Basque Country

An autonomous region in northern Spain and southern France that is quite unexplored when compared to other regions of Spain, the Basque Country is one of the most beautiful regions to visit in entire Europe. A part of both Spain and France but the region is historically and culturally so different from both the country It is one of the oldest regions in the continent that is revered for its incredible natural landscape, quiet villages, some beautiful cities, and world-class cuisine. From exploring the quaint villages to immersing in traditional Basque culture, there are so many things to do in Basque Country.

To get to the Basque Country, you can comfortably fly into Bilbao first. From there you can start your onward journey and explore the wine region, stunning coast, and all the beautiful cities like Biarritz and San Sebastian one by one. Head to the museums, relax at the beaches, explore the villages in French Basque Country, and there is literally so much to do in this region. So get your tickets booked, pack your bags, and head to this fantastic piece of land to indulge in all these unique things to do in Basque Country.

Best Things To Do In The Basque Country, Spain:

Explore Bilbao:

This most beautiful Basque city is considered the capital of art, culture, and culinary wonders. It has beautiful beaches, modern architecture, and also spellbinding historical buildings. Visiting the Guggenheim Museum is one of the best things to do here if you have an interest in modern and contemporary art. Even if you are not that much into arts, its futuristic exterior is sure to bewitch you. Get to the Fine Arts Museum, the Bullfighting Museum, and when you are dead tired after a full day of museum hopping, visit the best pintxos bars and taverns that are the quintessential parts of Basque food culture. 

Love good architecture? Get to the Bilbao Santiago Cathedral and there are more such brilliant constructions that showcase contemporary architecture. Bilbao is also home to some of the most gorgeous beaches too. Its amazing nightlife, family-friendly attractions and more make it a must-visit spot during your trip to the Basque Country. 

Visit Vitoria:

The beautiful capital of Basque Country, Vitoria is home to museums, the beautiful cathedral, and also has some great dining options. Vitoria-Gasteiz is compact and is a green city. Here you will get to visit the Basque Parliament. Do not miss out on the old quarter of Vitoria-Gasteiz which is famous for its almond-shaped medieval plan and dates back to more than 8 centuries. Get to the gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria and explore its alleyways.

Within a short distance from Vitoria locates Rioja Alavesa where you will get to explore great wineries. It is the smallest sub-region of the Rioja wine region and needs to be visited during one’s trip to the Basque country. You must also get to the Artium Museum, the beautiful green parks, and the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca for a wholesome Vitoria experience. 

Explore San Sebastian:

San Sebastian must be on your itinerary if you are an avid foodie. Beautifully lit tapas bar with pintxos served on your plate or for its food markets or specialized food parlors – this Spanish city in Basque Country is excellent in every way. Soak up some sun on the beautiful golden beaches or immerse in the rich culture of San Sebastian, you are truly gonna enjoy your stay in this vibrant Basque city. It is also a very popular surfing destination so enjoy your time engaging in some fun water sports or relaxing at its high-quality beaches. One of the best beaches to check out here is La Concha.

The old town has some really attractive traditional houses and churches and the 16th-century Iglesia de San Vicente is the most beautiful among them which also happens to be the oldest church in the city. Getting to San Sebastian and exploring its brilliant attractions are obviously among the best things to do in the Basque Country.

Get Amazed By The Raw Beauty Of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe:

Image by Angel Villalba/Getty Images

Visiting the very gorgeous San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a must if you are visiting the Basque Country. It is a heritage destination and is no less beautiful than a movie set. Locating off the shore along the Bay of Biscay, this place can easily be accessed from Bilbao. If you are a fan of the GOT then you must remember this place as the island fortress of “Dragonstone”, the ancestral home of the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen from season 7 of the series. Get to the island through the stone bridge that connects it to the mainland and upon reaching, climb up to the top of the island and ring the bell of the chapel which is considered to be very auspicious. Get to see an outstanding view of the surroundings and enjoy every moment of it.

Make A Day Trip To Hondarribia From San Sebastian:

The region has many beautiful villages that are steeped in old-school charm and offer delectable foods and Hondarribio is surely one of the best among them. Locating on the Bay of Txingudi along the border with France, Hondarribia is the last preserved walled town in Guipuzcoa province. A vibrant fishing village that has both beautiful architecture and gastronomy, the village will soothe your eyes with the beauty of the Basque houses and cobbled alleys.

Get to the Marina neighborhood which has a magical charm. This part has typical fishermen’s houses and they are painted in vibrant hues of red, blue, and green. There is a pedestrian street that runs through this district and two sides of this street are lined with pretty houses and quaint eateries. Every 20 minutes, buses leave for Hondarribia from San Sebastian and all the attractions of this small village can be seen on a day tour from San Sebastian.

Soak In Nature At Lakeitio:

Locating right between Bilbao and Sebastian in the Biscay province, Lakeitio is considered the best-kept secret of the Basque Country and is still an off-the-beaten-path destination. You can reach this quiet town on a road trip and get to the lovely beaches. It is not a place where you will get a ton of sightseeing locations. Rather it is a relaxing getaway where you will soak in nature, try different seafood, special Basque wines, and get a golden chance to walk to the San Nicolas Island at low tide. Upon reaching, hike up to the highest point of the island and get magnificent views of the surroundings including the whole town and Lakeitio port. Nearer to the beach, there is the Basilica of the Asunción de Santa María that showcases stunning Gothic architecture. A stunning part of Basque cultural heritage, the church is so beautiful, both from the inside and outside.

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