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A city that is drenched in historic charm and also a city that has everything from architecture to good cafes and a delightful waterfront, Dundee has something or the other on offer for everyone. The fourth-largest city in Scotland which is a popular entertainment hub and also a foodie’s delight, Dundee also has some hidden gems for a truly unique travel experience. From museum and castle tours to managing hours for beach visits – a trip to Dundee, Scotland is all about fun activities and unique experiences. The city is home to Scotland’s second most famous golf courses too. So if you were planning to visit a gorgeous city in Scotland where you can soak in history or just simply can relax, now you know where to head to. Below are some of the best attractions in Dundee, Scotland that you just can’t miss out on. 

Top-rated And Best Attractions To Visit In Dundee, Scotland:

Discovery Point And The RRS Discovery:

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One of the greatest attractions on the Dundee waterfront, Discovery Point along with the Royal Research Ship (RRS), Discovery is a must-visit during your trip to Dundee, Scotland. This historic ship was built in Dundee back in 1900 and it was the ship that took Captain Scott on his maiden expedition across the Antarctic. The ship started her journey from Dundee and after many sailing episodes, returned back home in 1986. Visiting Discovery Point means you will get a chance to learn the full story of the historic ship. Apart from that, many audiovisual shows, computer-based interactive experiences, and display events of actual artifacts of the crew members returning from many voyages will transcend you to the far way world of Antarctica.

V & A Dundee:

The second most popular attraction of the city obviously is V & A Dundee which is one of the city’s most popular museums and also is one of the most top-rated ones in whole Europe. Opened in 2018, this very museum that focuses on design and applied art became the first-ever museum to be dedicated to only Scottish design achievements. Also, it is important to note that it is the first design museum in the United Kingdom to be built outside London. It has a brilliant exterior designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and it resembles the cliffs of East Scotland. Getting inside the museum is pure bliss as you can get to see many innovative displays and also can learn about local culture and many Scottish design innovations. 

Tay Rail Bridge:

After the completion of its construction, the 2-mile-long rail bridge was the world’s longest bridge between the years 1872 and 1878. One of the most marvelous feats of Scottish innovation, this bridge is a must-visit in Dundee, Scotland. It has 2 viewing platforms from where visitors will get lovely views of the city’s landmarks and the Firth of Tay. Try to enter the city by train. Then you will get to cross this historical iron bridge over the River Tay. Though the bridge faced a massive collapse in 1879 after a storm, it still manages to be one of the most magical attractions of the city. 

Dundee Law:

Standing at a height of 572 feet above sea level, Dundee Law provides a beautiful vantage point from where you can have amazing views of the city. The Law is the remains of a volcanic sill and it is said to have been used by human settlers some 3500 years ago. The Law is easily accessed from the city and gives you a fine 360-degree view over the city and also the River Tay. Other than enjoying the magnificent view, one can visit the large war memorial that is there on the top. Though you can reach the top by car, a 30 minutes climb will also take you up to the summit and that is an equally enjoyable experience for sure. 

Broughty Ferry Beach:


A large and award-winning stretch of golden sand beach that is backed by dunes and just a feet away from the 15th century Broughty Castle, Broughty Ferry Beach is a wonderful beach to head to with your family. Soak in the serenity and enjoy the calm waters during the summer months. And during winters, the beach is a very good place to watch migrating animals like waders, seals, and porpoises. One of the best sunbathing and picnicking areas in Dundee, Scotland, you will spend a good time over here. Seeking some water activities? Broughty Ferry Beach is also great for kayaking, canoeing, sailing, surfing, and jet-skiing.

Dundee’s Art Gallery And Museum:

Fine art lovers will also have a gala time when they visit this art gallery cum museum. The exterior of the building is equally striking with beautiful Gothic Revival-style architecture and inside, one will be able to see brilliant collections that include paintings to historic artefacts that focus on many aspects of the city’s culture and art. The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum locates in the center of the city and is protected as a Category A listed building. Works done by Thomas Musgrave Joy and John Duncan are just treat to the senses. 

Scotland’s Jute Museum:


Dundee’s growth over the centuries owes much to its jute industry and when you are in Dundee, Scotland, a visit to the Verdant Works or Scotland’s Jute Museum is a must. This museum is contained in a former jute mill and there are fully renovated machinery and exhibits inside the museum that will let you explore the history of the industry and how it managed to have a huge impact on the area. This is fascinating to know that this city once was the supplier of nearly all of the jute supply of the world. This building also enjoys a Category A listing snd it is a rare still surviving instance of a courtyard-type mill. Being the only dedicated jute museum in the UK, the Verdant works must be on your Dundee travel bucket list.

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