La Paz Bolivia

Often overlooked by travelers, La Paz is one of the most beautiful cities in Bolivia which is also famous for being the highest capital in the world. The largest city in the country, La Paz has everything to attract tourists. Starting from great museums to big plazas and from outstanding mountain views to beautiful city vistas, La Paz, Bolivia is filled with all the good things that make it a must-visit destination in South America. It has fragrant markets, vibrant streets, and glorifying landscape that make this highest capital city a hard to ignore place. Standing at a height of 11,600 feet above sea level, La Paz, Bolivia has recently been declared as one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’. Crazy, no? So, peeps and folks, let us now delve into some of the grandest and top-rated things to do in this pretty Andean city that are worth exploring. 

Top-rated And Best Things To Do In La Paz, Bolivia:

Visit Basilica de San Francisco:

A beautiful Catholic church, Basilica of San Francisco in La Paz, Bolivia is a place that must be on your travel itinerary whilst in the city. Constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries in Andean Baroque style, the church, located in the heart of the city, in Plaza San Francisco, is pure bliss to the eyes. The fascinating tower of the church that you get to see was built at the end of the 19th century and inside the church, there is also a beautiful museum which is worth checking out too. It holds religious relics and other artifacts that speak volumes about the history and tradition of the church. One can climb up to the top of the bell tower to soak in the magnificent views of the plaza and the surrounding. 

Explore The Witches’ Market:

One of the major fun things to do in La Paz, Bolivia, exploring the landmark Witches’ Market is unlike any other experience for sure. It locates just a few steps away from the Rosario neighborhood and the colorful and vibrant stalls of the market filled to the brim with various items is such a treat to the senses. Their items are strange. You will even find raw ingredients at the stalls that are used in several rituals to call on the spirits that populate the Aymara world. Some of the most bizarre items sold at the Witches’ Market are dried llama fetuses, dried frogs, owl feathers, and also dried turtles and snakes. The market is often frequented by witch doctors wearing dark hats who are known as yatiri. They offer fortune-telling and also sell potions and many other things used in Bolivian rituals. It is truly, one of the most bizarre places to visit in the city and also in the whole world.

Watch The Dancing Zebras:

Now, what’s that? It is surely one of the funniest things that you will witness whilst in La Paz. Dancing zebras are none other than youths dressed up in zebra costumes who help the pedestrians cross the road at the busiest points of the city while the traffic signal is red. They do so to ensure that no car crosses the light while the signal is red. They dance, make funny gestures at the drivers, and help the walkers safely cross the road. This unique program was launched in the year 2001 with only 24 zebras. And today, you can find about 265 zebras on the streets who are happily serving for the good cause. Isn’t it one of the funniest things to experience in La Paz?

Watch Cholitas Wrestling:

Watching a Cholias Wrestling Show is a must when in La Paz. It is one of the most unique experiences that you will get in the city and the athletic moves that the cholitas perform in the ring is surely hard to miss. Now who are ‘cholitas’? Well, cholitas refer to the land’s indigenous Aymara and Quechua women who are one of the most iconic symbols of the Central Andes region and Bolivia. How both the genders perform many death-defying moves (inspired by WWE) and aerobatic maneuvers is totally a spectacular show to watch. The performances are held every Thursday and Sunday afternoon in the neighborhood of El Alto and you must be a part of it to witness the outstanding theatrical shows of punch, pull, and kick.

Visit The Plaza Murillo:

The central plaza and the historical center of the city of La Paz, Bolivia, the Plaza Murillo is the place where most of the prominent and imposing buildings are located. Here you will find the beautiful neoclassical cathedral, the National Congress, and the Government Palace which is one of the finest colonial buildings. Grand Hotel Paris which is the first movie house in Bolivia also locates here. The plaza was named after Don Pedro Domingo Murillo who was a leader of the Bolivian Indpendence. A plaza for socializing and of utmost political importance, Plaza Murillo is one of the best places to visit in La Paz for sure.

Take A Ride By The Cable Car:

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One of the most beautiful experiences to gather in the city, a cable car ride in La Paz will offer you the bird’s eye view of the city and you will also get to admire the mountainous landscape of the same. The cable car ride is generally of 2 hours and as you soar higher, you will get a panoramic view of the bustling city. The ride will take you to the El Alto suburb and there you are free to explore the Witches’ Market too. From El Alto, great views of La Paz can also be witnessed. Though not constructed for tourism purposes but to meet the transportation needs of the local people living in the outskirts of the city, this cable car ride is one of the must-experience activities in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.

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