Best Beaches In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful Caribbean Island locating in the northeast Caribbean Sea and is fringed by emerald and turquoise deep ocean water with over 270 miles of coastline. With over 300 beaches managed by the Puerto Rico National Parks Company, this archipelago offers an incredible variety of sand, surf, and, sun – Puerto Rico is one of the most-loved beach vacation destinations. Stunning natural pools, secluded coves to mangrove keys, the best beaches in Puerto Rico are a true delight for anyone desiring a calming beach holiday. Struggling to choose the best beaches to visit during your trip to Puerto Rico? Here we have come to help you out in curating the list. Let’s dig in. 

For Americans, Puerto Rico beaches are the readily available vacation escapes as one can reach Puerto Rico from Miami in about two and a half hours by flight. The best beaches in Puerto Rico are also considered the best beaches in the world due to their clearest water, half-moon bays, and alluring white sands. It is a lush island with a warm atmosphere and beautiful ambiance everywhere. Come and let explore together some of the best beaches of this stunning archipelago. 

Top-rated And Best Beaches In Puerto Rico To Visit:

Flamenco Beach:

Culebra isle is a little paradise in Puerto Rico and also in the whole Caribbean. And Flamenco Beach located on this small isle is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. A perfect tropical beach paradise, there is basically a crescent-shaped cove that is surrounded by lush green and fine sand. Take a short plane ride from San Juan or take a ferry and reach Culebra. And from there head out to reach Flamenco Beach. Playa Flamenco as called by the locals is a place to soak up the beauty of nature and to enjoy the serene view of the calm lagoon. Besides, make it a point to explore Culebra which is famous for its laid-back atmosphere and more natural beauty. Do snorkeling at The Wall and hike up to Playa Tamarindo and Playa Carlos Rosario which are surrounded by a barrier reef. 

Playa Crash Boat:

There are stories behind such naming of this beach. Some say that a large boat had crashed into the cement pier and eventually sank. And thus the beach got such a name. And others have different stories to tell about the naming of this beach. Locating on the northwestern coast of Puerto Rico, Playa Crash Boat is famed for being a great snorkeling and diving location. Just chill or indulge in water sports, this beach is less commercialized and enjoys beautiful weather with calm waters. Surfers are gonna love this beach as this beach is a great surfing location suitable for all surfing levels. Another heavenly episode to experience from this beach is a spectacular sunset. Being on the west side of Puerto Rico, this beach offers you one of the best viewings of sunset. 

Sun Bay Beach:

One of the best beaches in Puerto Rico, the coast of Sun Bay Beach has a long shore and that is all equipped with campgrounds, lifeguards, food kiosks, showers, changing rooms, and other amenities. It is a beach on the southern part of Vieques Isle and is one of the travelers’ favorite. Being the largest and most comfortable beach on Vieques, Sun Bay Beach is beautifully curved to have a shape of a crescent and is covered with soft, golden sand. Lush greenery adds to its beauty and the water here is filled with small fishes, crabs, and rare starfish. Come here during the low season as, during the high season, the beach remains crowded. Relax by the azure pool or go kayaking, canoeing, or water skiing, Sun Bay Beach will assure you endless solace and fun. 

Isla Verde:

A beach resort area of San Juan, Isla Verde is world-famous for its beautiful beaches. Translating to ‘Green Island’, Isla Verde has a long sun-soaked sandy beach and a calm sea that is perfect for swimming. Equipped with shades, plenty of eateries, and shower and changing areas, the beach is popular among the locals and tourists alike. The coastal strip here runs from the Isla Verde hotels to the public beach and the beachfront restaurants are perfect places to grab a snack after you are done enjoying swimming in the water. Exploring water sports is also a great option. Apart from this beach, Isla Verde also has a beautiful beach named Carolina Beach. Isla Verde also has some great surfing locations and there are also some great water sports on offer. 

Condado Beach:

Locating on the north coast of Puerto Rico, Condado Beach locates within the San Juan city limits. Often compared to Miami Beach in America, Condado Beach is located in the hip district of Condado. Full of glitz and glamor, Condado Beach is frequented by families, honeymoon couples, and also celebrities. Its close proximity to San Juan also means that you can spend time exploring the city after you are done soaking up in the sun and sand at the beach. If you are a party animal and are eyeing to meet a few celebrities, Condado is the beach you should visit. 

It is also a surfer’s paradise as it is open to winds and currents. Equipped with all the necessary facilities, the beach is also flanked by cafes and cafeterias where from you can buy food and can also devour some ice creams. There is a hidden gem in the western part of Condado which is known as Playita de Condado. If you want to escape from the hustles of Condado Beach and also want to see a coral reef close to the beach, head out to this small secret beach. Certainly, Condado Beach is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico to visit.

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