According to the Airports Council International (ACI) World Airport Traffic Report, there are near about 17, 680 commercial airports in the world, but these airports listed in our today’s article really stand out amongst them. How? They are challenging. Every pilot needs to keep their head strong and concentration on point while taking off or landing on these airports. The same goes for the passengers on the flights too. If you’re faint-hearted do not travel to these dangerous airports in the world and for them who are up for adventures, you guys really need to hit them. Extreme conditions, small landing site, mountainous terrains- everything makes these airports deadly, challenging and dangerous. Let’s go through the extremity, shall we?

Most Dangerous Airports In The World You Need To Visit:

Lukla Airport (Lua), Nepal:

This airport is also known as the Tenzing-Hillary Airport and you can surely call it to be the most dangerous airport in the world. You need to hit this airport if you are on your way to start to climb to the Mount Everest Base Camp and you will already start to feel the adrenaline pump once you land on this airport. The length of the runway is just 527 meters while the adequate length of a runway should be about 1829 m. To top that, this 9334 ft high airport has very low air density and no radar or control tower is there. So can you just imagine how deadly this airport is! The accident rate is high and the danger quotient is extreme.

Barra Airport, Scotland:

Well, this is the only airport in the world which uses a beach as the runway! During the high tides, three of the runways are just under the water, so landing and taking off is only occurred keeping in mind the tide times. Though it is dangerous this airport should be on every travelers’ bucket list as you get to experience some of the most exotic and dreamy scenery while you are landing in.

Courchevel Airport, France:

Courchevel is a ski resort nestled in the French Alps and if you want to witness this beautiful resort, you need to hit the dangerous airport of Courchevel. Having a very short runway length of only 537 meters, this airport has a gradient of 18.6%. And to increase the danger index, the airport has an upslope runway which creates an illusion of upsloping terrain even before the slope actually increases.

Madeira Airport, Portugal:

Short runway, inconsistent wind system and the location of the airport that is between steep cliffs and ocean shores- certainly make this airport to be one of the most dangerous airports of the world. Considering the short length of the runway, the length was extended to approx 2780 meters but that does not decrease the vulnerability index as the extension is built over the ocean and the runway is supported by 180 columns! A bit of mistake and you can be into the ocean.

Paro Airport, Bhutan:

Pilots need to go under special training before they could fly airplanes from this airport and for this reason, there are only a very few pilots who are qualified to land at this airport of Bhutan. Severe weather, high altitude and even higher peaks surrounding the airport- make this airport to be one of the most dangerous airports in the world. You need to keep your nerves strong while you land at this airport that is nestled in the Himalayan range of mountains where some of the sharp peaks are up to 18,000 ft tall.

Gibraltar International Airport:

The traffic is needed to be stopped every time a plane lands or departs! The runway intersects the Winston Churchill Avenue which is the main road that heads toward the land border of Spain. The runway is short and if the landing is not successful the aircraft would end up diving into the water. Moreover, the air turbulence and unforgiving weather make the landing and taking off experience even more bitter.

Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong:

This deadly airport is a history now, as this airport was in operation from 1925 to 1998. After that, the airport was replaced by the new Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. The location of the airport was extremely dramatic and the airport was surrounded by innumerable skyscrapers and mountains. Landing at this airport was the toughest job ever as the pilots need to take a last minute daring turn of 47 degrees named as the ‘Hong Kong Turn’ or ‘Checkerboard turn’ before they could land. That’s crazy!

Excited already? You must be. These airports were insane and somewhat terrifying. We really need to thank the skillful pilots for making us land safely in these airports but again accidents happen and these airports have many such histories but that can not stop us from experiencing adventures. Brace your heart and hit these most dangerous airports in the world, those will be experiences of your lifetime.

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