The Southern Pacific islands of Fiji are a fantastic cocktail of serene white beaches, some of the most amazing private islands, thrilling options of adventure activities, alluring tribal cultures, enchanting music and dances and to top all of these – some of the best international culinary delights. This archipelago consisting of 330 islands is a dreamland for honeymooners, adventure lovers as well as bag packers. Today, we will let you know some of the interesting things about this ‘happy island’ which will help you a lot when you will be planning your Fiji holidays.

You just can not miss the chance of witnessing this colorful country where you find the brilliant blue of the ocean, red and oranges of the ripe tropical fruits, bright yellows, and green of the meadows and green-yellows of the palm trees. Fiji’s climate is ever welcoming and so are its warm people. Now as you have got intrigued by our story so far, let’s just get into some of the essential information about this country which will help you in planning your Fiji holidays to the maximum.

Fiji In Brief:

  • Capital: Suva
  • Largest Island: Viti Levu
  • Smallest Island: Conway Reef Islands & Ceva-i-Ra
  • Official Languages: English, Fijian, Fiji Hindi
  • Religion: Christianity, Hinduism, Others
  • Demonym: Fijian
  • Currency: Fijian Dollar
  • Time Zone: FJT (UTC + 12)
  • Drives On The: Left
  • Expenses: 1. Around FJD $360/day for the travelers on a budget. 2. Around FJD $360-800/day for a mid-budget trip. 3. Around FJD $800/day for those who want to splurge on their trip.

Things You Need To Know Before You Plan Your Fiji Holidays:

Get Accustomed With Some Common Fijian Phrases:

Though English is the official language of Fiji and almost every people you meet will be fluently speaking to you in English yet your little bit of humble gesture to greet the Fijian in their own language will be hugely appreciated when you are in the foreign country.

Some useful phrases you may need while in Fiji:

  • Bula (Short for Ni sa bula vinka) means wishing you happiness and good health. This is the most common phrase you will find in this happy country.
  • Vinka Vaka Levu: thank you very much.
  • Vakava Tiko: how are you?
  • Au Lomani Iko: I love you.

There are many more such easy common phrases. Use them occasionally to show some respect to the ever welcoming and extremely friendly Fijian people.

Know The Basic Dressing Rule:

When you are in a foreign country it is always appreciable to follow a certain dress code which is acceptable in that county. Compared to other South Pacific countries, Fiji is somewhat traditional when it comes to talking about the dressing code. Nude sunbathing or getting topless is a big ‘NO’ while you are in public, refrain from wearing off-shoulder dresses and leg exposing attires. Carry a sarong (Sulu in Fijian) to be safe. Before entering a village make sure to take off your hat and put off your shoes while entering into a bungalow (bure in Fijian)

And Some Etiquette Tips For You:

Here are some basic etiquette tips for you which will make your Fiji holidays better than ever.

  • Never ever touch anybody’s head here. It is considered to be disrespectful.
  • Do not say no to ‘Kava’, the national drink of Fiji, when you are offered to have it during any ceremony.
  • Do not speak loudly while you are in this island country. It is considered as an expression of anger.
  • If you get a chance to spend a night in one of the villager’s house, try to offer the host some kind gifts while you depart. He will feel happy about it.

Fiji is one of the most vibrant and friendliest countries of all. If you can show some respect for their culture and lifestyle while you are on your holidays, the people out there will love you for your kind gestures.

Follow the Time:

During your Fiji holidays, you will find two types of people, the Indo-Fijians who live in the cities and the indigenous Fijians who live in the rural sides. The Indo-Fijians are very punctual about the timings and you always need to be on time whereas the indigenous rural people follow the ‘Fiji Time’ and they are somewhat relaxed about the time frame.

Fiji has A History Of Cannibalism:

Shocked? Don’t be. It is just an information to boost up your knowledge before you visit this country. Although Fiji is a happy country with all the warm and welcoming faces smiling at you all over the country it has a long history of cannibalism. The practice dates back to over 2500 years and it only ended when Christian missionaries arrived there and a missionary named Reverend Thomas Baker was killed and eaten in 1867. While you are on your vacation, ask the locals about this history and you will get to know many more such interesting stuff.

It Is All About Riding On A Boat:

Your Fiji holidays are all about getting transferred to one island from the other by boat. Fiji group of islands cover around 75,000 square miles of ocean and this waterway is traversed by boats. You will find good ferry services linking Viti Levu to Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Ovalau, and Kadavu. Besides, there are high-speed flotillas, cruise ships and of course yachts.

Everything Is Closed On Sundays:

If there is a Sunday in between your trip to Fiji, you can only spend that day relaxing in your resort or drinking some ‘kava’ as in Fiji, Sundays are church days and most of the business and travel related activities are closed on that day. You will probably love to visit the churches on that day and experience some beautiful singing and finely dressed up Fijians flocking nearby the churches.

Be Aware Of Black-Banded Sea Snakes:

This deadly species of snake is very common in Fiji’s sea-shores and lagoons and its venom are 20 times stronger than any other land snakes. They are generally docile and won’t bite you in a usual situation. So be aware of them and it is better to admire them from a distance!

Do Not Miss Out The Adventure Options:

Although Fiji is all famous for its pristine beaches, majestic coral reefs, colorful marine life and it is a perfect place to be in if you are looking for a relaxing getaway but we recommend you not to miss out the thrilling adventure options which you get here. There are great spots for scuba diving, reef snorkeling, windsurfing and even kayaking. Apart from the water activities if you are a land-based adventure freak, go for hiking on different forest trails and zip-lining and quad bike adventures. Viti Levu, Vanua Levu – you will find thrilling adventure options everywhere.

Check Your Clothes And Bags Before Entering Into The Airport On Your Way Back:

Nobody wants to get interrupted by the customs and checking on their way back home after spending those lovely holidays and to make that sure, you need to check your clothes and bags and everything before you head to the airport so that they do not have any hint of shells or plants or anything of that sorts. Otherwise, you might get stopped by the customs for having these things with you.

So now that you are all equipped with these must-know things, you can surely plan for your Fiji holidays. This amazing tropical paradise with its ever welcoming people, jaw-dropping beauty, enchanting beaches and exciting food and cultures will make your trip worth remembering and to increase your excitement level a bit more, we must let you know that Fiji is one of the most budget-friendly islands to head to. So, without delaying much, plan your trip and get bewildered by the beauty of Fiji.

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