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You might not even hear about this beautiful city in the US but this pretty destination just 19km southeast of downtown Portland has all the potential to be a very flattering travel destination. Locating along Oregon Route 212 in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, Boring is quite an interesting place having all the necessary travel potentials and attractions. Do not let the name of the city misguide you. Boring, Oregon is absolutely not boring in any sense and is a very unique USA travel destination that is slowly becoming a hit. It is a small town in America and is technically a farming community with great access to the city of Portland. And for its little size, it has so many attractions to offer to its visitors. From exploring the outdoor to drinking beer at the pub – check out below what all you can do in this little charming town of the United States.

The piece of land on which Boring is founded was a lava field formerly. It was William. H. Boring, who started to farm in this area in the 1870s, and from him the region got its name Boring. It is a place to admire the beauty of sprawling farms, explore farmer’s markets, see beautiful alpacas, and eat a lot of fresh and delicious foods. Boring, Oregon and Dull, Scotland these two communities are sister communities since 2012. So after you are done visiting Boring, a trip to Dull is a must for you. Let’s not waste now any more time and delve into the list of some of the most exciting things that you can do in this city with a weird name.

Best Boring, Oregon Experiences That Are Truly Unique:

Visit Liepold Farms:

For a flawless family fun experience, you need to head to Liepold Farms. See fresh local crops, an uninterrupted show of pumpkins, squash, gourds, and enjoy all the fun seasonal activities. There is a five-acre corn maze where you can get lost and the farm provides the best experiences of all the seasons. Fresh produce that includes berries in the spring and summer and pumpkins and gourds in the fall – come to this amazing family-owned farm to get served with fresh farm-to-table lunch. During spring-summer, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries grow here in abundance. And fall bestows the farm with abundant caramel apples. Come here, take part in many family-friendly events, and enjoy Boring, Oregon to the fullest.

Starr Alpaca Farm:

Huacaya and Suri alpacas are raised here for breeding and fiber production purposes. And along with that, Pygora goats and hens are also raised. From the coats of alpacas, soft fleece is derived and that gets sold by the farm. Fiber harvested from goats is also processed into great quality yarns. The farm is operational since 2003 and is one of the most famous farms that raise ‘fiber animals’. When you visit Starr Alpaca Farm, you will meet these cute animals and will also get a scope to shop authentic yarn products.

Hike The Lava Field:

As we stated in the introduction, the land where Boring, Oregon is situated today used to be a lava field in prehistoric times. And even today, the Boring Lava Field or the Boring Volcanic Field exists adjacent to the town. Boring’s location is just southeast of the densest cluster of the lava vents. And that gives you abundant scope to set a hike to this lava field and take in the wild beauty of the region. Trickle Creek Trail is one of the most scenic hiking trails that winds through the woody lands and meadows and offers you the best view of the lava field and also Mount Hood. In this context, let us tell you that Mount Hood is another major hiking and camping area that is not too far from the town of Boring and the capital of Portland.

Eat At Not So Boring Bar And Grill:

When you are hungry in between your farm visit and hiking, set a trip to Not So Boring Bar & Grill that is beyond just a normal pub. Cozy interior with comfortable leather sofas, authentic food, this bar and grill is a very convenient drinking place that locates on Highway 212. Try some burgers, grilled steaks, fish tacos with cod along with some good drinks. And when your tummy is full, engage in some sports activities. The bar has pool tables too. It is a great place to visit in Boring, Oregon and everybody has to say only good things about this energizing pub bar.

Visit Boring Brewing Company:

This place produces some of the best microbrews in the world. Locating in Sandy, Oregon just on the way to Mt. Hood, Boring Brewing is everything but boring. It focuses on hand crafted beer and celebrates the Oregon tradition of making beer. Enjoy a delicious pint while you watch the sports game or watch the next batch of beer to brew. Among all the varieties, Big Yawn IPA, strong Hot Scotch, Boring Brewing Salted Caramel Stout, and Weihnacht which is a Doppelbock beer with the addition of cinnamon, orange peel, and ginger are a must-try. The Boring RyPA and Boring Brown are two of the cult favorites.

Take Part In Mt. Hood Territory Tap Trail:

If you want to visit all the breweries, cideries, and distilleries of the Mt. Hood territory on a single trail tour, take part in this tap trail. It is kind of a passport program that lets you explore all the distilleries and wineries of the region. All the participating breweries of this tap trail passport program offers you crazy discounts when you sample local craft beverages at those breweries. Check out the app here

Goth Float On The Clackamas River:

Now, what’s that? Sounds intriguing, right? The event is intriguing too as well. Okay, so the deal is that there is a subcultural gothic community in Boring, Oregon, and every year they gather together dressed in gothic black clothes to float down the Clackamas River. This annual four-mile-long ‘goth float’ down the Clackamas River that is performed by 200 participants who come equipped with the inner tubes is a quintessential Boring, Oregon experience. You might also join the float and come dressed in a black swimsuit and gothic makeup to look all matching with the crowd.

Come Join The Celebration On 9th August:

9th August is the date on which, the American town of Boring and its sister Scottish town Dull celebrate their partnership. And on this very occasion, a special festival takes place on this very date. These two places teamed up together to boost their tourism and the strategy worked. Ever since they became a team, both the towns started to grow as famous tourist destinations. There is even a road sign in Boring that says ‘Welcome to Boring, paired with Dull, Scotland.’ Visitors who come across this road sign, obviously make effort to click selfies with the road sign. So if you are in Boring, Oregon during the first week of August, make sure to be a part of the ‘Boring-Dull Day’ and witness the streets all dressed up in the festive-spirit with bagpipers playing and everybody enjoying.

Boring, Oregon is unique and certainly not like the usual USA cities. If you love to travel to such unique places that have long histories associated with them and are quite charming, Boring must be one of the most alluring cities that you would fall in love with. Come here with your family and enjoy all the little and big attractions that this city has to offer.

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