China, the most populous country of the world, being situated in East Asia stretches over a whopping 9, 596, 961 km2. And this massive area of land encompasses some of the breathtakingly beautiful natural wonders scattering all over its land. The Rainbow Mountain of Zhangye will make you spellbound with its spectacular appearance and on the other hand, the Precipitous Pillars at Zhangjiajie seem to be an out of the world experience, surely they are the inspiration behind Hallelujah Mountains in the movie ‘Avatar’. So, today, we are happy enough to share with you some of the best places in China which are a must visit for all the traveling lovers out there. Go through the list, plan your tour and make memories for the lifetime.

Best Places In China You Must Visit Once In Your Lifetime:

The Yellow Mountains, Huangshan:

Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1990, The Yellow Mountains is one of the most spectacular sites to visit in entire China. You need to reach Anhui Province (about 500 km southwest to Shanghai) to visit this mystic mountain. Special attractions include the hot springs, oddly-shaped pines, and rocks, seas of clouds. If you are into adventures, then have an awesome hiking experience out there and it is also one of the most popular photographers’ destinations.

The Forbidden City, Beijing:

This magnificent palace complex, being situated in central Beijing is definitely one of the best places in China to visit. No doubt that it is the best preserved imperial palace in China which served as the adobe of emperors starting from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty. A World Heritage Site in 1987, this construction is also listed as the largest preserved wooden structure by the UNESCO.

The Li River, Guilin:

The stretch of 83 kilometers between Guilin and Yangshuo is the best thing ever you can experience. The Karst landscape alongside the river is divine and one of the most popular photography destinations. Either side of the river is adorned with beautiful features like Reed Flute Cave- a limestone cave with outstanding stalactites and stalagmites structures, the mountain of hues, Elephant-Trunk Hill etc.


The valley of Jiuzhaigou can be called the land of the fairytale. Not even exaggerating you guys, the pristine blue and green lakes, vibrant waterfalls, dark green forests, snow-clad mountains- everything is like out of a storybook and will give you a dreamlike illusion. Besides, you get to explore a huge variety of flora and fauna over here. Special attraction? Obviously the giant pandas, one of the cutest creations of nature.

Lhasa, Tibet:

Lhasa that means ‘the place of the gods’, is one of the highest cities of the world, sitting at an altitude of 11, 450 ft. For centuries, it has been the center of Tibetan Buddhist religious practices and now it is one of the busiest cities in entire China and is the administrative capital of Tibet Autonomous Regions. Visit the Potala Palace, Norbulingka Palace which are associated with the saint Dalai Lama and don’t forget to experience the fascinating backstreet walks.


The largest and most developed city n China, Shanghai offers you the most beautiful skyline with sprawling skyscrapers, glittering shopping malls, and king size- cozy hotels. The nightlife of Shanghai needs no introduction actually. In this fast-paced city, you get tons of happening pubs and clubs where you can enjoy your party time to the fullest. The Monkey Champagne bar, the Downtown club, there are actually many of them for the night owls.


Key facets of Macau includes colonial Portuguese legacies, bright city life which includes huge shopping malls, glamorous hotels, pools, nightlife and last but not the least, this city is world famous as a gaming destination. Some of the biggest casino destinations are MGM Grand and the Venetian. For those who want a much secluded holiday time, go visit the seaside retreats of Taipa or Coloane.

The Great Wall Of China:

Yes, yes we know you guys were eagerly waiting for this place to come in the list, right? How can we not include this one of the seven wonders of the world? The Great Wall of China, being made long back in the  5th century BC is surely China’s no. 1 tourist attraction. The most visited part of this wall is actually that of the Beijing part as that is the most accessible part. Although it was made as a strategical feature, it does attract tourists from all over the world for its interesting snake like long shape and year long history.

Chinese tourism is one of the richest tourisms in all over the world. You get huge varieties of natural features. Tranquil lakes to sky-high mountains to weird looking rocks to sacred Budhha temples- everything is picture perfect and divine. For the urban life lovers, there are big cities which are full of vibrant city life and energy. So these were our picks as the best places in China which you need to visit being an avid traveler. But as China is a huge country, you probably need to make a couple of trips over here to finish off visiting all of the splendid destinations.

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