Things To Do In Austin Tx

The state capital of Texas and the destination that is world-famous for its vibrant country, blues, and rock music, Austin is outstanding in every aspect. This city attracts visitors from all around the world and that makes it the top-ranking vacation destination in the Southwest U.S. Founded in 1839, the city was named after Stephen F. Austin who is the ‘Father of Texas’. An administrative, educational, & cultural center of Texas as well as the United States, there is a wide range of things to do in Austin, Tx.

Austin is for outdoor lovers, Austin is for music lovers, and Austin is for active travelers too. This southwestern city is actually a year-long destination and has a plethora of attractions to keep you occupied for a few days. So keep your paper and pen ready and take a note from the list below that discusses the best things to do in Austin, Tx.

Top-rated Things To Do In Austin, Tx For A Lifetime Experience:

Visit Zilker Metropolitan Park:


This 351-acre Zilker Park is the city’s most loved green space. Located just south of downtown Austin, the park has open space in abundance and is full of hiking and biking trails. If you are planning to spend a summer afternoon in the laziest manner, come visit this sprawling park. Apart from many riverside walking trails, golf courses, and volleyball courts, there is a sprawling three-acre Barton Springs Pool at the heart of the park that is also referred to as the ‘soul of the city’. The main characteristic of this pool is that it is fed by underground springs and maintains an exact temperature year-round. Float or raft or swim in the pool or just laze around the rolling lawns, it is the top attraction of the park.

The park is so vast that you may need up to two days to explore everything that this park has to offer you. Strolling around the park, playing sand volleyball at five sand volleyball courts, having a picnic near the entrance of Barton Springs Pool, and spending a day amidst the fun. It is also home to the Zilker eagle, a very large playscape.

The park also hosts some of the most popular events like the Austin City Limits Musical Festival. If you want to chill at a park by the river just near downtown Austin, come to this park and soak in its tranquil beauty. Visiting this city park is one of the best things to do in Austin, Tx if you are visiting the city with your family.

Texas Capitol:


The capitol building and seat of government of the American state of Texas, Texas Capitol must be on your Austin travel bucket list for its magnificence. This historic statehouse located in downtown Austin was designed by architect Elijah E. Myers and is a recognized National Historic Landmark since 1986.

If you are interested in learning about the history of the building, take part in the free 30-minute tour of the Capitol that lets you explore the historic halls and also take pictures. You can also choose a self-guided tour and explore the buildings and the surrounding ground at your own pace. You must have listened to the motto of the state that says that ‘Everything is Bigger In Texas’ and you must visit this grand three-story Sunset Red Texas Granite structure to understand why the motto is so perfect. Texas Capitol is the largest State Capitol in the US and also has more than 650,000 square feet of underground extension that is so unique in itself. Highly decorated, detailed architecture, gorgeous ground that has 17 monuments, many historic buildings, and beautiful lawn – your visit to the Texas Capitol is gonna be worth every second.

Visit Old West Austin Historic District:

Locating on a plateau just west of downtown Austin, this historic district comprised of only three neighborhoods dates back to the mid-19th century. If you want to stay closer to the city’s CBD and yet want to escape the bustle of the city life and enjoy an old-fashioned charm, visit Old West Austin.

Stretching from Mopac Expressway to Lamur Boulevard, and from 13th Street North to 35th street, this historic district is a beautiful place with its narrow alleys and old picturesque houses. This quiet neighborhood has also been selected as one of the “10 Great Neighborhoods in America” by the American Planning Association. The three residential sections are Old EnfieldPemberton Heights, and Bryker Woods (from south to north). Walk along the streets and gaze at the beautiful brick houses and bungalows, get lost in the tranquility, visit Pease District Park,  and enjoy the scenic landscape, visiting Old West Austin is on the most unique things to do in Austin, Tx. There are also a handful of restaurants that are worth checking out.

Wonder At The Oddities At The Museum Of The Weird:


A full-on quirky museum full of oddities, paranormal subject matters, unusual stuff, and everything that is beyond your imagination, Museum of the Weird is a true treasure of Austin. One of the world’s last true dime museums in the world.

Locating in the 6th Street Historic entertainment district in the heart of downtown Austin, the museum draws tourists who are seeking something quirky and unusual. Originally, the museum started as a gift store with the name of the ‘Lucky Lizard Curios & Gifts’ and with time it turned into a roadside attraction that houses everything odd and unusual. What to expect here? Stuffed cyclops pig, monsters, a 3000-year-old mummy, frozen caveman, heads shrunken by the dreaded Jivaro Indians, a Texan Bigfoot skull replica, a two-headed calf, and many more things. Visit this place and explore the rest.   

Visit Cathedral Of Junk:

Austin boasts of many of its unusual attractions and this South Austin landmark is certainly one among them. Here you see a whopping 60 tons of discarded items that include everything from a bicycle to TVs to surfboards. A backyard art project that is a brainchild of the artist Vince Hannemann, this structure will gift you a totally unique experience that is just beyond your imagination. Go inside the structure and get surprised to see the walls that are made from the bottoms of soda bottles, and old tires. You will find everything from compact discs to pill bottles to discarded gadgets that have been used in making this outstanding example of quirky art.

The spire-shaped partial roof inside the structure gives it a cathedral-like appearance. About 30 feet tall, the Cathedral of Junk is still in making and hallo, you can also rent the cathedral for parties, weddings, and events if you want!

Ascend To The Summit Of Mount Bonnell:

Ascending up to the summit of Mount Bonnell is one of the best things to do in Austin, TX. The summit of Mount Bonnell (775 ft) which is considered the highest point in Austin gives you a wonderful panoramic view of the total Austin area. A popular tourist destination since the 1850s, the highest point in Austin looks the best at sunset. You need to climb a total of 12 stairs to reach the top of Mount Bonell which is located in Covert Park. There are a viewing deck and a pavilion where you can take some rest, enjoy the great view of the surrounding area and Lake Austin before you get back down from there. Mount Bonnell is the best place to get your outdoor adventure started in the city.

Visit Blanton Museum Of Art:

With an area over 189,340 square feet dedicated solely to exhibitions, permanent collection galleries, storage, classrooms, and many more, the Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art is one of the largest university art museums in the U.S.A. It also holds the largest public collection in Central Texas. Home to more than 18,000 works of art, visiting this one of its kind museums is one of the hard-to-miss things to do in Austin, Tx if you are an art enthusiast. Artworks by artists like Rubens and Poussin can be found here that range from the Renaissance style of art to even Baroque pieces. Apart from that, a gallery dedicated to modern contemporary art, paintings is also there. Find Roman-era pottery, many Renaissance paintings – this art museum is such a delight for the art-geeks.

Try All The Delicious Foods:

Austin is also a place where you will find diversified foods to suit every kind of taste buds. The city serves you special gourmet dishes. From appetizer to the sandwich to healthy eats to pretzels to chicken kebabs – the city will feed your soul and senses.

Some of the best restaurants in the city are Hoover’s Cooking, Dai Due, Jeffrey’s, Better Half Coffee & Cocktails, Franklin Barbecue, El Alma, etc. Enjoy fresh seafood, meatballs, and a whole lot of wine, craft beer, and cocktails when in Austin. You also may try food trucks at The Picnic.

Visit South Congress Avenue:

A beautiful neighborhood just south of Lady Bird, South Congress Avenue is a popular hang-out place in Austin. A vibrant place filled with good restaurants, plenty of places to drink, and enough chic boutiques to shop from – South Congress Avenue is ready to woo with all the touristy things you might look out for. SoCo locating just south of the Colorado River is well-known for its quirky and funky culture that is one of its kind. Apart from clothing and accessories shopping, visit South Congress Books to find some good reads. Find quirky books and apparel at Monkey See, Monkey Do and enjoy colorful street performances when in South Congress Avenue. Craving for some ice creams? Head to Amy’s Ice Creams that is rated as the best ice cream vendor in Austin.

Be A Part Of Austin’s Many Festivals:

It is really hard to find a city in the USA that is as festive-crazy as Austin. The city organizes a wide selection of music festivals that buys it the crown of the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’. Its festive scene is not only limited to the happening music festivals. The city celebrates the Texas Book Festival which is one of the largest and most prestigious literary festivals in the country. The other noteworthy festivals of the town are St. Patrick’s Day Festival held in the month of March, the ABC Kite Fest, Fusebox Festival, Art City Austin, Bat fest, and many more. Being a part of these outstanding festivals is surely one of the best things to do in Austin, Tx.

Things to do in Austin, Tx are aplenty. From outdoor activities to live music festivals to quirky places to cool places to hang out and have some good food, Austin has every bit of it to satisfy the travelers’ soul. Come here with your family or set your honeymoon trip here to unearth the true beauty of the Lone Star State.

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