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Okay, so in our last article, we did talk about the Dulles International Airport which is the best airport if you are traveling internationally. Washington DC is served by two more major international airports. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport (BWI). Although these two airports in Washington DC do not qualify in the list of top ten largest airports in America, which Dulles Airport does, these two airports are very convenient for their closer proximity to the heart of Washington DC (DCA) and to the Maryland (BWI). If you are planning to fly down to the capital city of the USA, consider giving a quick read to this article. Because this article solely discusses the pros and cons of DCA airport. Regard these pros and cons very carefully and then decide on the airport in Washington DC you really want to fly down into. DCA and BWI these two airports in Washington DC have their different sets of advantages and disadvantages. Most of the passengers traveling to Atlanta and Georgia prefer these two airports. Let’s scroll down below to know more about  Ronald Reagan airport.

A Brief Guide To The Airport In Washington DC: Reagan National Airport:

Popularly known as Reagan Airport, this is the closest airport to DC when compared to all the three airports in Washington DC. Sitting just across the Potomac River in Virginia, it is the easiest airport in Washington DC to access by public mode of transport.

  • Location: Arlington, VA 22202, United States.
  • Distance From Washington DC: It locates just at a distance of 4 miles from Downtown Washington DC.
  • The Airport is a hub of American Airlines.
  • Operated By: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.
  • The airport has 45 gates and you will get non-stop flights to more than 85 destinations.

Reasons To Choose This Airport In Washington DC:

Ronald Reagan Airport is closest to Washington DC and it is the easiest to reach the airport when compared to the other two airports.


You get easy metro access to the city if you are flying down into this airport. Both the Blue Line and Yellow Line of the Washington Metro service connect the airport via Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Station. The Yellow Line is faster than the Blue Line as it takes only four stops to reach L’Enfant Plaza from the Airport station through this line. Taking a metro will be the most cost-effective option to reach DC but if you have lots of luggage, ditch this option.

Taxi/Uber is also reasonably priced. Uber charges around $15-20 and taxi charges vary between $17-22. Since you just need to cross the Potomac River to reach the National Mall area, it is mostly around a 15 minutes ride from the airport to your destination.

You may also board on the buses. But compared to the prices of taxis and Ubers, they are costly.


Ask any local about which airport in Washington DC is the best to fly down into and the answer you will get is DCA. But the flip side of this airport is that this airport does not fly internationally. Due to its short runway size, no international flights fly from the airport. DCA offers domestic flights mostly and some flights to Canda and the Caribbean (Bermuda).

Among all the three major airports in Washington DC, flying into DCA is much costlier than flying into Dulles and BWI airport.

The small size of the airport is a big constraint. As the runway sizes are really small, commercial flights generally use Runway 1/19 most of the time. The other two runways 15/33 and 4/22 can only be used under very windy conditions.

So, if you are looking for a long-haul nonstop international flight, you should choose Dulles Airport over the DCA.


If you have a short layover time to spend at Washington Reagan Airport in Washington DC, you have varied options to do to spend your time as the airport offers you high-class amenities.


There are four airline lounges at DCA and some of these even allow entry to the Economy Class passengers. Pay for a single visit pass or use your airline club membership card to enter the lounge. Grab a bite or read some books and spend your layover time comfortably.


DCA has got a lot of restaurants where you can grab your favorite food and satisfy your hunger. There is Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts if you are finding for snacks on-the-go and there are several sit-down eating options as well. From seafood to pizza, from a mouthful burger to freshly brewed coffee – you get anything and everything at these food counters.

Shopping Options:

When nothing helps you in killing the boredom, go shopping. DCA airport has most of the shopping options located in the National Hall. Make sure that you get done with your shopping before you go through the security check-in. But Duty-Free Americas showroom is located at Terminal A that is post-security. You get duty-free and souvenir stalls. Pick up your favorite dresses, watches, gifts, jewelry and almost anything that you want from there.


If you want to relax and unwind at an exotic spa and want to pamper yourself with a good massage or a facial, head to the XpressSpa (pre-security).

You can even go out for some serious sight-seeing if you have at least 5-6 hours of layover time in hand. Thanks to the lucrative location of the airport, you can really travel by the Metrorail and reach the heart of DC in just a couple of minutes. You can even go visit the White House if you want.

Hotels Nearer To Washington Reagan Airport:
Hampton Inn & Reagan National Airport
  • Hampton Inn & Reagan National Airport (1.2 km away).
  • American Hotel (1.5 km away).
  • Holiday Inn National Airport/Crystal City (1.4 km away).
  • Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport (1.0 km away).

So this was a brief guide to the DCA airport that is one of the most prominent airports in Washington DC. If you have not already checked out our last article where we have discussed in a similar way about Dulles International Airpot in Washington DC, please go and give a quick read. The link is below. And we will come up with our next article real soon where we will be looking at the pros and cons of the Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport (BWI). So please subscribe to our newsletter and get notified whenever we come up with a new article.

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