Things To Do In Palm Springs

A city in California that is different from any other city in the U.S.A, Palm Springs is stylish, flamboyant, and a true-blue resort destination. Its mid-century modern architecture and boutique hotels invite visitors from all over the world. One of the poshest desert destinations in the world, there are plenty of things to do in Palm Springs that will entice you to the core. It is relaxing, laidback, and charming than ever. Its arid landscape, close proximity to the Sonoran Desert National Monument, wonderful hiking and biking opportunities at the surrounding Coachella Valley, and splurge-worthy shopping district along Palm Canyon make this desert resort one of the most lucrative vacation getaways in the state of California as well as in the entire country. Here we have listed below the most-loved things to do in Palm Springs for a wholesome vacation experience.

Best Time To Visit Palm Springs:

Summer months are not at all suitable to visit this resort city. Because it is extremely and unbearably hot outside. To get the best weather and get done with all the best things to do in Plam Springs, you must hit this Californian city between January and April. The city is a proud recipient of 360 days of sunshine a year and you must not miss its clear sky and colorful day. You can come here with your partner and relax and pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa. Or you can go out for all sorts of adventure activities that are in abundance here. Let’s now just explore what are those great things to do in Palm Springs that made legends like Elvis Presley go crazy about this place.

Most Beautiful And Fun Things To Do In Palm Springs:

Visit Coachella Valley Preserve:

An oasis in the desert, visiting Coachella Valley Preserve is a must-do-thing if you are in Greater Palm Springs. This is a 20,000-acre site that is fully preserved and is home to the fringe-toed lizard. In this context, let us tell you that, fringe-toed lizards can’t be found anywhere else in the world apart from this preserve. Thousand palm oasis – the best among all the palm oases, over 25 miles of hiking trails, pristine walkways through the oasis, the preserve locating on the Thousand Palms Canyon Road certainly deserves your visit. Spot rare wildlife, explore desert wetlands full of wildflowers – there is a lot to see and do in this outstanding preserve.

Head To Palm Springs Art Museum:

Established in the year 1938 this art museum is a treasure trove of a stunning collection of artworks that range from contemporary sculpture to pop and graphic art, and architecture. From permanent collection to rotating exhibits, this is an authentic institution of regional art, natural science, and performing arts. Its small size makes it a convenient destination to visit under an hour or two. A cultural oasis to many, setting a trip to this art museum is one of the best things to do in Palm Springs.

Indian Canyons:

These canyons consisting of three canyons – Palm Canyon, Murray Canyon, and Andreas Canyon are a recreational paradise for hikers as well as wild nature lovers. The canyons are located on the protected lands of the Agua Caliente and are just miles south of the Palm Springs City Center. Heaven for hiking and horseback riding, these canyons are also excellent if you have a passion for wildlife viewing. Rocky gorges, barren desert landscape make Palm Canyon a gorgeous natural wonder. On the other hand, Andreas Canyon has an abundance of flora that surely entices visitors to this lush oasis. If you are fortunate enough, you might spot a Peninsular Big Horn Sheep roaming in the Murray Canyon. In this context, let us tell you that, Peninsular Big Horn Sheep is an endangered species.

Drool At The City’s Mid-century Modern Architecture:

Palm Springs is full of lucrative mid-century homes and other buildings that are designed by famous architects. You can call it an open museum of mid-twentieth-century architecture. But why there are so many posh modern architectures in this city? Actually, during the mid-twentieth century, all the big movie stars of Hollywood wanted to settle in such a location where there would be no bustle of city life yet that place will be closer enough to Hollywood so that it can be accessed within a couple of hours. And they chose Palm Springs and with the help of great architects made magnificent sleek designed homes there that were surrounded by a secluded desert environment.

To visit these exclusive architectures, you can go for the guided tours or just plan for a self-guided tour and explore all the sleek buildings around the town.

Did you know that Palm Springs is home to the world’s one of the largest collections of mid-century modern architectures?

Spend A Day At Palm Canyon Drive:

The main downtown area of Palm Springs where most of the city’s attractions are centralized, spending a day at Palm Canyon Drive and exploring its restaurants, shops, museums, and other attractions is one of the best things to do in Palm Springs. What are the best places to visit here? Head to the Palm Canyon Theatre, the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, and the Palm Springs Historical Society. It is Palm Spring’s most popular byway and from here you can also get a wonderful view of the San Jacinto Mountains, especially from Koffi. Well, Koffi is Palm Springs’ buzzing coffee shop where you can stop and sip some house-roasted coffee. Visit Welwood Murray Memorial Library too that is the oldest intact civil structure in Palm Springs.

Do Not Miss The Adventure Of Joshua Tree National Park:

America boasts of this Californian national park that locates nearer to Palm Springs. Named after the native Joshua trees, this park is magnificent with its vast area of wilderness. If you are an active outdoor-loving traveler, being to the Joshua Tree National Park will be one of the most interesting things to do in Palm Springs for you. The park features an interesting ecological location as here the high Mojave Desert meets the low Colorado Desert, giving a scope of numerous flora to flourish.

This park is also a place of utter landform varieties. Six different mountain ranges reside in the area of the park. Among the oldest rock of the park, Pinto gneiss is somewhat 1.7 billion years old. If time permits, we would suggest you to take up the Hidden Valley hike, it is worth putting your effort in. The park also contains scenic and very unusual Cholla Cactus Garden that is all full of cholla and other diversified desert-friendly flora.

Take A Gondola Ride At The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway:

When in Palm Springs, you must get to the top of the San Jacinto Mountains which is the second-highest mountain range in California. And to get there, you must board a gondola at the Pal Springs Aerial Tramway. The gondolas as they gain elevation reveal before you an incredible view of the Coachella Valley below. Reaching the summit which stands at a whopping height of 8,516 feet, you can hike or snowshoe or can even do cross-country skiing. Apart from taking in the view of the valley from the top of the mountain range, also stop by a mountain-summit restaurant and enjoy some food while you admire the breathtaking view.

Learn About The Role Of The World War II Combat Aircrafts At The Palm Springs Air Museum:

This one of its kind museums is aimed at exhibiting and educating the people about the role of the World War II combat aircraft. It also exhibits combat aircraft of the Korea and Vietnam era. Here you get to learn about America’s legendary fighters, bombers, and trainers. Inside the air museum, one can see the world’s largest collections of flying WWII airplanes. Visit the hanger full of aircraft, watch military aviation-related documentaries at the Buddy Rodgers Theater, and also visit the air museum library. Visiting this air museum and getting to see more than 40 flyable and static planes is certainly one of the best things to do in Palm Springs that is so unique and goose-bumping.

Just a few hours drive from Los Angeles, and you reach straight to this desert oasis beautifully set in the gorgeous Coachella Valley. A posh city that is mostly frequented by Hollywood celebrities, there are so many relaxing to thrilling things to do in Palm Springs. Outdoor activities will keep you active whereas its exotic food and drinks and luxurious hotels will pamper you like no one’s business. The pretty city along with its lovely weather welcomes you to a whole new world of travel opportunities that will offer you everything beyond your imagination.

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