zoo also houses a tropical aquarium and a newly built Arctic-themed Eismeer section.


The waterfront promenade on the Binnenlaster, Jungfernstieg is the city’s foremost boulevard. Jungfernstieg stretches for some 600 m along the shores of the Binnenalster lake and the promenade has many beautiful old buildings that house many flagship and departmental stores. The large shopping mall of Europa Passage is also located nearby. The promenade is grand and gracious and is one of the most stylish shopping centers locating in the heart of the city. From traditional jewelry to luxury shoes to exclusive clothes, this place has all of them. 

Jungfernstieg is also having some cool cafes, luxurious dining locations, and ice cream parlors. Visit Dat Backhus which is a famous bakery in Hamburg, Germany, and is located on the Jungfernstieg U-Bahn exit. 

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