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When it comes to traveling, Europe certainly comes to every traveler’s mind in the very first place. It is something so stylish, so beautiful, and so versatile about this continent. Gorgeous cities like London, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Lisbon, Prague glitter up the continent like a pro stylist. The next thing that is so enthralling about Europe is that each country here is having a unique culture and tradition that are so overwhelming. Go to the Nordic countries and you will experience the picturesque beauty of Iceland, Norway, Finland that is so surreal. Whereas, the eastern part of the continent will allure its travelers with grand medieval architecture and rich culture. So, summing everything up, every traveler must experience a Europe Vacation at least once in their lifetime to realize how grand it actually is.

Planning your Europe vacation can be a very intimidating task. First of all, let us tell you or all of you must know this already that Europe is expensive (not all the destinations though!). We will come up with another post where we will discuss destinations in Europe that are budget-friendly. So, coming back to the topic, as generally, Europe is expensive, you need to book your tickets and hotels as early as you can. Secondly, there are countries where history and architecture are the main points of attractions. And on the other hand, there are destinations where you can enjoy the outdoor beauty to the maximum. Lastly, weather factors must be taken into consideration. Now let us just have a look at some of the best Europe vacation destinations that are the ultimate.

Best Europe Vacation Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List:


With approximately 130 volcanoes, hot springs, crazy black sand beaches, humpback, and blue whales, Atlantic Puffins to much more magical wildlife – this arctic country in Europe is a must-visit due to its overwhelming natural attractions. Not to miss, the largest glacier in Europe (by volume) and the dreamy Northern Lights, Iceland is our first pick on today’s list.

The Scandinavian Countries:

Most of the travelers plan a European Vacation but somehow, they miss out on this dramatic slice of the region. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark; these three countries are grouped together to form the Scandinavian countries and they are just otherworldly. Start off your trip from Copenhagen and explore the Viking Sites. Enjoy your outdoor activities like white-water rafting, rock-climbing in Southern Norway, and explore the rich Arctic wildlife. Oslo, Stockholm – drink every drip of its beauty and enjoy an off-beat and truly unique Europe vacation.


Obviously, we all were waiting for this to come. The famous English writer Samuel Johnson said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. And we completely agree with this statement. One visit to this iconic capital of England is just not enough to wring out all the essence of it. Starting from the royal palaces to the history-soaked museums, the London Eye to the very famous St. Paul’s Cathedral – come to London to experience what being in a regal city feels like. Do not forget to take the food tours and shop till you drop whilst in London.


Known for its elaborate canal system, Netherland’s capital is such a hot destination to head to during your Europe vacation. Click a ton of photos in front of the cute gabled buildings and picturesque bridges and explore its narrow lanes. Go for some art gallery hopping and explore its cultural scenes – Amsterdam is a gem in Europe’s travel scenario. Travel here like a local by riding a bicycle in the world’s most cycle-friendly city and sip in some local beer at a historic brewery.


The city of love, the city of lights, and also the gleaming city that you must not miss during your Europe vacation is PARIS. It is one of the finest European cities where art, fashion, food culture everything is just beyond good. Eiffel Tower, the Louvre (the largest art museum in the world), the Notre Dame Cathedral, endless numbers of good food (not to miss the crepes), fashion destinations – fill your senses with all of these. Take a food tour here and explore its all the fashion boutiques and shopping areas. After all, it is the fashion capital of the world.


When in Austria, Hallstatt must be on your bucket list. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and want a nest where you can relax in Austria’s beautiful mountainous Salzkammergut region, look no farther than Hallstatt. This beautiful lakeside village is considered as Europe’s most beautiful village with scenic 16th century Alpine houses and beautiful historical sites, and natural prettiness. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set a visit to the Hallstatt Salt Mine which is also the oldest salt mine in Europe. Among the other must-see places, Hallstatt Market Square, Lake Hallstatt, and Hallstatt Museum.

Bosnia And Herzegovina:

This country on the Balkan Peninsula is still not quite popular among the tourists. But believe us, it is a hidden gem. Its vibrant capital Sarajevo nearly faced destruction during WWI but it has recovered so amazingly. Visit the countrysides to see the medieval villages, rivers, and lakes and do not miss spending a day at the beautiful Moster City which is a day trip from the nearby city of Dubrovnik. Experience its culture, pristine nature, postcard-like landscape, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a must-visit destination during your Europe vacation.


We all know about Dubrovnik, but this hidden gem of Croatia is an Italian twist to Croatian beauty. Enjoy tasting seafood at the best seafood restaurants in Croatia here and breathe in the ultimate romantic weather and landscape. The Old Town is an experience in itself and the best part about Rovinj is that it is not overly crowded during the summer months like Dubrovnik. One of the most beautiful coastal cities in Croatia, Rovinj will make you awestruck with its winding alleys, yellow-pink buildings, and a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea.


Although Dublin is the most popular tourist destination in Ireland, Galway still holds the raw and true Irish flavor to its core. This harbor city on Ireland’s west coast is amazing for its traditional pubs, chilled out vibe, and lively Irish folk music scenes. Old churches, historic centers – it is like peeping into the past, all Irish way, not to miss its scrumptious seafood restaurants and town markets.


The largest Mediterranean island that also boasts of the Mount Etna, one of Europe’s highest active volcanoes, Sicily is a land of superlatives. Its medieval buildings, the Aeolian Islands that also include Stromboli, the famous Valley of the Temples, Doric style Greek temples – come to Sicily to experience its rich and unique sets of travel attractions. One of the many lesser-known facts is that Sicilian foods are one of the best in the world. And Palermo, which is the capital city of the island of Sicily is best known for its world-famous yummy street foods. This must be one of the best reasons to include Sicily in your Europe vacation.


Packed with old-school feels, fantastic architecture, and cobble-stoned streets, Prague is a city that resembles no other cities in Europe. Fondly called as ‘the city of a Hundred Spires’ Prague’s lavish skyline is all adorned with all the medieval church spires and a lot of other towers. Planning your Central Europe vacation? This baby must go on to your trip bucket list. Apart from architecture and history, the city also has its fair share of gardens and lush parks. If winter does not bother you that much, how about visiting Prague in winter? It becomes a land of fairy tales during this time of the year. The snow, the glistening Christmas Markets – you will fall in love with the city for eternity.


The famous tapas bars, the quintessential wine scenes, Gothic architecture – Barcelona is the charming sweetheart of Spain. The second-largest city in Spain is also the main chocolate producing center in Spain. During your Europe vacation, you must include this city in your itinerary to explore its history, culture, and food. It is rightly compared with Paris and fondly called as the ‘Paris of Spain’.

So, folks, we hope you got huge inspiration from our today’s post. So quickly plan your Europe vacation and fly to this amazing continent to satisfy the travel bug. Click a lot of good pictures and fly back with cherishable memories and extra luggage bags (we meant shopping!)…

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