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Beautiful villas, secluded surroundings, and perhaps the most picturesque sceneries in the world, Lake Como, Italy and its surrounding villages and villas are worth visiting. Lake Como or Lario is a glacial lake in the Lombardy region in Italy and its massive size of around 146 sq kilometers makes it the third-largest lake in Italy after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. If the sweeping view of this beautiful lake is not enough to overwhelm you, check out the other wow factors like the neoclassical architecture, impeccable Victorian gardens, villas adorned with roses, best towns on the lake, and wonderful cafe culture. Planning your holidays to Lake Como, Italy? Check out below some of the best things to do here and live a Mediterranean dream. 

Regarded as the pride of Italy, Lake Como lies only 48 kilometers north of Milan, at the foot of the Swiss Alps. It is nearer to Lugano, Switzerland too. And its characteristic ‘Y’ shape makes it look so brilliant. The town of Canzo is the capital of the triangle region formed by the ‘Y’ of the lake. The lake itself is a gorgeous natural wonder and the postcard-perfect small towns and villages that line the lake make your Lake Como, Italy holiday exceptional and more romantic. Explore the rich history of Bellagio, soak in the glamor, click plenty of selfies with the pastel-hued buildings on the background, and enjoy the flavor and taste of traditional Italian as well as local cuisines – you must not miss out on doing these best things to do in Lake Como, Italy. 

Top-rated And Best Things To Do In Lake Como, Italy:

Spend A Day At Bellagio:

A photograph by Denise Strahm

Called as the ‘Pearl of Lake Como’, Bellagio is the most popular town of Lake Como, Italy. It locates at the point where the ‘Y’ shaped lake divides into two branches. Providing a breath-taking view of the lake and with its charming cobbled streets and staircases, Bellagio is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Quite small in size, many people only set a day trip to this town from Milan but we recommend you to at least spend a night here to fully soak in its beauty.

Stroll through the pretty Old Town Center, check out the Basilica of San Giacomo, explore Melzi Gardens, shop from the small stalls, and have your lunch at one of the restaurants along the waterfront promenade. Also, consider walking to Punta Spartivento which is the endpoint of the peninsula and the location where the lake divides into two.

Cruise Lake Como:

Cruising on Lake Como is a unique and authentic experience and it is the best way to admire the heavenly beauty of the lake and the scenery of the surrounding. Many boat trips and cruise tours are organized with different itineraries and duration and you are free to choose the best tour according to your preference. There are tours that let you discover the historic center of Como and the medieval streets. Some take you to the gorgeous villas with a stop either at Bellagio or Varenna. You get to taste coffee or gelato and also get an amazing chance to admire the beautiful architecture.

Private boat tours are also organized on lovely yachts and let you enjoy the magical beauty of the lake. A night cruise with dinner is the best way to experience the magical nature and the views of the mountains and villas in the nighttime.

Explore Varenna:

Small and the prettiest, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Varenna redefines beauty. It is easy to reach Varenna from Bellagio by boat and upon reaching there you are all free to explore the waterfront, the hilly streets, the harbor, and plenty of outdoor cafes and gelaterias. Varenna, traditionally is a fishing village and it is so romantic to spend an hour or two here. Walk through the boardwalk and get to see the pretty brightly painted homes at the waterfront, exploring this small town on the lake is certainly one of the best things to do in Lake Como, Italy. Visit the gardens of Villa Monastero and hike up to the centuries-old Castello di Vezio to get a wonderful panoramic view. Also, visit the town center which houses the 14th century Church of San Giorgio and get to Riva Grande again which is the strikingly beautiful lake promenade of Varenna.

Visit Como Cathedral:

Como which is the administrative capital of the Province of Como also has some of the prettiest attractions. And Como Cathedral is surely one among them that is one of the most significant churches in entire North Italy. It is one of the landmark buildings in the Lake Como, Italy region and is described as the last Gothic cathedral built in Italy. The cathedral has a magnificent exterior and its neo-gothic facade includes gorgeous sculptures done by Pliny the Elder and the Younger. And all of these things, you get to see are for free. One of the best things to do in Lake Como, Italy for sure.

Visit Villa Carlotta:

This gorgeous villa with the super gorgeous Italian garden is one of the major attractions of Lake Como, Italy. Built in the 14th century, this villa once had served as a residential property but now has been transformed into an art museum. A historical as well as artistic attraction, Villa Carlotta houses masterpieces by Canova, Hayez, and Thorvaldsen pertaining to painting and sculpting. 

Explore the museum which is open on a daily basis from 10 am to 5 pm and the well-maintained garden with over 150 varieties of exotic flora is the real showstopper. Locating in the Tremezzo town, visiting this grand villa is surely one of the best things to do in Lake Como.

Head To The Very Unique Museum Moto Guzzi:

Interested in motorcycles of different eras? You will definitely find this museum to be interesting. Consisting of a collection of over 150 exhibition pieces and striking stories related to their production history, Museum Moto Guzzi, locating in Mandello del, Lake Como, Italy is the birthplace of the Moto Guzzi Eagle. Get to see many exhibition series motorcycles, sportbikes, and experimental engines. Admission to the museum is free and getting to this unique museum is one of the best things to do during your Lake Como trip.

Experience A Funicular Ride Up To Brunate:

When in Lake Como, Italy, you have to take a funicular ride up to the village of Brunate. It is a single-track historic funicular railway that operates along the mountain slope and transfers passengers from the east end of the lakefront all the way uphill to Brunate. The ride is not long and takes only 7 minutes but you get to see a magnificent view of the countryside and the mesmerizing landscape as far as the Swiss Alps.

Upon reaching Brunate which is 700 m above sea level, get a more beautiful view of the mountains. And here let us tell you that, Brunate is known as the ‘Balcony of the Alps’ and has some pristine art nouveau villas which you also must check out. 

Also Visit The Beaches:

There are also some breathtaking beaches in Lake Como, Italy that are worth checking out. The eastern tip of the lake has Abbadia Lariana Beach which is a long beach with a sweeping view and great scope to relax. Sunbathe or have a stroll, the beach is one of the best. Besides, there is San Giovanni Bellagio Beach which locates just 1.5 kilometers south of Bellagio and is mostly a beach with small pebbles. Lido di Argegno is a grassy beach and has ample sunbeds and umbrellas to spend some time relaxing at the beach. Also if you want to spend some time in a beach club, you can head to Lido di Cernobbio which locates in the small town of Cernobbio, northwest of Como.

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