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Hey foodies, if you are here for the first time, then please go and check out the Part I of the NYC Food Tour series first. And then comeback here and explore the Part II. In part I, we have talked about Brooklyn’s iconic Pierogi, Neapolitan-style pizza at Williamsburg, and authentic Italian Sfogliatelle at the Greenwich Village. We have even mentioned about the very famous Ney York Cupcake Tour. And today we will be taking you through a few more notable NYC food and cultural tours that are sure to flatter you to the core. Chelsea Market’s beef pie to Chinatown’s scrumptious pork bun to fortune cookies – you will get confused about which NYC food tour to choose over the others.

NYC Food Tour (Part II):

New York Pizza Walk:

This 3-hour food tour is a bi-weekly tour in NYC that happens every Monday and Wednesday. New York is crazy about pizza and this is one of the most popular pizza walks in the city that makes you visit America’s oldest pizzeria and you get to devour slices of pizzas at 3 different pizzerias. In this 3-hour walking tour, your guide will give you the best pieces of historical information about all the dishes and you will receive a pizza journal and goody bag too.

The walk starts from 53, Spring St. Manhattan and costs around $60 for 1. If you are an avid pizza lover, this is one of the best NYC food walks you have gotta take part in.

Chinatown Food Tour:

A small piece of China, its culture, and all the delicacies right from the Chinese and South Asian gastronomy, that’s all about the very vibrant neighborhood of New York City, the Chinatown. It is, for the matter of fact, the largest Chinatown in entire Western Hemisphere.

On this NYC food tour, you will taste some finger-licking dumplings, pork buns, and noodles at Vanessa’s Dumplings. You will visit Jing Fong which is a 10,000 sq. ft. restaurant where they sell some of the best dumplings and roasted Peking duck dishes for you to devour. Do not forget to taste some good ol’ fortune cookies at Golden Fung Wong Bakery and in this 2-hour long tour stuff and satisfy your tummy with good foods as much as you can.

Chelsea Market Food Tour:

Okay, now this one is a must-do. Starting from the delicious beef pies to NYC’s best-rated hot dog, Chelsea Market is all filled with an array of foods to match up to everybody’s taste and budget. There are also some tour options that take you inside this classic market and you can enjoy artisanal versions of the famous foods along with the food facts.

There are restaurants with sitting options, bars, and standing stalls inside the huge market. And be ready to explore everything from wine to chocolates. The Chelsea Market Building is also that historic building that was initially constructed as the site of National Biscuit Company. Our most favorite Oreo cookies were also invented there in the building and the production of that biscuits also used to take place there.

Chelsea Market tour generally is a 3-hour tour and costs around $54 per person. If you want to experience a very unique historic NYC food tour, this food and culture walking tour must be on your New York travel itinerary.   

West Village Wine Tasting Tour:

A wine tasting tour must be there in every NYC food tour recommendation list. And West Village Wine Tasting Tour is one of the premium tasting tours in the Big Apple. The tour takes you to two premium wine tasting locations and offer you with world-class wine and matching side dishes to satisfy your soul. There are generally certified guides who teach you different wine selecting, tasting, and pairing techniques.

West Village Wine Tasting Tour is a two-hour tour and you get to enjoy six world-class wines therein. West Village is NYC’s one of the most famous neighborhoods and you will cherish this wine tour forever for its uniqueness, warmth, and charismatic wine tasting experience.

Uptown And Harlem Food Tour:

A total of five food tastings are included in this Harlem and Uptown Food Tour and Excursion. The tour generally starts from Midtown Manhattan where you will meet your guide. From there you and your group will board on a means of public transport and will set a trip to Harlem. Harlem has always been the soul and hotspot of African-American cuisines, cultures, and writers. So along with food, some extraordinary historical stories are also awaiting you.

Along your way, you will be guided to the most remarkable landmark Apollo Theatre. It is a noted music hall for the African-American performers. Do not forget to try all the savory fried chicken, and the most famous, waffles. Visit the bakeries. Taste delicious desserts and cupcakes there. And learn about all the fascinating cultural and historical facets of this one of the most exquisite NYC neighborhoods.

And with that, we finish our series of NYC food tour. NYC has unending numbers of delightful neighborhoods and all of them are dipped in unique historical backgrounds and cultures. And most importantly, they have different food scenes to fascinate and bewilder your senses. So what are you waiting for? If you are headed to New York for a vacay, manage a couple of days to explore the city’s most gastronomically rich alleys and enroll yourself in any NYC food tour. You can actually cover a few of them depending on your available time. Pamper your foodie self and enjoy NYC like never before. BYE!

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