Rivers are the lifelines of any civilization. Since ages, people have worshipped rivers like goddesses across the world. We love them for their beauty and for their contribution towards the mankind. There are about 165 rivers in the world, some of them are so large in size whereas, the others are not that big, what so ever, they are the most inspirational natural entities behind any poet’s creation. But today we won’t be talking about the so called natural beauties of the rivers. This article is all about concentrating on those most unusual rivers which are weird or somewhat unique in their own ways. If you are also curious to know about those weird and unusual rivers then please stick to us and go through this article. The excitements are awaiting…

Most Unusual Rivers Across The world Which Are Breathtaking:

Rio Tinto River, Spain:

The bizarre blood red color of the river may horrify you once you visit the river. It rises in the Sierra Morena mountains of Andalusia and flows south to southwest before it reaches Gulf of Cadiz at Huelva. The unusual blood red water of this river is due to its high iron content of the water. The river is situated at a mine site which is mined for copper, silver, gold etc for over 5000 years.


Though it looks fascinatingly beautiful but it is surely not a very environmentally healthy thing. The rocks found on the river bed are rich in iron and sulfides and the river water is rich in extremophile aerobic bacteria. The extreme condition of this river is often compared to the liquid state water found on the mars. Oh my god!

Rio Negro River, South America:

The Cardinal Tetra Fish Found In Rio Negro

The name says it all. This largest left tributary of the Amazon river is all black and it is also recognized as the largest black water river in the entire world. The unusualness of this river lies in its color of water which is not totally black but of a color of a strong tea. Weird enough, right? But why is it so? The dark color actually comes from the humic acid because of the partial breakdown of the phenol-containing vegetation from the sandy clearings. Though it is back, yet the river has a high species richness.   

Cano Cristales River, Columbia:


One of the most unusual rivers with five vibrant colors! Yes, guys you are reading it correct. This river in Columbia is famed as the world’s most beautiful river because of its spectacular five colored water. During a short span of time, every year, to be precise between the wet and dry season, the level of the river water is such that the mosses and algae of the river bloom in spectacular display of colors. There is a certain plant named macarenia clavigera which turns into brilliant red and countless colors like blue, green, and yellow sand, crimson adorn the river to give it a fairy tale like look. But to everybody’s utter despair, this location is only accessible by plane.

Roe River, Montana, US:


This baby is in our list for its astonishingly short length. The Roe river is only 201 feet long which makes it the world’s shortest river (Guinness Book of World records). Previously, the ‘D’ river of Oregon was considered to be the shortest river in the world and then this Roe river was unnamed. Though due to some really critical confusions, Guinness has now eliminated the shortest river category.

Yarlung Tsangpo River, Tibet, China:


The Yarlung Tsangpo river is known as the roof of the world and is the highest river in the world. The river is often called as the “Everest of Rivers” because of its extreme conditions and lofty elevation. The average elevation being about 4000 meters, Yarlung Tsangpo starts from the Angsi Glacier in Tibet and runs across Tibet, India and then meets The Bay of Bengal. While leaving the Tibetan Plateau, the river forms the world’s largest and deepest canyon, Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon. Certainly one among the most unusual rivers of the world, Tsangpo is famous for whitewater kayaking.   

So, such things which seem to be just unreal also exist in our beautiful earth. These unusual rivers are so wonderful that we cannot even believe them to actually exist in the real world. And we are very sure that your mind is already blown away after browsing through all these exciting and most unusual rivers. They are breathtakingly beautiful and completely out of the world. You can really visit them and can have that awesome experience at least once in your life time.


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