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The second-largest state in the US by both area and population and the home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Texas is so diverse in every aspect. From family-friendly attractions to exploring its culture, there is no shortage of fun-filled and adventurous things to do in Texas. The Lone Star State has beautiful attractions galore that include high-spirited cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin. West Texas is all wild with two of the state’s richest state parks. Apart from the more popular touristy places, the state also has some lesser-known, serene places that dot the state to make it more gorgeous. If spring travel is on your mind, consider this beautiful and huge state as your next holiday destination. And just be sure to check out the list below that gives you an idea of the most happening things to do in Texas.

As the state is so huge you can compare it even with a country. Divide the state into sections before you make your travel plan. North Texas has Dallas, Fort Worth. Head to East Texas and visit Canton, Tyler, the “Rose Capital of the World”. South Texas has the thriving San Antonio and West Texas as we said earlier is all about wild beauty, national parks, and the towns of Alpine, Fort Davis, and more. There are certainly a lot of things to do in Texas.

You certainly can’t complete visiting all the regions in one go. It is a lot of driving from one place to another. And driving a car is the most economical and convenient way to travel around Texas. The state hosts a lot of festivals to experience, it has iconic foods to taste, and they say everything is better and big in the Lone Star State. Being said all of that, let us now concentrate on some of the most fun-filled things to do in Texas that will keep you on your toe.

Fun-filled And Most Beautiful Things To Do In Texas:


It is different from all the places you visit in Texas. And it is also the capital city of the Lone Star State. The first landmark that you definitely won’t miss out on is the Texas Capitol. Downtown Austin’s skyline is punctuated by skyscrapers and you would love to cast your eyes on the 58-story residential skyscraper ‘Independent’ which is the tallest building in the city. The campus of the University of Texas always bustles with a youthful vibe and the city also happens to be the Live Music Capital of the country. Sometimes the city sees even over 100 musical shows happening on the same night. Like that’s crazy.

Being a part of Texas Hill Country, the city is bestowed with many natural features. Some of the brilliant and treasured natural wonders you get to see around Austin are Caprock Escarpment, Big Thicket National Preserve, the solid pink Enchanted Rock, the popular swimming hole of Hamilton Pool, etc.

Live the cowboy culture, check out music, and visit quirky places like the Cathedral of Junk – visiting Austin is one of the very first things to do in Texas. Also, the city has got some award-winning wineries that you must visit and sample some wine during your trip.


Lion, Caldwell Zoo, Tyler, Texas tripadvisor

The ‘Rose Capital of the World’, Tyler is one of the best East Texas towns that you must visit to soak in its unique beauty and be delighted by its breathtaking display of roses. Tyler Rose Garden, the nation’s largest municipal rose garden resides here that covers an area over14-acres and has over 35,000 heavenly smelling rose bushes to make you spellbound. If you are in Tyler during October, be a part of the massive Texas Rose Festival which is a three-day event held in this East Texas state.


The Rose Garden is not the only claim to fame of this city. Visit Caldwell Zoo that features animals from all over the world. There is Tyler Blueberry Farm that is a famous family-friendly destination. If you are an adventure freak, go on hiking in Tyler State Prak and go on a safari at Cherokee Trace Safari. The city boasts of some amazing museums and shopping centers too. Feel free to head to all of these attractions.

Visit NASA Space Center In Houston:


Space Center Houston is one of Texas’s main attractions. And if you are an Astro-geek, this museum is just meant for you. This is a nonprofit space museum and also is the Official Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center. Want to touch a real moon rock? Want to see astronauts train for space missions or want to take a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA? You have to visit this space center.

In this huge complex of NASA’s manned spacecraft center, there are about 100 buildings and it comprises of over 100 astronauts. Among all the cool things to see here, Rocket Park is a must-visit. Several historic space capsules are on display here. And you will discover a lot more about the history and future technology of the spacecraft once you visit this amazing museum. Visit Starship Gallery, Astronaut Gallery, Independence Plaza, and obviously Mission Mars.  

San Antonio River Walk:

San Antonio is a beautiful south-central Texas city that has a rich colonial heritage. And if you are visiting this city during your Texas trip, take some time to explore the beautiful San Antonio River Walk. This river walk along the banks of the San Antonio River is a 15-mile long series of walkways and is the buzzing hangout spot for the locals and tourists alike. Enjoy a walk here and a bunch of shopping and dining options is waiting for you along the way.

Originally built in 1939, to control the devastating flood, the old river walk had only three walkways. Over time, with its expansion, San Antonio River Walk has become one of the main highlights of San Antonio, and visiting this area is one of the not-to-miss things to do in Texas.

This city park lined by several restaurants, bars, pubs, and shops also has some of the city’s other attractions along its route. A level down from the city’s street level, this pedestrian street starts from north of the city center and runs all the way to the south of the city near Mission Espada and a good stretch of the path also runs through downtown San Antonio. Take a boat ride to explore the walk’s unmatched beauty. River Boat taxi services are one of the most popular options for these.

The restaurants along the walk look so compelling due to their colorful decoration and appetizing list of foods. Don’t forget to check out Casa Rio which is the oldest restaurant here. Shop from the Shops at Rivercenter and catch an outdoor show at Arneson River Theatre.

If you are interested in some real sightseeing, check out the San Antonio Zoo, San Antonio Museum of Art, and many more at the Museum Reach section of the walk. Oh, let us also tell you that, the riverwalk welcomes your furry friends too when on a leash.

Other attractions of San Antonio:

The Alamo, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, the Natural Bridge Caverns, and many things more.

Route 66:


Route 66 is one of the main attractions of the Lone Star State and is home to many roadside attractions. This famous US highway runs for around 3,940 km from Chicago to Santa Monica in Los Angeles County and stretches across eight states. The route has served as a migration route to the west during the 1930 Dust Bowl period.

Texas has a very small part of Route 66 going through it but you get plenty of things to do on it. Cadillac Ranch is one of the quirkiest sites on it that is basically a public art installation and sculpture. It is just a 15 minutes drive away from the city of Amarillo. Go farther and visit stunning Palo Duro Canyon State Park that is yet another amazing magnificent natural attractions you get on the route. This also happens to be the second-largest canyon in the US.

Fort Worth:

One of the major attractions in north-central Texas is Fort Worth which also has the nickname of Cowtown. The fifth-largest city in the state and a city that still holds on to its Western heritage and traditional architecture and design, visiting Fort Worth is one of the top-rated things to do in Texas.

It is just 32 miles west of Dallas and takes about a half of an hour to reach here from the same. The city has numerous museums dedicated to the old ranches that you can consider visiting if you want to get back to the past cowboy life. Fort Worth Stock Yards is the biggest draw here. The Water Gardens has a collection of beautifully flowing fountains to look at. Fort Worth Botanic Garden is home to a bunch of diverse species of flora and some lovely themed gardens. The spectacular Japanese Garden is a proud part of them. Head to Sundance Square for shopping, dining, and fun experiences. Visit Kimbell Art Museum, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Vintage Flying Museum, and more. Seeking entertainment? Hit venues like Bass Performance Hall and visit the funky bars to enjoy some great music.


Galveston’s Pleasure Pier, Galveston – by Tim Heyden/

A major U.S commercial center during the 19th century, Galveston is one of the best fun places to visit in Texas with your family. This is basically a barrier island on the Texas Gulf Coast and locates at about 50 miles southeast of Houston. Galveston’s beaches are wonderful, obviously, we mean, you won’t compare them to the beaches of Florida. Oh if you are interested in some Florida beach recommendations, check it out here.

This coastal city has a seawall that was a protective wall to save the area from hurricanes. Near the sea wall, you can spend some relaxing time under the umbrellas. You get amazing views from there and can also go for a walk or a bike ride if you wish.

Among the top-rated attractions here, one must not miss Moody Gardens,  the Strand Historic District Downtown, Stewart Beach, Pleasure Pire, Bishop’s Palace, the historic seaport, and many more.

Here you get to taste some delicious kinds of seafood that are the main culinary feature of the island’s dining scene. Sample some sushi, grilled shrimp, crawfish, etc to feel heaven in your mouth.


A small town embracing the German culture, Fredericksburg sits just 110 km north of San Antonio. Famous for its peach cultivation, the town offers you some delicious Gillespie County peaches to sample. And it has a lot more to offer you. There are a lot of wineries located here that produce the best quality wine. You can explore Fredericksburg’s Urban Wine Trail too.

Apart from these, the city’s unique small-town feel makes it really different in spite of its close proximity to the bigger cities like San Antonio and Austin.

Visit Willow City To See The Best Bluebonnets:


The Texas bluebonnet is the official flower of the Lone Star State and the city loop bursts into tremendous shows of wildflowers during the wildflower season that is March through May.

Go for a country drive on the Willow City Loop and find the best fields of Texas Bluebonnets on both sides of the road. The deep canyons and the picturesque meadows at the bottom dressed in hues of blue, yellow, and white flowers welcome you to a world that is just next level beautiful.

Texas embraces a vast cultural as well as landscape diversity. Its small towns are as alluring as its big metropolitan centers. So plan your trip wisely and do not miss out on any of these top-rated things to do in Texas to make it a trip worth remembering for the rest of the life.

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