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We love to explore food wherever we go. We do not only eat food for survival but also to keep our minds satisfied. They keep us joyous with their taste, flavor, and aromas. Julia Child once said, “ people who love to eat are always the best people.” Now a ays foods of different countries have become an important part of the country’s culture and this is very evident that human beings do not only take them for survival purpose but also associate many customs and rituals and eating habits with them. Now can you guess, what is gonna be the topic of our today’s post? Yes, folks, today we are gonna be putting together some amazing fun facts about food from around the world that will blow your mind. 

Some of the foods have fascinating histories and some of them are too expensive to believe. So yes, these are some of the very random fun facts about food that you will absolutely enjoy reading. 

Amazing Fun Facts About Food That Are Worth Knowing:

#1. Peanut butter can be turned into diamonds:

Yes and that is hard to believe but true. Researchers have successfully made diamonds out of our very favorite peanut butter. 

#2. The most expensive pizza sells for $12,000 dollars!:

This is one of those fun facts about food that can be very hard to digest, but please digest it as it is related to PIZZA! The name of the pizza is Louis XIII pizza and it takes over 72 hours to make it. It is so costly because it gets made in a very magnificent process. The food is made in the best possible way using expensive ingredients from different sources. The chefs come to your home to make this and it is topped with three types of caviar, Australian pink salt from the Murray River, prawns from Cilento, mantis shrimp, and lobster, and organic buffalo mozzarella and other varieties of cheese. The luxury does not end here. Your royal pizza is served along with a bottle of vintage champagne! AMAZING, right? 


Shredded cheese and cereals have cellulose in them which are basically sawed dust or wood pulps.

#4. Just a few years ago, beer was classified as a soft drink in Russia:

Yes, and it was only in the year 2011 since when the beer has been started being considered as alcohol. Until then, beer and any alcoholic beverage under 10% ABV were classified as soft drinks. 

#5. Fun Facts About Food:

Do you know what cibophobia is? Well, it is the fear of food. People when victims of this phobia won’t eat food as they are afraid of foods. And this may include many foods or only one type of food. Wasn’t it one of the most bizarre and fun facts about food?


The ‘mushroom capital of the world’ is situated in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. The region has more mushroom-growing operations clustered in Southern Chester County than any other area in the USA. They are the largest exporter of mushrooms too.


Love to eat bananas for breakfast? Then you will enjoy reading this one of the best fun facts about food. It is amazing to know that there are more than 1,000 species of banana found in the world and we eat only one of them. Blue Java banana, Burro banana, Ladyfinger banana, Red banana are only a few to name.

#8. Berries are not true berries:

Raspberries, apricots, cherries, pears, strawberries, blackberries – all of them are members of the rose family and are not berries, Technically, bananas, kiwis, and cucumbers are examples of actual berries!


One of the most intriguing fun facts about food is that strawberry is the only fruit that has its seeds on its outer skin.

#10. Pineapples got their names from pine cones:

Yes, pineapples literally owe their name to pine cones. The name pineapple comes from the Spanish word ‘pina’ which means pine. And the fruits are called pineapples due to their utter resemblances with a pine cone. Funny, no?

#11. Fun facts about pasta:

Italians take their pasta seriously and an average Italian consumes about 50 pounds of pasta every single year. 

#12. Falling coconuts kill more people at the beaches than the sharks do! 

Yes, statistics say that only around 10 people are killed by shark attacks per year around the world whereas, falling coconuts have been reported to kill about 150 people per year. Bizarre!


In the colonial era, lobsters were much cheaper than most of the other meats. It was not as expensive as it is today. And that is why lobsters were fed to prisoners during that time. 

#14. Read this before you eat gummy candies the next time:

Do you know how the fruit-flavored gummy candies look so shiny? Because the exact same wax, carnauba wax which is used on cars is used on these candies too to provide them that sparkling glossy sheen.

#15. Fun Facts About Food:

Jerry from Tom and Jerry was not the only one who used to steal cheese. In fact, cheese is the most stolen food in the world. Also, let us whisper into your ears that, there is also a black market of stolen cheeses in the world. Wasn’t it one of the most bizarre and fun facts about food to know?


A lemon has more sugar in it than a strawberry.


Verywell / Zorica Lakonic

White chocolates are not chocolates in real. They do not contain a little bit of cocoa. A bar of white chocolate is a mixture of sugar, milk, cocoa butter, lecithin, and vanilla.


Honey is basically bee vomit! And another fun thing to know about honey is that it never spoils. 


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Tomatoes, avocados, cacao, and tobacco – all of these things were imported into Europe by Spain. The country is also one of the top 5 importers of Scotch whiskey in the world.

#20. Fun Facts About Food:

Your yummy coffee creamer may contain ‘titanium dioxide’ which is also found in paint and sunscreen! Like, what? Start drinking black coffee today onwards, what say?

So these were some of the most intriguing fun facts about food that we hope you have enjoyed reading thoroughly. 

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