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With mountains surrounding its northern portion and coastline bordering its southeastern section, Kingston, Jamaica is the cultural heart of the island nation. Its rich cultural and historical attractions adequately compensate for the beaches and resorts. Home to calypso and reggae music and outstanding colonial architecture, Kingston carries the true spirit of Jamaica. Get to taste the best rum and tour the very famous Bob Marley Museum, things to do in Kingston, Jamaica are as diverse as they can get. A perfect romantic getaway and also a city to relive history coupled with contemporary elegance and a heady nightlife, Kingston is worth visiting for so many reasons.

The capital as well as the largest city in Jamaica, Kingston is best visited in the winter. Kingston, Jamaica enjoys a tropical climate and winter gives you the perfect excuse to get cozy at a café and sip on some hot chocolate. Surrounded by mountains and the Kingston Harbor which is the seventh-largest natural harbor in the world, Kingston is for nature lovers, for artistic minds, and also ensures you an activity-packed weekend. Vibrant and so mesmerizing, below are the best things to do in Kingston, Jamaica.

Best And Top-rated Things To Do In Kingston, Jamaica:

Explore Historic Downtown Area:
National Gallery Of Jamaica

Historic Kingston Downtown area can easily be reached from Norman Manley International Airport. Its rough charm and artistic heritage make it one of the very first places to check out in Kingston, Jamaica. Its artsy streets lined with beautiful murals lead to the cozy cafés where you can enjoy many handcrafted drinks to chocolate fondue.
Historic Downtown Kingston

Set a visit to the National Gallery of Jamaica which is the largest public art museum in the English-speaking Caribbean. It is a place to get a nice dose of art and culture before you head out for the Kingston Harbor and waterfront. From here you can also set a trip to Lime Cay which is one of the low-lying island cays having one of the most stunning beaches in Jamaica.
Eclectic Mural

Visiting historic Downtown Kingston and checking out all its attractions is one of the best things to do in Kingston, Jamaica.

Visit Hope Botanical Gardens:

Situating in the Ligunaea Plains of urban St Andrew, the ‘Hope Gardens’ or the Royal Botanical Gardens are the largest public green space in the Kingston Metropolitan Region. Occupying a total area of about 200 acres, these massive gardens house many exotic and endemic botanical collections. If you are a nature lover and want to take in blissful greenery, this is the place where you need to head to. Admire the beauty of the Caribbean flora and explore the many smaller gardens that are parts of the bigger gardens. The cacti garden, the Chinese garden, the sunken garden, and the annual gardens are a few of them.

Hope Zoo:

Hope Zoo is a new addition to the Hope Botanical Gardens where you will meet many animals from Africa, the Caribbean, as well as the Americas. Have meetings with the Aldabra Giant Tortoises, Wild Turkeys, Polish chickens, Military Macaws, and many more.

Tour Port Royal:

Once notoriously known as the “wickedest city in the world”, Port Royal served as the pirate and shipping capital of the Caribbean during the 17th and 18th centuries. You can opt for a Port Royal Walking tour and visit Fort Charles which is the oldest and greatest of all the ancient city’s six fortresses. The structures of Giddy House and the Victoria and Albert Battery were heavily damaged during the earthquake of 1907. You will also get to see these structures on your way. Visit the Old Gaol, St. Peter’s Anglican Church, and do not forget to set a trip to the sand-rimmed idyllic Lime Cay which is just 3km offshore from Port Royal.

Visit Bob Marley Museum:

Solely dedicated to the king of reggae music, this museum was actually the former residence of Bob Marley. You have to visit this museum where you can see Marley’s used things, his bedroom, and also his personal recording studio. Different tours to this famous legend’s home get organized and the guides are so good in their jobs to describe you everything that you could even feel the life and music of the legend around you. Also, the exterior of the house, the land surrounding the house, and colorful fences are so beautiful to look at. The museum is also a Jamaican Heritage Site. Do not miss out on the million-dollar chance of visiting this one of its kind museums while in Kingston, Jamaica.

Hike The Blue Mountains:

Both wilderness and natural beauty can be witnessed to the maximum when you plan for a hike up to the Blue Mountains. The mountain range also includes Blue Mountain Peak which is the highest point on the island. The mist that forms due to the low temperature at the summit of the mountain gives the mountain its dreamy blue hue. And that is why the mountains are called the Blue Mountains. Hike to the top of the mountain on a clear day to get a magnificent view of the southern coast of Cuba. It is an intense 4-hour hike to the summit, so check your fitness level first before you plan for one. Along the way, observe many native flora and over 200 bird species that also include the very rare Jamaican Blackbird. Reach the peak at the dawn to get a marvelous view of the sunrise.

Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most special attractions here and you can sip some good coffee for sure too. 

Take A Tour Of The Devon House:

Having a property area of about 11 acres, Devon House is one of the richest and finest Heritage Sites in Jamaica. It is basically a Georgian-style house that was built for George Stiebel who was Jamaica’s first black millionaire. You can have a tour of this great house to peek into the rich colonial past of Jamaica. Get an idea about how the upper-class people lived their lives during the late 1800s. The beautifully designed and maintained dining room, bedroom, as well as ballroom – they are treats to the eyes. Along with the mansion tour, you can also taste the very famous Devon House ice creams and gourmet beef, chicken, or fish patty at the devon House bakery. Visit the house or just rush for a scoop of ice cream – getting to the Devon House is one of the best things to do in Kingston, Jamaica.

Learn To Surf At The Jamnesia Surf Club:

Jamnesia is the first surf school in Jamaica that is located in Bull Bay just a few miles from Kingston’s Norman Manley Airport. Established by Billy ‘Mystic’ Wilmot who is known as the godfather of Jamaican surfing, this school is where you will learn to surf in an open ambiance. Surfing is not that much of an established sport in Jamaica but this surf school often dubbed as the Mecca for surfers is a great place to learn and indulge in surfing.

There is also a clear beautiful beach to enjoy all sorts of other beach-related activities. This is one of the best places to visit in Kingston, Jamaica.

Enjoy The Beautiful Chaos Of Coronation Market:

Whilst in Kingston, Jamaica, you have to experience this biggest market in the English-speaking Caribbean. Apart from having a special place in the culture of Jamaica, this market is a place to buy some fresh produce and to enjoy the traditional Jamaican culture as well. The market which is housed in a cast-iron framed hall gets the maximum crowd on Saturdays. Get to buy clothing items, souvenirs, and also freshly peeled sugar cane.

Jamaica’s capital, Kingston is world-famous for being the home of reggae music. Start exploring this city from the forest-laden foot of the Blue Mountains and finish off your trip at the tip of the natural harbor. Kingston, Jamaica is fascinating and is like nowhere else in the Caribbean. Explore the downtown and the uptown and enjoy the distinct feel of two of these areas. Get into the mood of the nightlife and also taste the best rum in the country, Kingston, Jamaica is one of the best tropical paradises to visit on the planet.

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