Colombia South America

Famous for its arepas and coffee and boasting an enigmatic landscape that is dominated by the Andean summits, Amazon jungle, and sun-kissed beaches, Colombia, South America is slowly becoming the ‘IT’ travel destination. A hot favorite among the beach lovers and honeymooners and also backpacking heaven, Colombia, South America is wild, adventurous, and so diverse. It has everything – deserts, rainforests, mountains, and it also boasts a rich cultural heritage and beautiful cities like Santa Marta and Cartagena. The coffee-strewn hilltops, the lovely scope of trekking and walking, and so many archaeological and cultural sites throughout the country – Colombia is a country not to miss out on.

Fly down to Bogota which is Colombia’s capital and the largest city and start with your Colombian adventure. Explore the neighborhoods, trek through Colombia’s nature, eat a lot, party hard, get to the coffee plantations – Colombia, South America has something or the other for all of you. And to help you out to narrow down your list of the best places to visit in this country, we have gathered below a few place recommendations that you might find to be helpful.

Top-rated And Best Places To Visit In Colombia, South America:


The capital and the largest city of Colombia, South America, Bogota must be the first city that you would visit upon reaching Colombia. The city has tons of beautiful neighborhoods and the diverse and multicultural mood of the city is sure to allure every kind of traveler whatsoever. There are many historical treasures in the city that include many colonial roof tiled buildings. Locating in the Andean Region, Bogota is also a melting pot of culture and has great food too. Visit Candelaria which is a hip and also the oldest neighborhood in Bogota and admire its Spanish colonial architecture and vibrant street art. Plan for a cable car ride to the top of Monserrate and enjoy a lovely sunset from the top of that. In a nutshell, you have to visit this sprawling capital of Colombia if you want to enjoy the best of history, cuisine, culture, and entertainment.


You should definitely visit Providencia during your Colombia, South America trip. It is a small Caribbean coral island that locates 225 kilometers away from Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea and is famous for its cool blue water and sandy beaches. It is said to have been surrounded by a sea of seven colors and the colors are caused by the blue and green patchwork produced by the third-longest barrier reed system on Earth. It is remote, unspoiled, peaceful, and least visited but is so full of life and natural beauty. Though getting to Providencia is a little bit expensive and you need to set a journey via its sister island San Andreas, a visit to this island will offer you something unforgettable. Discover the secluded boutique resorts, empty beaches, coves, and gear up for a boat trip that is the best way to soak in its beauty and charm. 

Santa Marta:

Locating on the country’s Caribbean Coast in northern Colombia, Santa Marta is one of the oldest permanent cities in the Americas that was established by the Spanish back in 1525. Being a rich city with many beautiful examples of colonial architecture, the city also acts as a base from where you can head out to explore lush nature and breathtaking landforms. Some of the best beaches of the country are also nearby and the resorts which can only be reached by boat are excellent getaways for the honeymooners. If you are seeking history, delectable food, and more, you just have to explore Santa Marta. Explore the beachy neighborhood of Rodadero, go for a guided trek to the ruins of Ciudad Perdida, discover the lush green landscape of Tayrona National Park which is one of the biggest draws for anyone coming to Santa Marta. 


Another major city beautifully located on the country’s Caribbean coast, Cartagena was also founded by the Spanish after Santa Marta. Apart from the walled historic center and the fortress which is considered as the largest fortifications in South America, the city also has a modern feel to it. It also wears the crown for being the most visited city in the country and is worth visiting for many reasons. Explore the old city, taste the local street foods of which the cheese-filled arepas are hard to miss, and plan for a day trip to the Islas Del Rosario which is an assortment of 27 islands locating in the water of the Caribbean. Convento De La Popa which is the highest point of the city will offer you some of the best views of the cities and the beaches and there are many city bars too to enjoy your romantic evenings with your loved ones. you must visit this incredible city during your trip to Colombia, South America.


Many tourists do not pay any attention to this extremely unique city which is the former home of the infamous Cali Cartel. But today there is nothing infamous about this city and it is famous as the world capital of Salsa. A great place to enjoy and learn a little bit about this dance form, the city also conducts many world salsa championships that are no less than celebrations. Cali is the most populous city in southwest Colombia and lies on both sides of the Cali River. Contrary to popular belief, Cali is safe for lone travelers and also for lone female travelers. One of the most vibrant cities in Colombia, South America, Cali offers you great street food, good hiking routes too. There is a pretty village named San Cipriano which you may also visit that is only accessible by railroad. 


Titled as the most colorful town in Colombia, South America, Guatape is a must-visit destination. Only a short bus ride away from Medellin, Guatape is characterized by tiny alleys and colorful houses. Get to La Piedra which is one of the largest free-standing rocks in the world and spend a relaxing evening sitting at a city cafe and enjoy great food coupled with people watching. Indulge in kayaking at Laguna Guatape, explore the streets, check out the waterfront restaurants, and you will be bewildered to see the bright and colorful houses that delightfully rims the streets of the city. 

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