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The world’s largest country containing Europe’s longest river and also the deepest lake in the world, Russia is seriously beautiful with mountains, valleys, sands, and incredible historically and culturally important places. And its cities mirror the true diverse character of this massive country. The cities in Russia are full of historical and cultural edifices. Adorned with colossal monuments, imperial buildings, diverse landscapes, and thousands of rivers paving their way throughout, the cities in Russia are majestic. Hidden streets, lovely ambiance to modern shopping malls and impressive architecture and restaurants and bars – Russian cities are a crazy blend of old and new. 

Want to enjoy the enormity and epic offerings of the country? Then you need to visit these magnificent cities in Russia that are epic in every aspect. Enjoy the wilderness, drink the best vodka, and soak in its bustling city life, here are some of the best Russian cities that you need to visit. We also have a ‘part 1’ on this topic. Feel free to check out that article too where we have talked about the other famous Russian cities. (Link is above).

Best And Top-rated Cities In Russia That Are Worth Visiting:


The capital of Tatarstan, Kazan is one of the best places to visit in Russia. Locating on the banks of Volga, Kazan is a diverse city and sports unique population. Its ravishing history and phenomenal modernity make the city stand out among the crowd. The city has an eclectic fusion between Russian and Islamic cultures and the Kazan Kremlin which is one of the most attrcative sights to visit in Kazan has an obvious Islamic character. Also, The Temple of All Religions is a must-visit as it is the standing example of the religious harmony of the city. Apart from the minarets, mosques, and traditional buildings, the city’s quirky modern places are also worth visiting. Taste the local cuisine, visit the green parks and the waterparks, get to the Soviet Lifestyle Museum – Kazan is beautifully diverse. 


One of the most modern cities in Russia, Yekaterinburg is a treat to the senses. A city full of admire-worthy architecture and sights, Yekaterinburg also has some quirkiest attractions like the Keyboard Monument where you can literally type your wish using the keys and you need to press the enter key to make it come true. It is also the largest of its type in the world.
The Church on Spilled Blood
The Beatles Monument

There are many things that make this city special. One such thing is that the last royal family of Russia was sent to this city and they had lived at Ipatiev’s house. Another amazing fact that adds amazement to the trip of Yekaterinburg is its location on the border between Europe and Asia. Among the most famous attractions, visit the Church on the Blood and Iset River Dam. Catch a play in the Opera and Ballet Theatre and feel free to explore the city’s beautiful skyline from the Vysotsky Viewing Platform. The Beatles Monument, the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, and Glavny Prospekt Art Gallery are other places of interest.


The Russian city that hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, lying on the northeast coast of the Black Sea is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia and also is Russia’s most famous and the largest seaside resort. Highlights of a visit to this premier resort city include exploring its parks, beaches, historic sights, and monuments. One of its must-discover parts is the Old Town where the true Southern Russian character can be felt. Big Sochi is the place where all the big hotels, motels, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment centers such as water parks are located. Its proximity to the mountains makes it more special. Apart from a handful of museums like the Sochi Art Museum, Museum of the History of Sochi, and many theatres and cultural institutions, the ‘Summer Capital’ of Russia also has some natural escapes. 

You would love to get to the top of Mount Akhun which is the highest point in Sochi and offers you a lovely panoramic view. Russia’s first national park ‘Sochinsky Natsional’nyy Park’ is another place to visit where diverse species of flora and fauna can be explored and the beauty of the jungle can truly be experienced.


Said to be known as a heroic, stoic, and courageous city and comfortably located between the Volga and Don rivers, Volgograd is world-famous for the Battle of Stalingrad and also the huge statue, the Motherland Calls. Formerly, the city was known as Stalingrad and post-war the city was remodeled and the buildings and roads were made in such a way so that they can pay homage to the victory. Apart from beautiful and colossal monuments highlighting the war victory, the city has many theatres, and cultural attractions too.

Volgograd is also an amazing place to taste some great traditional food. You will find tasty specialties for any occasion and from European and homemade Russian dishes to savory breakfast dishes, the restaurants in Volgograd will serve you everything. 

Visit the Square of the Fallens, the Mamaev Hill, the Pavlov’s House, the Battle of Stalingrad Museum, and the Volga Embankment are worth visiting.


The last city on the list is Novosibirsk which is a city in Siberia, southern Russia set on the Trans-Siberian Railway Line. A beautiful cultural and educational center in Siberia, this city has many botanical gardens, an art gallery, an opera and ballet theatre, and many museums too. Plan a trip to the zoo and visit the State Art Museum during your visit to Novosibirsk. The city’s central square, Lenin Square is a must-visit place where one of the largest statues of Lenin in the country can be seen. Food lovers will find peace in the Central Market where much organic food and dried fruits and nuts can be found. Though many may not like the ugly Soviet-era buildings that this city has, the lovely attractions and finger-licking good cuisines compensate for that.

So these were some of the most beautiful cities in Russia that are truly worth visiting. Check out the other article too (link is above) where we have mentioned the other frolicking Russian cities. Have a good day and travel more to keep yourself happy and lively. Bye. 

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