Buenos Aires Argentina

A single trip just can’t do justice to all the breathtaking places that this city has. The best place to watch the Argentine tango, the best place to experience the phenomenal nightlife, and a place with all the delightful neighborhoods, Buenos Aires is one of the most energetic cities to visit that has a brillinat cultural life as well as architecture. The capital and the largest city of the county, Buenos Aires, Argentina sits on the western shore of the Rio de la Plata or River Plate. and it is a city that never sleeps. Every corner of the city has something or the other to offer you. From visiting its museums to going for wine tasting tours, below are the best things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina for an amazing vacation experience. 

The city showcases a rich European heritage and its tree-lined serene boulevards, and sophisticated architecture buy her the nickname ‘Paris of South America’. Buenos Aires, Argentina has its own unique characteristics with a charming flair. And for the first-timers, it can be a very daunting job to shortlist what all you are gonna see and do in this vast city within a very limited time frame. Worry not, as we are here to cover everything up. The city that never sleeps comes with great varieties of food, entertainment options, shopping scenes, and more. Stick to this post to explore more. 

Top-rated And Best Things To Do In Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Eat Some Steak And Drink Malbec:


Visiting Argentina and not tasting their meats and red wine? That ain’t gonna happen. A Buenos Aires steak is legendary stuff. They traditionally cook their meats on wood or charcoal-fired parrilla (barbecue grill). And when you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the best things on your to-do list must be tasting these meats and also seeing a parrilla.

Some of the best steakhouses to have a hearty meaty lunch will be Besares Parrilla Urbana, Cabaña Las Lilas, Don Julio, and El Obrero. Accompany your meal with the best variety of wines to match. 

Another exciting thing to taste in the capital city is strong and rich in grape flavor dark red wine, Malbec which the country boasts of. Most of the restaurants offer wine along with your food. But to sample the best wine, go for a wine tasting tour which is another must-do thing in Buenos Aires. But we recommend you to check out Don Julio as it has one of the most impressive cellars in the city.

Visit Plaza de Mayo:


This two-block-long plaza is one of the most important areas in the city of Buenos Aires. The oldest public square in the city, this plaza has seen some of the most important events in the city’s history through the course of time. Established in the 16th century, today the area is mostly pedestrianized. The main attraction of the plaza is obviously Casa Rosada which is a beautiful pale pink colored Presidential Palace. At the center of the square, there is the Pirámide de Mayo which is an obelisk paying tribute to the independence of Argentina. Stroll around the plaza, get amazed to see the 19th century buildings, and admire the beauty of the Metropolitan Cathedral, Banco de la Nación, and the Old City Hall.

Head To Recoleta Cemetary:


One of the most famous places in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Recoleta Cemetary’s gorgeous mausoleums are the resting place for the presidents who have built Argentina. Evita Peron’s grave is also situated here. Go to her black marble vault and offer some flowers. Enter the place through the gorgeous neo-classical gates with tall Doric columns and the serenity and calmness are just waiting to take over your senses. In 2011, BBC has crowned this place as one of the best cemeteries in the world. It is fascinating to know that among the 4691 vaults present here, 94 are listed as National Historic Monuments. The cemetery is also peppered with many public gardens and cafes.

Learn the Tango At A Milonga:


A milonga is an Argentinian ballroom dance. You must know that Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango and that is why attending a tango-learning session is one of the best things to do in the city. If you are too shy to visit a milonga and match your steps to some of the city’s best dancers, just book for one dinner and tango show and soak in the crazy vibe. Some of the milongas offer tango classes and they are affordable too. It is a fun idea to visit a milonga on any night and just dance away your worries to the beats of tango and sip from a glass of wine.

Some of the best milongas in the city are Cachirulos, Maldita Milonga, Confitería Ideal, and La Viruta. Experiencing this cultural heritage in Buenos Aires is one of the best things to do for sure.

Go Visit Palermo:


Palermo is a chic neighborhood in north Buenos Aires in Argentina and is a happening location to visit some beautiful museums and serene parks. But the neighborhood has another reason to be more famous. It is known as the polo capital of the world. Some of the must-visit attractions of the neighborhood are Carlos Thays Botanical Garden, the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, etc. Among the neighborhood’s many divisions, Palermo Soho is so picturesque with its cobbled streets, cafes, bars, and high-end boutiques. Great food, tapas bars, restaurants, and all, Palermo is one of the most comfortable and beautiful places to visit in Buenos Aires.

Admire The City’s Street Art Scene:


The city’s streets have been transformed into an open-air museum. Do not believe us? Go check out the neighborhoods of Palermo, Villa Crespo, Congreso, Barracas, and Colegiales. The streets are beautifully adorned by more than 50 impeccable mural arts done by local as well as international artists. International Street Art Festival has helped the city earn a major reputation and now it is designated as one of the world’s street art capitals. Many walking tours are organized and take through some of the best and biggest murals in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Explore La Boca And The Caminito Street Museum:


Buenos Aires, Argentina is famous for many quirky and unique attractions, and the La Boca neighborhood and Caminito Street are two of the best examples of that. La Boca is a splendid neighborhood in the city and is also considered the most Instagrammable one. Locating on an area that used to be the city’s biggest port, La Boca is outrageously colorful. So it is also a place that works as a memorial to the city’s working-class people’s history. Decorated balconies, brightly colored houses with many characters on them, visiting this neighborhood is one of the most fascinating things to do in Buenos Aires. Caminiti Street is an open-air museum that is also an art market selling many crafts and souvenirs.

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