Things To Do In Denver Colorado

The ‘Mile-High City’ and the capital of Colorado, Denver is all about outdoor fun but not compromising with the sophistication that a glimmering city has. Talking about the city’s attractions, there is just nothing that you can’t do here. From taking in its steamy music scenes to gorging on the yummy food – things to do in Denver, Colorado are aplenty and so versatile. Cultural and natural attractions, the ever-charming downtown, and more – the city is super exciting from every aspect. Denver locates in the South Platte River Valley and allows you to take in gorgeous views of the mountains from a few spots too. The historic and trendy Lower Downtown, the cultural South Broadway to the ever-buzzing Capitol Hill neighborhood – Denver allows you to spend your vacation in your own way.

It can get a little daunting to select the best things to do in Denver, Colorado considering the huge number of activities this Mile-High City has in her bag. But with us being your friend, do you really need to worry about it? Below are listed some of the most happening and fun things to do in Denver, Colorado that will keep everyone entertained and occupied during their vacation.

Top-rated And Fun Things To Do In Denver, Colorado:

Bike The Cherry Creek Trail:

Denver is a very bike-friendly city and it has over 250 miles of paved biking paths that let you explore the attraction of the city up close and personal. Leave the attractions, the biking experience itself is very rejoicing. And biking the Cherry Creek Trail is the best possible way to explore downtown Denver. The starting point of the trail is at the Confluence Park and it goes out of Denver into Douglas and Arapahoe counties. This trail follows Denver’s major waterway and along the way you can stop at Cherry Creek Shopping District. Shop something for yourself and have a quick bite. The trail gradually enters into the Cherry Creek State Park where you can also enjoy hiking.

Visit River North Art District (RiNo):

Denver has some pretty cool neighborhoods and RiNo is one of the most popular among them. They say RiNo is ‘where art is made’. And the eye-popping street art, the art galleries, and everything aesthetic here surely justify this nickname. The neighborhood has a rhino on its logo and you are likely to find rhinos on each art piece and signboards here.

What to do here? Explore the jazz bar, craft breweries, and restaurants which once were warehouses and factories. The impressive street art murals deserve your admiration and the amount of creativity they have put into each architecture, design to fashion – it is so innovative and outstanding to explore them. Locating just north of Denver’s downtown, RiNo welcomes you to a world full of art and artisans.

Tour The Breweries:

Colorado’s brewery scene does not need any introduction. It already tops the list for the number of breweries and microbreweries per capita. And Denver is the center of Colorado’s brewery scenes. Oh, while you are in the Mile-High City, touring a few of its breweries would be one of the fun things to do in Denver, Colorado.

Every year during the fall, a three-day annual event named the ‘Great American Beer Festival’ is held in this city. This event is also known to be the largest beer event in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The city showcases more than 4,000 beers at the festival. There are more than 100 breweries and taprooms present in the city. So when you are here, manage some time and tour the best breweries in the city. Some of the most noteworthy ones are Breckenridge Brewery, Trve Brewing Company, Denver Beer Co., and many many more.

Enjoy Its Ravishing Music Scene:

Denver’s music scene surely secures a mention on our list. You will find big artists playing their music in the clubs and for experiencing the ultimate thrill of music, you must head to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre which is also called the best outdoor amphitheater in America. Go to the intimate jazz bars or visit the clubs that serve you hearty food and offer you diverse music. Some of the most quirky to classic venues here to experience the best of Denver’s music are Dazzle, Nocturne, Mission Ballroom, the Paramount Theatre, Grizzly Rose, etc.

Set A Trip To The Source:

An artisanal market occupying a former 1880’s brick foundry building, The Source is a place where you get specialty restaurants, handcrafted cocktails, fresh produce, baked bread to everything that is related to food and drink. You can call it an edgy and sophisticated European-style open market that sits in Denver’s trendy RiNo District. Here, there are many independent retails, restaurants, and 100 chic hotel rooms. Explore the exciting variety of products that the vendors sell and feed your tummy with everything tasty. Setting a trip to The Source is one of the best things to do in Denver, Colorado.

Dig In Its Fantastic Food:

Denver is continuously growing as a food destination. Starting from chef-owned restaurants to the casual dining segments – it is certainly a food paradise. So during your visit to Denver, you must explore its mouthwatering and best-loved restaurants. You can tour downtown Denver’s restaurants to try its delicacies. Some of the best food tours here are Denver Food and Craft Beer Tour, Small-Group Food Tour, Taste of Denver Food Tours, etc.

Among the vast array of food, try Paccheri Amatriciana at the Quality Italian, try Turkey Burger at Sloan’s Lake Tap & Burger. Visit Five Points for the most crowd-pleasing fish dishes. Go to the Old South Pearl for some blackberry-goat cheese, sweet-potato maple. And do not miss to taste the Denver classics like the Rocky Mountain oysters, steakhouse classics, and its eponymous omelette.

Explore Larimer Square, The City’s First Historic District:

The city’s first historic district, Larimer Square is pretty, picturesque, and the shopping and dining center of Denver. It thoroughly blends old with new where you get retro cowboy boots and hats and at the same time, trendy and contemporary clothes from local stores to global boutique stores.

The square is clean, has a wide sidewalk, and is beautified by traditional red brick buildings. The city’s signature buildings with sparkling lights all over them would cast a magical spell upon you. An area whose history dates back to the 19th century and an area that still holds on to its traditional set up not compromising with the trend and sophistication, Larimer Square is a sure heart-melter.

Visit Denver Botanical Gardens:

A garden full of an extraordinary show of flora, Denver Botanical Gardens is located in the Cheeseman Park neighborhood and has an area of over 23 acres. Inside the park, there are a whole lot of themed gardens that are well-maintained and full of extraordinary species. The gardens also feature North America’s largest collection of plants from the cold temperate climates around the world. The world’s first Xeriscape Demonstration Garden was here. Its gorgeous tropical biosphere and Japanese Garden are the ultimate show stoppers here along with pools and vast fields of lily flowers.

The garden’s easy accessibility from the downtown makes it quite a crowd-puller. Take a stroll here at the Romantic gardens and explore the Ornamental gardens. You are bound to fall in love with the profound colors and fragrances that the lavender, lilies, oregano, and roses have to offer.

Denver Union Station:

Sitting in the heart of lower downtown, visiting this gorgeous station is one of the top-rated things to do in Denver, Colorado. Apart from being a very busy transit center, the station includes restaurants, a hotel, many stores, and boutiques. The traditional Beaux-Arts building was first constructed in 1881 and since then it has undergone various renovations. And the restaurants, boutique stores all have been included in the station during these renovation periods. Even if you are not using the station as a transit purpose, come here and gaze at the architecture and have some fresh dinner at Mercantile Dining and Provision. Visiting this station must be on your travel itinerary for sure.  

Learn Climbing At Denver Climbing Company:

If you are an outdoor person and are looking for some outdoor activities to indulge in during your trip to the Mile-High City, make a trip to the Denver Climbing Company. Here you can climb a real rock cliff out in the Colorado Wilderness but you have to make a reservation for that. At the Denver Climbing Company Outdoor Climbing School, you can also learn climbing. They provide climbing courses for all skill levels, even if you are a beginner. The destination locates just a few minutes away from the Mile High City and if you are in love with the thrill of mountain climbing, a trip to the outdoor rock climbing center is one of the most thrill-packed things to do in Denver, Colorado.

Denver is a great place for you whether you are a backpacker or are coming here with your family. It has kid-friendly places, a ton of museums, parks, outdoor places, and opulent shopping and dining locations. Get at the top of Mount Evans to take in some splendid views and fresh air. And if you are a sports lover, visit the Mile-High Stadium and attend a Broncos game for sheer excitement. Things to do in Denver, Colorado are aplenty and this was a suggestive list that must have helped you make your travel itinerary the best.

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