Things To Do In Atlanta Georgia

The headquarters of Coca-cola, CNN, Delta Air Lines, and Home Depot – can you tell what is the similarity among them? Yes, you are right at guessing. All these big international and national companies are headquartered in Atlanta. Atlanta is the capital city of the U.S state of Georgia and is a sprawling city with stunning skyscrapers. A true Southern city with the magic of the Old World, the balance between traditions and modernism is rightly felt here. Home to the world’s busiest airport and also one of the largest Hindu temples outside of India, there are plenty of fun things to do in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The city played pivotal roles in both the Civil War and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. It has literally seen destruction during the war and rose from ashes to become one of the most prominent cities of the post-Civil War American South. And that is why the city’s symbol is also a phoenix. A sprawling hub of Southern culture, food, historic neighborhoods, museums, many theatres, opera houses, and more – check out below what are the best and top-rated things to do in Atlanta, Georgia during your Southern vacation. 

Top-rated And Best Things To Do In Atlanta, Georgia:

Visit The National Center For Civil And Human Rights:

A museum and a cultural heritage like no other place, The National Center For Civil And Human Rights connects the history of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement to today’s human rights challenges. It is a place that celebrates the life and works of leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. And John Lewis who dedicated their lives to attain justice. The most famous exhibit in the center is the Lunch Counter. Not only the civil rights movement in the United States, but this museum also addresses the achievements of all the global-level human rights movements. Opened in the year 2014, in downtown Atlanta, this place is full of history and emotion and is highly informative. If you want to learn and know about the history of civil rights movements, visiting this museum is certainly one of the best things to do in Atlanta, Georgia.

Also, Visit Georgia State Capitol Building:

Gilded with 43 ounces of locally-mined gold, the Georgia State Capitol Building is another major attraction of this city. Constructed in the year 1889, this wonderful landmark of 19th century American architecture is one of the most prominent features of the Atlanta skyline. Its glistening gold dome, classic Renaissance-style architecture, and the statue of a woman with a torch in one hand and a sword in the other hand make it look gorgeous. With over 100 years of history, this government building is labeled as a National Historic Landmark and inside the building, there are visitors’ galleries and within the capitol there is Georgia Capitol Museum which is a treasure trove of an excellent collection of natural history and culture of Georgia.

Have A Stroll Through The Atlanta Botanical Garden:

This 30 acres botanical garden is not only a garden but a place full of plants with certain purposes. It has educational, conservational, and research-oriented approaches too that make this garden special. A year-round family destination with a renowned plant collection, Atlanta Botanical Garden is most popular for being one of the largest woodland gardens in the country. There is the indoor Fuqua Orchid Center where you will get to see Andean orchids-clad waterfalls. There are a total of nineteen different collections in the garden among which the beautifully landscaped Japanese Garden and the Hydrangea Collection are among the must-visit ones. Enjoy the unique canopy walk, visit the award-winning Children’s Garden, and having a stroll through this beautiful urban oasis in the heart of Midtown (beautiful business and residential district north of Downtown) is surely one of the most serene things to do in Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit World Of Coca-Cola:

A fun museum located in Pemberton Place in Atlanta, the World of Coca-Cola is a place to learn and know about the history of the world-famous Coca-Cola Company. In this museum, through many illustrations and exhibits, one can go through the learning procedure and also can sample many beverages from around the world. At scent discovery, one can test his/her sense of smell and there are more of such fun and entertaining things and experiences that you can gather in this uniquely designed and decorated museum.

Get To The Buford Highway:

Just forty minutes northeast of downtown Atlanta, Buford Highway is the melting pot of many cultures and cuisines. Along the street, visitors will come across many international cuisines that range from Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian to Korean, Cuban, and even Mexican. Home to the best sushi shop in Atlanta and also home to the best-tasting Banh and pho, getting to this multi-cultural street is surely one of the best things to do in Atlanta, Georgia, especially for the foodies. 

Also do not miss out on visiting the very famous Buford Highway Farmers’ Market which sprawls over a land of 100,000 square feet and is owned by a local Korean family. Also the Atlanta Chinatown, the White Windmill Bakery & Cafe – all of them are nearby and are waiting for your visit.

Enjoy Your Visit To The Little Five Points:

One of the most quirky neighborhoods in Atlanta, Little Five Points has a bohemian soul and is a place to celebrate the hippie culture. Vintage clothing stores, gift shops, many good Ethiopian and vegan eateries, and also a natural food market – the streets here are flanked by all the colorful shops and restaurants. Come nighttime, the neighborhood comes to life. Good bars with late-night music and good food, you gotta come here to live life to the fullest. A place known for its fringe culture, with good theatres, good eateries, good drinking corners, and whatnot – getting to the ravishing and very energetic Little Five Points is surely one of the best things to do in Atlanta, Georgia. Head to Moreland Avenue’s indie stores, get to the Variety Playhouse and also admire the beauty of the colorful murals that beautify the walls of this, one of the hippest neighborhoods in Atlanta. It has also been described as the Haight-Ashbury of the south.

Children’s Museum Of Atlanta:

Locating in Downtown, right across the street from Centennial Olympic Park, the Children’s Museum of Atlanta is one of the four children’s museums in Atlanta. If your child is below 9 years old, then this the museum you should come to where your child can learn many things in a very entertaining way through the exhibits. Many fun hands-on activities, mini-musicals, and more programs to make the children aware of social studies, health, arts, and nutrition – your little buddy will love this place. Also, there is a Toddler Zone and also free play areas for them to explore. 

The CNN Center:

The CNN Center in Atlanta is the world headquarters of CNN (Cable News Network) and is a spectacular place to be at. Inside the center, there is an Omni Hotel, a large atrium food court shared by employees of many other local companies and tourists, and more. Below the headquarter buildings, there is a shopping mall too. Avail of the studio tours and visit the viewing galleries, and have a glimpse of into the newsrooms too. They also have created an artificial setting to show the guests how the technology is being used in the CNN Center. Truly worthwhile, setting a trip to the headquarters of the television’s first 24-hour all-news service is surely one of the best things to do in Atlanta, Georgia.

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