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Germany is fabulous in every aspect. From beautiful landscapes to world-class dining scenes – the cities in Germany are the best places to have a brilliant idea of the country’s true essence. The big cities here are enticing and are full of exciting attractions. Berlin, being the capital city of the country gets all the limelight for good reasons. It has some of the best museums and galleries in Europe too.

But Germany is beyond Berlin. It has top-class cities like Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, and more. To add to that, there are cities like Regensburg which is steeped in history. If you want to experience the best of Germany’s art, culture, food, and natural beauty, make sure that you visit these genuinely cool cities in Germany that will introduce you to the diverse personality of the country. Let’s go through them. 

Top-rated And Best Cities In Germany One Must Visit:


The capital and also the largest city in Germany, Berlin is a city of vigorous dynamism. With its alluring culture, rich cradled history, the famous Berlin wall, its eclectic architecture, and intense nightlife; the city will surely make a strong impression on its visitors. From museums to the all-famous TV Tower, from the incredible Berlin Cathedral to exploring Oranienburger Street for the best-ever nightlife experience – Berlin will keep you on your toes.

The city has seen heart-wrenching black days of history. World War II completely devastated the city. Berlin was split into two and Berlin Wall was built. Then in 1989, the wall was toppled and the city was again rebuilt. Yes, Berlin has witnessed such ups and downs and has grown up as an ever-diverse city with stunning sights and dynamic cultures. 

Though the highlights of the city can be covered in one day, it takes at least 4 to 5 days to get done with all the attractions that the city houses. On your visit, do not forget to stroll through Brandenburg Gate and also soak your eyes in the aura of the Berlin Cathedral. Go for a city food tour and satisfy your tummy – Berlin is surely one of the top cities in Germany to visit.


Munich, the capital city of Bavaria might not be as exciting as Berlin, but if you want to drink beer…we mean a lot of beer and if you want to get the taste of the traditional food, you have to go to this city. Munich is more laid back and lacks in the maddening bustle. It is the perfect base to start off with your southern Germany journey.

Locating on the Isar River about 80 kilometers north of the Bavarian Alps, Munich is adored for its architecture, culture, seasonal festivities, churches, museums, parks, gardens, and more. Its small-town feel, elegant cultural life, beautiful location near the Alps, and convenient public transport system will make your visit as comfortable as it can get.

The cultural, economic, and political capital of Bavaria and the darling city of Germany, Munich welcomes you to visit Englischer Garten, Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, Alte Pinakothek (one of the world’s oldest art galleries), Neues Rathaus, and the Marienplatz which is in front of the Neues Rathaus. Admire the grandeur of the opulent churches and live every moment of the happening Oktoberfest – you will fall in love with Munich. 


Dresden is another gorgeous city that is well worth a visit. The traditional capital of Saxony and the third-largest city in eastern Germany after Berlin and Leipzig, Dresden is a royal city that can act as a perfect place to explore the country’s tranquil nature too. One of the most beautiful places to visit in the city is the Saxon Switzerland National Park and you will really fall in love with the city’s landscape that is a fine blend of greeneries, gardens, and parks. Not only that, but the city is also rich in art, architecture, and history. On your trip, you gotta visit the Dresden Frauenkirche and the beautiful opera house Semperoper Dresden. For the best experience, go for a paddle steamboat tour and explore the beauty of history-steeped Dresden.


The largest city in the Germany’s state of Saxony, Leipzig is best known for its art scene and extensive array of galleries, concert halls, and museums. This is one of the best cities in Germany to visit for you if you are interested in cultural stuff. Seeking history? Get to the Romanesque churches and the Art Nouveau buildings. 

Also Leipzig is famaous for its vibrant pub districts and incredible shopping scenes. From flea marjets to luxury boutiques, you will be compelled to buy something or the other from here. Start your city exploration from Augustusplatz which is the largest square of the city and visit the art musums, churches, and the Old Town Hall one by one. Leipzig Zoo will intrigue interests of the kids too and do not miss to experience the Leipzig music trail through Gründerzeit which is a self-guided tour dedicated to the city’s world-renowned composers.


With just over 5,000 inhabitants, Cochem’s is famous for its wine, vineyards, and scenery. Locating wonderfully on the Moselle river couched in the vine-flanked slopes of the Moselle Valley, Cochem is one of the most beautiful small cities in Germany. Reichsburg Cochem is the imperial castle of the town that sits in the center of all attractions. Soak in the charm of the old town of Cochem and visit the three Medieval city gates that date back to 1332. The half-timbered buildings and the cobble-stoned streets are among the must-visits too. Go for a Moselle Valley wine tasting tour, cruise the Moselle River, and also visit Bundesbank-Bunker that is steeped in Cold War-era history.


Comfortably nestled on the river Main, Frankfurt is a global city with a gorgeous skyline and world-class museums and galleries. It also has a visit-worthy old town. This ancient Imperial City is not only listed as one of the best travel destinations but also frequently ranks in the top 10 best cities to live in and do business. Having several nicknames like ‘Mainhattan’ and ‘Chicago on the Main’, the city hosts sets of towering high-rise buildings sure to give you a vibe of North American cities. This lovely city has some of the most explore-worthy destinations. From historical attractions to cultural places and from beautiful botanical gardens to zoos full of lively wildlife – frankfurt has everything that will keep you busy for several days. Certainly, it is one of the best cities in Germany that you can not afford to miss.


The second-largest city in Germany just after Berlin, Hamburg is famous for the Port of Hamburg, its harbor area. A major cultural and commercial hub in Europe, Hamburg is aptly named ‘Germany’s pearl of the north’. A city that is known for having the best nightlife in the world, Hamburg must top your travel bucket list while you are visiting the best cities in Germany. Its truly cosmopolitan vibe, diversity of attractions, so many beautiful rivers and canals, and rich medieval history, and a bustling city center that is filled with great architecture and shopping corners – Hamburg is a treat to visit for sure. Get to the Port of Hamburg which is the second-largest port in Europe and take a canal tour. Taste the wide variety of Hamburg flavors at the restaurants and if you are a night owl, just explore the bars and pubs of St. Pauli and Sternschanze. Hamburg truly has a legendary nightlife scene. 

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