Brazil People

Brazil is a crazy country with vibrant culture, charismatic ambiance, and crazy people. The largest nation in South America which is famous for its festivals and party mania, Brazil people are one of the most enthusiastic peoples in the world. Many cultures of the world, together have influenced the modern Brazilian way of life. Brazilian culture is unique and it has got influenced by many traditions. The people of Brazil love to live in a tight-knit family structure and they are fun-loving and warm. We all know that Brazil is the fifth-most populous country in the world with a population of approximately 210 million. And in a nation where so many people are living together must show diversified culture and traditions and those are intriguing to know.

So, here today we have come up with some of the most astonishing facts about Brazil people, about their culture, and their way of lifestyle that you will find to be interesting for sure.

Most Fascinating Facts To Know About Brazil People:

#1. Population:

Brazil has a population of about 209.3 million (2017). 


Brazil people enjoy a life expectancy of almost 75 years.


Brazil is a multi-ethnic society where people from different ethnic origins have come and lived. So people here have different ancestral routes. But most of the Brazilian are descendants of Portuguese settlers or post-colonial immigrant groups, enslaved African or Brazil’s indigenous peoples. 

#4. Their Festivals:

Brazil people celebrate some of the most amazing festivals in the world. They are full of enthusiasm and party spirit. And quirky to classy celebrations are experienced in this nation throughout the year. Some of the most special festivals that Brazilians celebrate are, Festa Junina, Oktoberfest, and Parintins Folklore Festival. But the most famous of all the Brazilian festivals is the Carnival which is also the largest festival in the nation. 


People of Brazil love to eat meat. Steaks, chicken wings, sausages, ribs – they are all about meat parties.


You will love to know this one of the craziest facts about Brazil people for sure. And that is, a Brazilian house tends to have many bathrooms. By many we mean not two or three but SIX bathrooms. Is not that crazy?


Brazilians love cleanliness. Most of them at least have a shower twice a day.


Brazilians eat smaller portion sizes compared to portion sizes served in many other countries. 


They are very expressive and they are familiar with using many hand gestures and facial expressions to convey different emotions. 


Brazil people get 30 days of paid vacation which is so amazing. 


People in Brazil are very warm and they are known for their hospitality. And they love to talk to people in close proximity. And that is why it is common for them to touch one’s arms or shoulder while talking to him/her. Also, cheek kissing as a part of greeting people is quite normal and is a part of local culture. 


Brazilians speak Portuguese. What is crazier to know about Brazil people is that they are the only people in South America who speak Portuguese. 


Some of the world famous Brazilian celebrities are Paulo Coelho, Gisele Bündchen, Pele, Roberto Carlos, Fernanda Montenegro, Ronaldinho, Oscar Niemeyer, and Alice Braga.

#14. Facts About Brazil People:

Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil. But most of the Brazil people eat more rice and beans than feijoada.


Brazil people do have many unusual traditions and this is one of the quirkiest among them. Did you know that they choose a specific color to wear on New Year in Brazil? The color is chosen based on the wishes for the upcoming year. One of the most chosen combinations of colors is white with red or gold. 


Such similarity with another nation! This is one of the most intriguing facts to know about Brazil people and that is, the most commonly used last name in Brazil is ‘Silva’ which is also the same in the case of Portugal. 


Sao Paulo has the largest concentration of Japanese people outside of Japan. 


Music and dance are an integral part of Brazilian culture and the people’s lifestyle. They just can’t do without these two things,no matter how young or old they are. And one of the best music and dance styles that have originated and evolved here in this nation is Samba. This music and dance form is said to have originated sometime in the 1800s.


Talking about Brazil people, how can we ignore the wonderful tribes of Brazil? There are about 305 tribes that live in Brazil today. It is sad to know that, earlier there was about an estimated 2000 tribes who inhabited the nation of which only about 305 survive today. And most of them face extreme poverty in their lives.


Brazilians are highly sexually active. It is the country with the second-most sexually active population in the world. 

So peeps, how did you like these amazing and astonishing facts about Brazil people? It is fun to know about different lands, their cultures, and customs. Is not it? It makes us broad-minded and we tend to love our planet and its people even more. We promise you to come back soon with another great post. Till then, take care of your lovely self. 

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